With Democrats in Charge

In an email received today from Rahm Emmanual, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, amongst the usual Bush bashing and pleading for contributions to help Democrats retake control of the government, were the following points that I take as ‘promises’ of what to look forward to.


With Democrats in charge, we will pursue a real energy policy that consists of promoting efficiency and alternative sources rather than pouring tax dollars into the coffers of oil companies enjoying record profits.


“A real energy policy?” Wasn’t it the Democrats in control during the previous oil and gas shortages in the 1970s? Didn’t all they end up doing was raise taxes and encourage Detroit to build little cracker box cars that the American Public hated? That first gas shortage was over 30 years ago and what did they do? NOTHING! The Republicans didn’t do much better, but if they were interested in “real energy policies,” why, during their 40 years control of Congress, did they not act on that while in the majority?


If they are interested in a “real energy policy,” why do they consistently block drilling efforts across our country? We have known oil reserves sitting underground ready for the taking. We have coal resources enough for thousands of years and yes, with today’s technology; it can be burned a lot cleaner than it ever was. Why do they continue to block exploration and drilling of these valuable resources?


If Democrats are concerned over “record profits,” why do they keep raising our taxes as well as businesses? Why do they have Federal, State and Local taxes on every gallon of gas, reaping more per gallon of gas than the oil companies they complain about making “record profits?”

With Democrats in charge, we will fight to extend health coverage to those who need it, not more huge tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans.


If they are “in charge,” why will they have to “fight?” Won’t they be back in control like they were the first 40 years of my life when they accomplished nothing to help Americans with Health Care?


If you really want any reform in Congress, let’s make them adhere to the same benefits and healthcare we citizens have to work with. Stop their cushy freebies, when they are making record wages, and make them work under what we do. Both parties would reform Congress then.


And why do we always have to hear the old and tired “tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans?” Excuse me, but they are among those “wealthiest Americas as are the loons in Hollyweird and so far, I have seen or heard of any of them sending in more taxes than they have to or refusing to accept a tax refund. Don’t be fooled by the old class warfare cry of “tax cuts for the wealthy.” The tax cuts went to all of us and tax receipts in the US Treasury have greatly increased as a result. Besides, the top 1% of wage earners are paying nearly 50% of all taxes. That doesn’t sound like any tax cuts went to the “wealthiest Americans” to me.

With Democrats in charge, we will return to the fiscal policies that resulted in budget surpluses during the Clinton Administration – surpluses that have been squandered by the reckless spending and tax giveaways of the Bush Administration.


Sorry, but this canard is as laughable as any other lie the Democrats have said before. First of all, there was NO SURPLUS!!! It was a PROJECTED SURPLUS some 10 years down the road.


While I think the Republicans have been remiss in their spending, I have yet to see the Democrats filibuster or try to argue for spending reductions. With their gift of filibuster to block what they don’t want, why did they not block any spending bills and instead, joined Republicans in that “squandering” of money?


You also have to remember; the September 11 attacks in our country drew us into a prolonged war on terror that must be fought, having been ignored for too long when Democrats were in control. Wars are expensive, but must e fought when we are attacked as we were then. Funding our Military in wartime is not what I would call “squandering.”


As for other wasteful spending, if the Democrats were serious about that, wouldn’t they be joining in trying to curb Illegal Immigration and deny Taxpayer funded free benefits to Illegals? Seems as if they actually do cut any spending, it will be to our Military, once again gutting them in their time of need. No thanks.

With Democrats in charge, we will have real ethics reform in Congress and turn the House of Representatives from an auction house back into the People’s House.


Ethics? Democrats? With Ted Kennedy, (chappaquidick), Robert Byrd (Ku Klux Klan), John Kerry (Anti-war slander of Veterans and questionable awards as well as burying the POW/MIA issue), Hillary Clinton (so many scandals from Bills administration as well as extramarital affairs) and so many more. Shaky balloting, denial of overseas Military Absentee ballots, refusal to return donations given by illegal lobbyists, so on and so on. The Democrats have been the most unethical party I can remember and they give no inclination of changing.


Their rhetoric is deafening, but there past conduct is clear as a bell. No ideas, just “we hate Bush and Republicans” and Democrats must be returned to power.


Trusting Democrats on “ethics” is a funny as letting a wolf guard your hen house alone.


Don’t be fooled by Democrats try to copy Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” back in 1994. Right now, Democrats have run out of ideas and are down to copying what they think you wish to hear.


Want your taxes raised back out of sight? Want less government responsibility? Want more freebies given away to some who may not deserve them? Want to see the Iraqi people written off, as Democrats wrote of the Vietnamese people? Want more socialism and less freedom for yourself?


Then, vote for Democrats this November. As for my house, and me we intend to vote for true Conservatives and trying to keep returning America to the greatness it knew before Liberal Socialist Democrats ran the country into the mud.





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