Zacarias Moussaoui receives Life in Prison without Release

Like many today, I also disagree with the sentence Zacarias Moussaoui received but on second thought can see no matter what, it’s lose – lose for us.

If he had received death, it would take between 15 to 25 years to execute him with the left and other bleeding hearts turning over every stone they could find to either commute the sentence or overturn the conviction. Trust the ACLU and Amnesty International to come to his aid, the ACLU wanting his oppressive sentence overturned and Amnesty International monitoring his imprisonment to ensure he is treated humanely.

Alive in prison he is not a martyr. However, he could be a tool used by the terrorists in the future if they kidnapped some important hostage and wanted to swap. Naturally, our person would probably be returned headless.

So, like I said, there is no easy answer to this sentencing. From what I’ve heard he is going to The United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) in Florence, Colorado, a very maximum security federal prison in Colorado that Amnesty International just hates with a passion. Unofficially it is known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies and houses only the most dangerous prisoners in need of the tightest control.

Prisoners have complained about excessive steps taken by guards and officials in these types of facilities to control inmates. Constant surveillance and random searches at the whim of prison staff can be humiliating, and their frequency may be used as methods of intimidation and sleep deprivation. If that is the case, it is my firm hope that he be locked away in a cold damp cell and left to rot while the visions he has of his 72 virgins slowly become shriveled up old ladies.




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