John Kerry, Deceiver and Defeatist

John Forbes Kerry, junior Senator from Massachusetts, failed Presidential candidate, elitist, anti-war activist and self proclaimed hero (you do know he served in Viet Nam) seems to either feel he won the 2004 election or he has never stopped campaigning. In his never-ending bashing of President Bush and his endless anti-war stance (when a Republican is in office) is now calling for yet another deadline in Iraq.


The consummate flip-flopper, who voted for the $87 Billion to fund the war before he voted against it, and who has cried that the President has not consulted him once for advice on the War on Terror (you do realize Kerry served in Viet Nam, don’t you?) has sent out an email reeking with his defeatism. In an email titled “10 Days That Will Get Their Attention,” Kerry fist lets us know that there is One general after another demanding Rumsfeld’s resignation.” Sorry, Senator, but six retired generals from the Clintonian era do not make one after another.


Somewhere along the last few weeks, he has decided it is his place to impose a May 15 deadline for the Iraqi people to “form a government!” I thought it was President Bush being accused of “Nation Building.” Setting a deadline with the threat of our support being withdrawn sounds to me like he intends for the Iraqi people to set up a mirror of his failed policies that Americans rejected. Maybe he can’t fathom that America and upwards of 80% of all Viet Nam Veterans rejected his wishy washy ways and instead, chose a real leader, George W. Bush.


Not that Bush is perfect, mind you. I feel he could do a lot better in certain areas, but overall, he is a lot better than what we would have gotten under either Al Gore or John Kerry.


Kerry states, “If Iraq’s leaders can’t move past their infighting and endless delays to form a new government by May 15, we should immediately withdraw all of our troops. If they meet the May 15 deadline, we’ll bring America’s combat troops home by the end of the year and put the future of democracy in Iraq where it belongs — in the hands of the Iraqi people.”


Where does the junior Senator from Massachusetts get the audacity to make this sort of demand? He is not in the White House and he is but one vote out of 100 Senators.


Iraq is struggling to get to its feet. It isn’t as smooth a process, as we would like. But, we have not lived under the decades of despotic rule they have. We also were not around when our own fledgling Democracy struggled to get itself set up. Ours took several years to get going and we are still working on it, over 200 years later.


After WW2, we kept troops in both Germany and Japan to help them get on their feet. In fact, over 60 years later, we still have troops in those countries. When does Mr. Kerry propose we bring those troops home?


His demand is exactly what Al Qaeda would like to see. As in Viet Nam (you do know Kerry served there), our enemy will just lay back and wait us out, swooping in knowing no one will oppose them and knowing America will turn a blind eye, again.


He goes on to say; The clarity and precision of our plan stand in sharp contrast to the aimless approach of the architects of this war — Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. All across America, people are strongly dissenting from the Bush administration’s "stay for as long as it takes" policy — and, just as important, standing up to the administration’s attempts to vilify and question the patriotism of those who dare to speak out.”

“Clarity?” “Precision?” Since when is “cut and run” clear and precise?” Since when is abandoning our allies, when they may need us the most, a “clear and precise” stand?

Kerry and his leftist minions have long advocated a repeat of Viet Nam, (you do know he is a Viet Nam Veteran?), doing everything they can to paint the Battle in Iraq as another Viet Nam, calling it a “quagmire,” “winless,” “hopeless” and whatever. Iraq is nothing like Viet Nam, other than the drive-by leftstream medias slanted and one-sided reporting of set backs and shortcomings only that are common in ever war. We never read of successes, just every negative thing they can drum up.

Kerry should open his eyes a bit wider too. President Bush has never questioned his patriotism. The people of America have and decided he was not worthy of holding the highest office in our nation. He and the left’s pitiful attempts at redefining the definition of Patriotism have not gone unnoticed, either. We have every right to question his, or any candidates for President patriotism. In my estimation, a true Patriot does not advocate the defeat of America.


Kerry next brags, “Decades ago I stood up to the Nixon administration and spoke out for a change of course in Vietnam. Four days from now, I will be delivering a speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall on the critically important topic of war and dissent. It’s time to remind America that, when a stubborn president has America headed profoundly in the wrong direction, only citizen action can change our country’s course.”


Decades ago, Kerry lied about and maligned every single person who served in Viet Nam. He advocated the Communist position of taking over South Viet Nam and as far as many are concerned, committed treason by meeting on his own with delegates from North Viet Nam in Paris France while still a Reserve Navy junior Officer.


Will this speech he intends to deliver be an echo of his slanderous speech against Viet Nam Veterans and soldiers in the field back in 1971 that he gave to the Fulbright Commission? At that time, he stated that soldiers in Vietnam, “had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam…”


Addressing what would be happening to the South Vietnamese in the way of retribution, he stated, “there will be some recrimination, but far, far less than the 200,000 a year who are murdered by the United States of America." I have asked several supporters of Kerry and to date have not received a reply, but just who are these who were “murdering 200,000 a year?” There is only one answer and they will not state it. The Soldiers and Marines in Viet Nam were the ones he was accusing of murder. The common fighting people is who he labeled as “murderers,’ not the Nixon Administration. He also said of those who served and were serving, The country doesn’t know it yet, but it has created a monster, a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence…”


Not only were we murderers, but we became ‘monsters’ as well. I have to ask, just who was questioning who’s Patriotism? Surely, he was not considering the over 2.5 million people who served in Viet Nam as “Patriots” when he made these misleading and slanderous statements?


Is this the direction he wishes for the country to take? Will be end up labeling the brave men and women fighting the War on Terror the same as he did us back in 1971?


Back in 1997, when President Clinton, a fellow Democrat, was at the helm of the country, in a speech to Congress titled, “We Must Be Firm With Saddam,” Kerry was calling for almost exactly the same actions against Iraq as President Bush has now taken. Now, Kerry calls it “the wrong direction.” Why is it wrong, because a Republican is leading the way?


Kerry, towards the end of his email says, “The fight is just beginning. I recognize the importance of the United States Senate as an institution that can help change America’s course. And I know that we can’t force George W. Bush to confront reality in Iraq until we force the Senate to do the same.”


No Senator Kerry, the fight is not just beginning. We have been fighting the likes of you for a very long time. The course you wish to take America down is one only the former Soviet Union would be proud of. You advocated the Communist position back in the early 1970s and as far as I can determine, still do.


The reality in Iraq is one neither Kerry nor his willing lackies in the drive-by leftstream media wish to face. That being, we are winning there. Just as we were winning in Viet Nam up until the time protesters like Kerry convinced the public that it was we Americans who were the enemy and the Communist North Vietnamese were the good guys.


Will Kerry travel to meet with Al Qaeda next and bring back their plan for Iraq? Elect him to office and don’t be surprised. The country cannot afford to fall for this mans lies again. Iraqis can’t afford to have this man in a position of power either. Only Terrorists wish to see him at the helm. It is my firmly held conviction that Senator Kerry would like nothing better than to see another defeat of America while being governed by Republicans, with no regards to how many lives would be lost.





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