Separation of Politics and State Now?

Listening to Foxnews this afternoon, I was struck by a story about a Democrat Representative in the State of Maine and his desire to have the state sell license plates with “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” on them. Money raised from their sale would be used to help families of Maine’s National Guard and Reserve Troops now serving in the War on Terror overseas.


A very nice gesture and I’m sure the families would welcome the help. As we all know our troops are grossly underpaid for what they do. Money’s raised should also help offset tax dollars being used to help families in need while their primary breadwinners are off at war for us.


Donald Pilon, the State Representative behind this, says he is opposed to the war itself. While I disagree with his opposition, I must applaud his effort at helping our troops and their families.


The rub comes from those opposed to his efforts, the anti-war left in Maine and the Maine Civil Liberties Union. Rep. Pilon even admits that some may see the message as supporting the war, which he admits he does not.


The state should not do anything that might be construed as supporting the war,” said Doug Rawlings, the president of one of two Maine chapters of Veterans for Peace. “[A] plate proclaiming support for the troops would be viewed by many as a pro-war statement. Issuing such a license plate "just clouds the issue way too much," Rawlings says.


Shenna Bellows, of the Maine Civil Liberties Union says, “I think, generally, the state should stay out of the business of making political statements on license plates." In true ACLU misguided and anti-American fashion, she said the issue would become "problematic" for the MCLU if the Legislature endorsed a troops plate but rejected one bearing an anti-war message, because that would be discriminatory.


Have we allowed ourselves to be duped to the point that we would sit back and allow our troops in harms way to not be told our State Governments support them? And, “the state should stay out of the business of making political statements?” Even if on license plates, isn’t that what states do?


What I find frightening in this is that the move to remove God from every aspect of our lives was brought about pretty much the same way, a small group opposed and worried their sensibilities would be offended by references to God. Do we have to ensure, while at war, our enemies receive equal time in our media? Truth be known, I’d prefer our troops successes receive equal time with reports of our enemies successes in our drive-by leftstream media. If we don’t grant enemies of the state equal time, will the MCLU start a movement, as most movements end up doing, spreading across the land requiring each state to no longer show support for our troops, even while in harms way? Will Schools, State Houses, Courts and such be barred from ever having anything remotely showing support for our troops, as was done with the Christian Cross, Ten Commandments and anything indicating a belief in God?


Remembering the denial of our brave efforts in Viet Nam and the treatment we returning troops received then, seeing a group as the MCLU stand up and oppose the State of Maine showing support for the troops, especially while we are war, not only frightens me, it angers me. What ever happened to the canard, “I support the troops, but not the war?” How far will the MCLU and its parent, the ACLU, take not showing any support for our troops? If the examples of Separation of Church and State are indicative, our troops may end up standing all-alone, fighting a war with no support.


My mind is boggled thinking of how far this simple gesture of help to the families of our troops may be taken by the minions of those that hate our country.


While not a resident of the state of Maine, I readily admit I have no dog in their in state fights. But, as all too often happens, things like this spill over and spread like wildfire, especially when we have strong opposition to our freedoms and liberties in our courts and amongst our citizens. Will we eventually be faced with laws barring any public display of support for our troops unless we show equal support for our enemies?


The Silent Majority needs to wake up and see what they are allowing to happen to our nation. It’s always little baby-steps used to remove our national pride and liberties from us. Even more importantly, how can any government send their troops off to fight for and protect our freedoms and not show them any support?


We cannot allow this to happen!!




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