Immigrants display their clout: Local event attracts 230 marchers



Immigrants display their clout: Local event attracts 230 marchers – News –


Oh, this headline is just too funny for words.


First and foremost, this isn’t about immigrants. It’s about ILLEGAL Immigrants. Every nation on this planet has their own immigration laws and expect visitors to follow them. If you don’t, you are in violation of their laws, which makes you ILLEGAL, not undocumented.


Personally, it doesn’t matter to me where people come from, all of our ancestors migrated from somewhere once upon a time. But, they came here following what the law was at that time.


The current broohaha is a slick way to mask the agenda for removing America’s borders and making it the only country with free access to any and all. The problems that would create are just to obvious to list here, everyone should be able to see that.


Anyways, back to all this "clout" that these protesters showed yesterday, the first annual (probably) Uno de Mayo (May 1).


Our drive-by leftstream media is telling us basically that our country was shut down yesterday because of the Great American Boycott, where ILLEGAL immigrants and their supporters decided to not buy anything, go to work or to school. Pssst, lefty’s, it didn’t work, we are still a functioning country and there is no pinch resulting from your boycott.


It has been reported that an estimated one million turned out for this boycott, nationwide. Whoopdi-doo. After all the weeks and weeks of announcing and organizing, a paltry one million nationwide is all that turned out? Let my heart be still (from laughing). The article states;


The national "Day Without Immigrants" effort also urged workers to walk off their jobs Monday, but it didn’t seem to have much impact here, according to local business operators.


Even with a deceptive headline, they admit it had little or no effect here. In fact, I only saw one taqueria closed all day and even though they have never received my business, they sure won’t now. I’m sure my boycott of them will nearly equal their boycott yesterday.


"I just wanted to create awareness and want the government to grant us a comprehensive immigration reform plan," said Saron Nehf of Vancouver, who organized the march.


Ms. Nehf, all the reform that is needed is for those desiring to come to America to follow the laws, just as I would be expected to do if I visited your country of origin.


Ms. Nehf, apparently a 28 year old immigrant born in Panama, was brought here by here parents 26 years ago. She neglects to mention if they came in legally or illegally. 


"I decided we needed to do something," Nehf said.


Isn’t that grand. This 28 year old employee of the YWCA decided that "we" needed to do something. Did she ever consider obeying the law? Is it that impossible for others to follow our laws as we are expected to do if we visit their countries?


I harbor no ill will against anyone trying to better their lives, but stop and think. If these ILLEGAL immigrants were to apply a portion of the energy they are expending to protest our immigration laws in their own homelands, demanding better jobs, better living conditions and benefits from the governments, their lot in life could be better in their own homeland. Instead, they have seen the freebies offered here in America and have seen the left pandering to them by offering them benefits and such, as well as paying them substandard wages, and are taking advantage of our good nature.


It isn’t free, though. It’s our tax dollars being spent to care for these people as well as hunt for them (in the rare instances any are hunted for) while the majority of whatever monies they earn here end up being sent back to their homelands. That drains our economy because they are removing more from it than they are paying back into it.


I’m all for a "Guest Worker" program, but not as it is being lauded now by the government. NO AMNESTY!! If one has the ability to properly perform a job and there are no takers from our country for it, by all means, let them register for the job and legally come in to the country and work that job, for the allotted time. Let them pay taxes on their income as the rest of us do and pay for what they will be getting from the job.


This would stop the under the table payments with no taxes paid. It would also let us know where they are and stop employers from abusing them by placing them in substandard housing and reaping excessive profits off their backs. It would also ensure they are properly vaccinated against communicable diseases to help prevent the spread of diseases we defeated long ago. When the job is finished, they go home to their families and can petition their own governments, who also have vast amounts of weath they don’t wish to share, for better jobs, benefits and such.


Of course, those desiring Aztland and actively working towards snatching the West Coast back to Mexico, should be deported immediately.


In all, I have to say the Great American boycott was a flop. The main effect it really had was to show many Americans that were blind to it that we do indeed have an Immigration problem and they may now see what their lefty ways has brought us.


If the rest of the nations turnout was as pitiful as ours here was, 230 out of nearly 152,000 people, roughly one tenth of one percent of our population, maybe they are not the great backbone of America they claim to be.


Wake up and smell the menudo, America.





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