Rumsfeld feels ire of ex-generals



WP: Rumsfeld feels ire of ex-generals – Highlights –


In this latest example of the “let’s get the Bush Administration,” we now have a few ex-Generals coming forward complaining about Donald Rumsfeld, President Bush’s Secretary of Defense. Much of the drive-by leftstream media can’t seem to get enough of these ex-Generals.


As with any other citizen, ex-generals are welcome to their opinions and to voice them. But, we have to ask if there is another reason behind these new outcries, other than the obvious of disliking President Bush and trying to get at him through Rumsfeld.


Looking over the list we can see some who were involved in the early days of the very war they are now complaining about. Some are Clinton appointees, raising the aspect of partisanship.


By and large, though, these few ex-Generals should know better. There are troops in the fight that need the support of all Americans. There are Iraqi and Afghani people struggling to institute Democracy’s in their country. Are these ex-Generals advocating a return to America’s defeat in Viet Nam with another cowardly cut and run policy? Can the world afford to let terrorists groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda win this struggle and re-enslave millions of people?


Veterans’ speaking out against politicians isn’t new. Many of us took sides in the last election as we have done in every election. However, this last Presidential election saw something like never before. A group of over 250 highly Decorated Viet Nam Veterans, representing both Major Parties, banded together to oppose the Democratic Candidate. This group, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, with nothing personal to gain and not in support of the opponent, as a group, faced the onslaught of the drive-by leftstream media, castigating them as political hacks, Republican funded, liars, deceivers and other nefarious labels.


In contrast, the drive-by leftstream media seemingly as embraced these ex-Generals who obviously have their own agenda, likely backed by opponents to President Bush. If they have no agenda, we must ask why the disparity between coverage of these two groups.


If these ex-Generals and other anti-war loons win their way again, we can look forward to yet again millions of people being summarily executed and once again, enslaved under despotic regimes.


Shame on all of us if we allow this happen again!





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