Do You Support The Troops?

Recently, I was asked whether or not I really supported the troops by a lefty, of all people. Apparently, the current version from the left of “Support the Troops” is to bring them home and abandon the war. Those of us who support the war effort and President Bush are now accused of not supporting the troops, since the death toll has exceeded 2500 and we are not joining in demanding they be brought home.


This new notion of theirs is nothing more than the latest anti-war effort, others failing to garner much support.


As one who has been the recipient of the Left’s “We Support The Troops” for over 35 years now, most I have met haven’t a clue what Support the Troops really means. This isn’t something open to interpretation. It isn’t a gray area, either. Either you Support our men and women fighting the War on Terror, including in Iraq, or you don’t.


We have a Military Force for one reason and one reason, only. To fight our wars, as decided by the civilian government. They are not a social club to experiment the latest social whim upon. They are not a replacement for welfare or a means to gain just a free education. By law, they may not be used a Police Force, unless Martial Law is declared by the Government. Everything associated with our Military Branches is centered about fighting war. During peacetime, they train to fight our wars. During wartime, they actually fight them and unfortunately, some give their lives.


Today’s American Military is comprised of men and women, every last one a volunteer. No one is conscripted or forced to serve against their will. There is no draft currently and our Military themselves don’t wish a return to the days of the draft and forcing people to serve.


In the Military, regardless of your rank or job training, when the enemy is coming at you, everyone is an infantryman, if need be. When I served, everyone received some infantry training. That standards were lowered and this training deleted for “non-combat” jobs, is a travesty, as witnessed by the capture of Jessica Lynch a couple years ago.


To me, Supporting our Troops entails supporting their job, or mission, if you prefer. Their mission currently is fighting the War on Terror, including in Iraq. This is their job, their training, and their mission. We are not in a ‘humanitarian’ effort or a ‘police action,’ we are in a war with an evil enemy misusing a religion to force their twisted view of God on the rest of the world. Make no mistake about it; the terrorists we are currently engaged with are bent on world domination. To question or oppose them is to be killed, often in a horrendous manner. This is what our Military are trained for and what they are fighting against.


If you find you cannot support their mission, the war, you are opposed to them fighting these despots who would behead each of us, whether we are left or right. They don’t care what we believe or who we do or do not support, we are Westerners and as such, must die so their version of ancient writings may prevail.


In summary, to me, “we support the troops, but not the war’ is tantamount to, “We Support The Police, but not when they arrest rapists, murderers, bank robbers and such.”


If you really wish to see a speedy end to this war, give our Military the means, material and full support to make it short a fight as possible. If we don’t stop them now, it will be our children having to do it later on.




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