United States of Aztlan

Aztlan is the mythical place of origin of the Aztec peoples. In modern times, it is what some people of Mexican origin wish to turn the Southwestern and Western United States into. Indeed, some have already claimed it as such and have even drawn maps of such.


In many recent protests and rally’s held in support of illegal immigrants, signs can be seen declaring the Illegals are in their homeland and that we Americans stole the land from them. Some even feel Aztlan encompasses the land that America won in the Mexican/American War of 1846, then paid the Mexican government of the time 15 million dollars for it. The exact location of this mythical land remains unknown.


Cries can be heard at these rallies for the “White Europeans” to return to Europe and get out of “their” land. But, do these people forget who Cortez was? Did he not travel from Spain and conquer Mexico and the Aztec and Inca peoples long before America was founded? Do these people protesting for rights for illegal immigrants not realize they are speaking a language not native to either Aztecs or Incas, but are speaking Spanish, the native language of Spain? Which, last I heard, is in Europe also.


How can people of similar mixed heritage as Americans demand others give back land that was first won in war two centuries ago then paid for, when they are not prepared to give back Mexico itself to those indigenous peoples that occupied the land before Cortez conquered it?


Like it or not, lands are conquered throughout the worlds history and yes, one day it very well might be America. If we keep turning a blind eye to what is behind the rapid invasion of Illegals into our country, it just might come sooner than we realize. And, this time, without a shot being fired.


American Liberals, with their feel good and everybody is okay, except for Conservatives with old fashioned values, will end up giving it away, being too much of cowards to fight for what our forefathers left for us. Why else would Liberal Democrats be passing out voter registrations to Illegals at these rallies?


While many do come here to make a better life for their families in Mexico, many also come here just for free benefits offered by America. Do they not realize that if they reclaim the land for Mexico they are right back where they started? Mexico is a corrupt nation with the wealth held by a few and the poor receiving little or nothing. If Mexico retakes the West Coast of America, do they honestly expect Corporations to remain and fund their freebies? Do they expect the American taxpayer to keep paying exorbitant taxes to ensure they receive decent healthcare and welfare? If Mexico were to reclaim the land, wouldn’t that responsibility fall back to Mexico, who doesn’t or can’t take care of their people now?


And what of the 15 million dollars originally paid for the land in 1846? Who is prepared to repay that, in today’s money? That amount staggers my mind imagining how much it would actually be.


What really amazes me at the same time is how many of these same people have no regard for Israel, aligning themselves with the Palestinians and encouraging Arabs to eliminate the Jews in Israel. Many of these people are Catholics with Bibles the same as ours, outlining how the Jews were originally given that land by the same God they worship. Israelis have the oldest claim to any of the disputed lands there, but that makes little or no difference to the La Raza or MEChA people advocating retaking the Western United States to Mexico.


They wish for later comers to take over the land of Israel that was given to them by the God Mexicans worship over 3,000 years ago, but also advocate retaking land their ancestors lost in war and accepted money for just over 200 years ago.


So here we are, in the middle of an invasion and facing the possibility of our culture being overthrown. You think we aren’t in danger? Ask yourself why so many come up here and make no efforts to assimilate into the American culture. Why do they hang together speaking loud and brash Spanish and make no efforts at learning the language of our nation, English? Ask yourself why are American communities now celebrating Cynco De Mayo? What does that day have to do with American history? Why are American cities funding celebrations for Mexican Liberation from Spain and lessening our own day of celebration of our liberation from Britain?


Don’t let yourselves be fooled by this invasion. Honest Mexicans that wish to make better lives for their families in America have been coming here for a very long time, legally. They have assimilated into American life and learned the language, even if broken. They have kept their native culture, but for themselves, not pushing it off on America. Invaders have come here not to join the American lifestyle, but to destroy it and replace it with the poverty seen so prevalent in Mexico still today.


This is what we face if we don’t wake up to what is going on around us and demand our lawmakers pass or at least enforce out immigration laws. Every nation has immigration laws, Mexico’s are amongst the harshest, but they want ours ignored. Wake up or don’t be surprised to walk into a store one day and not be waited on because you don’t speak Spanish or look Mexican.


View video and listen to sound clips at http://www.immigrationwatchdog.com/?page_id=810



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