Dog Crazies

After having the displeasure of once stepping in a pile of dog shit inside of a prominent Variety Store near my home, I have been on a mission of complaining about non-service dogs inside of stores. Health codes prohibit this but people have misused the Americans with Disabilities Act to justify carrying their little mutts into any store they wish, even grocery stores.


I am not giving up, but the battle may just become a bit harder if an Estacada, Oregon family wins their lawsuit over a dead dog.


I’m not sure when this happened, but a families dog was run over and later died at the hands of a neighbor. He swears it was an accident, but the family said it was deliberate. He was convicted of animal abuse anyways and served 90 days in jail.


Apparently this wasn’t enough for the family as they have filed a lawsuit against the neighbor seeking 1.6 million dollars for "loss of companionship" due to the death of the 14 year old animal. The case went before a judge today with a jury. This, mind you, in ultra left-leaning liberal la la land of Oregon. In an interview I heard on KPAM 860 AM radio today, one family member stated that it was never thought it would get this far, but had the neighbor simply apologized and admitted guilt, the matter would have been finished. Yeah, right!


While I can sympathize with the loss of a beloved pet, loss of companionship awards have been historically reserved for the loss of a spouse. Losing a child has never resulted in any award for this reason. But now we face the possibility of a dog’s death setting a precedent for elevating dogs over legal status of even our children, if the family wins this lawsuit.


What I find interesting is the families attorney, un-named, is a nationally known specialist in animal law with a doctorate in biology. Do I smell an animal rights agenda unfolding? You bet.


Should the family win this lawsuit, the potential future ramifications just boggles my imagination.


Beam me up, Scotty, this place is going completely nuts, or at least, to the dogs.



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