How Real Was The Canadian Terror Plot?



Terror Watch: Was Canada’s P.M. a Target? – Newsweek: International Editions –

In what I see as typical coming from the left, it seems the question is now raised, "How real was the plot in Canada?"


I fail to see how this should even be a question, but it is. From the article, Aly Hindy, a hard-line Toronto-area imam who says he knows nine of the 17 alleged plotters personally, says he believes that if there was talk about a beheading plot, it was the kind of empty, though menacing, bravado that he has often seen in messages posted in radical Islamic Internet chat rooms. “I just think these people were bulls–ting.”


Just Bulls–ting? Did they not arrange to purchase and accept three tons of Ammonium Nitrate, the fertilizer that can be used as an explosive and three times the amount used to bring down the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995? Even if they were actually farmers, which I doubt, why do they need so much Ammonium Nitrate? Surely not to grow corn to make ethanol to fuel their cars.


Rightfully so, Canadian Authorities have taken these people very seriously. Maybe some talk was bravado, but how easily could bravado become reality if they actually held the Canadian Parliament hostage? Maybe some feel the beheadings we saw not to long ago of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan were also just "bravado."


It’s a sad day when authorities catch budding terrorists before they carry out their mission and someone comes along and minimizes their crimes. Why would words of these people be seen as simply bravado and when twelve year olds say they wish to shoot or harm a teacher that has disciplined them at school, get taken very seriously? Wouldn’t a twelve year old be more prone to bravado than grown men?


I also have to wonder if these same people minimizing the actions and words of these 17 would have also minimized Muhhomad Attas words of thinking of hijacking and flying civilian aircraft into occupied buildings, had he been caught just prior to September 11, 2001.


My guess is they wouldn’t have believed it then, either.


Is this any way to fight a War on Terror? Hell no, it isn’t.






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