John Kerry, Deceiver and Defeatist part II

As mentioned in the previous post, Kerry was to deliver his all-important speech today at Faneuil Hall, in Massachusetts. He did deliver that speech and even wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe, which is basically a condensed version of his speech.


Having obtained a copy of both the op-ed and the speech, titled “Dissent,” I can see that this man has no scruples about him. In his never ending quest for attaining the highest political office in the land, President of the United States of America, he will stoop to whatever level he feels will gain him enough votes to take over the government.


After his scant 3 months serving in Viet Nam combat zones, after almost one month of in country training in Swift Boats, something he said he only signed up for because they engaged in off coast patrolling, he returned to the U.S. and began his quest as an anti-war activist. In his highly publicized activities, which included throwing his medals (most of which remain very questionable as to his actually meriting them) he lost his initial bid for public office.


Laying low for a few years and during the Reagan administrations renewal of pride in America, he again ran for the Senate, but this time as a “war hero” complete with the medals he had claimed he threw away years before.


In the 2004 Presidential election, he again tried to play a “war hero,” but a group of highly decorated and honorable Viet Nam Veterans, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, came forward and exposed him. They were later joined by another group, POWs, and became known as the Swiftboat veterans and POWs for Truth. Included in the group was Colonel Robert Day (retired) ex-POW and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award for bravery in the country.


Largely through the efforts of these honorable men, who had nothing to gain and who lost a lot, being slandered and fired form jobs because of their political opposition to Kerry, he was narrowly defeated.


Reading over the speech and op-ed today, with us embroiled in another war, the War on Terror, and in another one Kerry’s famous ‘flip-flops,’ it appears as if he is returning to his anti-war roots to criticize President Bush and the War on Terror. As always, Kerry takes whatever road he feels will gain him support and election to the office he is seeking, the Presidency this time, again.


His quotes from the speech will be italicized as I show you his return to the anti-war side and the depth of his shamelessness in slandering others. Due to the length, it will be broken up into multiple parts.


I know that some active duty service members, some veterans, and certainly some politicians scorned those of us who spoke out, suggesting our actions failed to “support the troops”


Some? Nearly 80% of Viet Nam Veterans opposed him in 2004. As one recipient of the treatment brought on by Kerry’s “testimony” in 1971before the anti-war Fulbright Commission, which also disallowed any dissenting comments to Kerry’s, I can honestly say it was a bit more than just “some” of that oppose him. Keep in mind about no dissenting comments allowed in either the Fulbright Commission or Kerry’s “Winter Soldier Investigation.”


I have come here today to reaffirm that it was right to dissent in 1971 from a war that was wrong. And to affirm that it is both a right and an obligation for Americans today to disagree with a President who is wrong, a policy that is wrong, and a war in Iraq that weakens the nation.


So, he feels it was right to “dissent” in 1971, but no “dissenting” views of his “testimony” were allowed. One person, John O’Neill, of Swift Boat Veterans fame, had a speech written and prepared to give, opposing Kerry’s comments. He was not allowed to give it. So much for “it is right to dissent.”


While it is my right to “dissent,” as he says, it is not an “obligation” for me to oppose the War on Terror, even the Battle of Iraq. I see neither the President wrong, the policy wrong, and the only weakening I see of America is leftist opposers such as Kerry who will stop at nothing to oppose the President. Need I remind you that back in 1997 it was Kerry himself, in a speech titled “We Must be Firm With Saddam Hussein” that was calling on Democrat President Clinton to take actions almost identical as those President Bush has taken today? Was he actually proposing a wrong policy back then? Or, is he just opposing the actions today in his quest for public office, and the hell with how many more will be killed due to his actions emboldening our enemy?


I believed then, just as I believe now, that the best way to support the troops is to oppose a course that squanders their lives, dishonors their sacrifice, and disserves our people and our principles.


Sorry, but you do not Support the Troops by opposing their mission and emboldening our enemies. That ends up costing our Military more casualties as the enemy, just as North Viet Nam did, engages in limited strikes and not full engagement. A war of attrition, wear down the American public support and convince the public to “cut and run” clearing the way for them to swoop in and re-enslave the people of Iraq, just as the North Vietnamese did back in 1975, costing untold millions of innocent South Vietnamese their lives. That is the true disservice and dishonor of these brave troops lives.


By then, it was clear to me that hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen—disproportionately poor and minority Americans—were being sent into the valley of the shadow of death for an illusion privately abandoned by the very men in Washington who kept sending them there.


Please note the bolded section above. That is a FLAT OUT LIE! Subsequent compilations of service records revealed that the poor and minorities were not disproportionately sent to Viet Nam. This is something known well throughout the public and should be known by a sitting US. Senator. Apparently, a little lie to plant the seed of racism into the public’s mind was in order, he felt.



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