Clark GOP Ripe For Ron Paul Takeover?

August 3, 2010

Ask any right winged blogger who was active in the 2008 campaign season that dared speak against twice failed presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas and you will be left with little doubt that devotees of his are mesmerized in cult like fashion. To speak against Paul amounts to blasphemy within the ranks of the political cult, eliciting angry and indignant responses of disbelief that you do not hang on his every utterance, as do his votary’s.

In spite of large amounts of money spent on Paul’s dismal campaign in 2008, he rarely exceeded 3% of votes in the primaries, which ardent devotees spun into victory for him with claims such as, “the best result of any third party candidate in any state.”

Paul secured the 1988 Libertarian nomination for president defeating American Indian activist Russell Means and criticizing President Ronald Reagan as a failure, citing high deficits. He lost with 0.5% of the popular vote.

In his failed 2008 presidential bid, he and his devotees constantly compared him to Reagan labeling him as the “new Reagan” leading Radley Balko, senior editor with Reason magazine to state in February 2007, “only [Ron] Paul can credibly lay claim to the legacy of the Reagan-Goldwater revolution.”

Unable to garner enough support to rise above single digit support in real polling, Paul dropped out of the race, criticizing the Republican Party and refusing to support the GOP nomination of John McCain/Sarah Palin and urging his followers to support Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party or Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party instead.

Sensing his pending failure in snatching the GOP nomination, Paul, once he dropped out of the race, used what was left of his campaign contributions to start a new political organization he labeled the Campaign For Liberty.

Starry eyed Paul votary’s flocked to the group in continuance of their cultish following of Paul as these same followers began implementing plans to take over the troubled Republican Party and rebuild it in the model of Ron Paul, continuing the “quiet take over” they had earlier hoped to use to propel their cult leader to the top of the GOP ticket and on to the presidency.

We saw this locally in Clark County Washington as devotees flooded into open positions for Precinct Committee Officer before party officials realized what they were doing. A few managed to obtain seats on the Executive Board and even fronted a candidate for the House of Representatives, but refusing to support other Republican candidates and nominations while demanding party support for their candidate.

That particular candidate failed to unseat the incumbent by the largest percentage of the vote in over 20 years.

Currently sitting on our Executive Board is one 911 Truther who never has anything positive to say about the GOP or America and one who strongly calls for sealing the border, but also strongly objects to any secondary measures set in place to capture any illegals who might circumvent Border Control measures, citing violations of his ‘civil liberties.’

Undeterred, efforts appear underway to stage what many might consider a “hostile takeover” of the party by Ron Paul loyalists as they are often seen making “points of order” at Central Committee Meetings that appear more designed to embarrass party leadership than to actually receive answers to questions that very well could have been easily answered over the phone.

In September 2007, as Paul’s doomed campaign was beginning, efforts to takeover the party were made known on a Ron Paul forum out of Minnesota when a recruiter from another group calling itself the Republican Liberty Caucus said,

“I know many of you probably are concerned that, by joining the Republicans you will be assimilated to the point where you may have to sacrifice your principles and beliefs. That is why I urge you to join us because we operate, although within the GOP, completely independent of the party’s leadership. None of our funds go to the Republican National Committee because we are well aware that their agenda is to elect people and not necessarily promote the ideals of liberty and freedom.”

Whether the groups blended or just adopted the strategy, we saw it unfolding throughout 2008 as mesmerized followers of Ron Paul acted out in just such a manner, leading to one prominent adherent being quoted in the press after the 2008 Washington State GOP Convention, “We are trying to integrate with the Republican Party; they see it as a take-over.”

If, as they continually claim, they are Republican, why the need to “integrate” with the party? Wouldn’t they already be members?

On an April 10, 2008 interview on American Underground Network, one well placed adherent said, “I am not here to tell you the Republican Party is Great… It has been high jacked by the Neo-Conservatives… and it has been altered from the time that they don’t even know what is right any more.”

This person also stated they were recently at a convention and the Platform Committee recommended do not pass on a resolution of loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This person went on to state that Ron Paul Libertarians must take over the Republican Party “the appropriate way and not by force.”

Strangely enough, for people claiming to be strict adherents to the constitution, they seem to ignore the Amendment process written into the constitution and all amendments, whether we like them or not individually, that were added by legal constitutional process.

It should be noted that most places you see the Republican Party set up you will also see a Campaign for Liberty next to or near by, instead of working with the party.

One Campaign For Liberty Blogsite lays out the steps they intend to use to “take over the Republican Party.”

Nothing they intend is actually illegal, mind you, but somewhat underhanded in implementation.

Their current goal is not to promote the Republican Party, but to embarrass or weaken it enough to make it an easier takeover, falsely thinking if they control the Party, Ron Paul’s message and intentions of isolationalism, auditing and ending the Federal Reserve and immediate abandonment of the fight against Terrorism, turning it over to hired mercenaries, that is outlawed by the Geneva Conventions, will bring peace to our country.

The very same message the country heard from Paul in 2008 and rejected.

Some efforts were launched at a takeover in 2008 as reported in the the Star-Telegram, St., the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Boston Globe.

What should be acknowledged locally is that current Clark County GOP Chair Ryan Hart’s efforts at raising the local party out of obscurity, such as the charity softball game between Democrats and Republicans this summer, securing the June 2010 State GOP Convention in Vancouver and lining up such notables as Michelle Malkin and former Massachusetts Governor and possible Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney as speakers, were largely unsupported by the Ron Paul supporters.

Ron Paul followers are an odd mix of people. Some Libertarians, some strong conservatives, some power hungry, some liberals with the anti-war lean and even a few 9/11 Truthers make up the mix, all vying to be the main force of the Republican Party.

Most all are admitted political novices, only getting involved in politics during Paul’s failed presidential campaign for the first time in their lives.

Still, nearly all agree that if only we would listen to Ron Paul, we too would agree and fall in behind him, ignoring that we already did hear Paul and rejected him. Much like a religious cult thinks, the prevailing attitude seems to be “listen to him and follow,” even if you don’t understand. Understanding will come to you later.

Undeterred by the outcome of the 2008 campaign and now emboldened by Paul’s CPAC straw poll win and his regaining the GOP nomination for his Texas District, scuttlebutt floating around Clark County of a pending attempted takeover of the Clark County GOP seems more relevant than ever before.

As scuttlebutt has it, a challenge is to be made to vote Ryan Hart out and in his place elect a Ron Paul supporter who intends to remake the Clark County GOP into a Ron Paul compatible party at the County Convention, March 20.

Rumors of this plan have been floating around for many months and with the County Convention just days away now, many Ron Paul leaning forums have gone strangely quiet.

Should this successfully happen, I have little doubt the party will go the way of the 2008 campaign and all gains made by Hart and the Executive Committee will be lost as bylaws and platform are rewritten in accordance with the views held by Paul and his followers, which could also include rehashing the 9/11 Truther movements claims.

With our economy in shambles and taxes rapidly rising, the last thing we need is for a group of political novices to seize power of the GOP just as it is again becoming a viable voice of opposition to the tax & spend Democrats.

For any PCO’s or Delegates reading this, I urge you to think back on who has worked hard to raise the party up and seek out strong candidates versus who continually tries to weaken and denigrate the current party.

I intend to be there and should this attempt at a takeover actually occur, I will support Ryan Hart and help him continue building the party properly, not hand it over to a fringe group of malcontents.


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