Psycho Barbara Streisand Analyzes Bush

After playing Dr. Susan Lowenstein in the 1991 movie, Prince of Tides, actress and noted left-winged loom, Barbara Streisand, has completed her psychoanalysis of President George W. Bush and posted it on her web site. Her prognosis says;


Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, Bush saw himself surging to historical highs in the polls. His cabal of advisors saw the opportunity to cement their place in American history by starting a war under the guise of protecting the American people against terrorists.



Under the guise of protecting the American people from terrorists? Did Dr. Streisand somehow sleep through the events of nearly 3,000 Americans dying in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? Did she somehow sleep through the attacks against the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the first bombing of the World Trade Center in New York or the attacks against US interests in Saudi Arabia and Africa?


Did she sleep through history classes as a child and not realize wars are fought on multiple fronts at a cost of human lives?


Dr. Streisand goes on the diagnose;


In invading Iraq, Bush saw the opportunity to emerge from his father’s shadow and no longer be seen as the perpetual underachiever who consistently failed under the watchful eye of his accomplished father. He had the chance to finish what he feels his father was unable to finish. And he could finally have the opportunity to achieve something his father was unsuccessful in achieving…a two-term presidency.


My observations have been that if we needed to get out from under any shadow, it was failure of the Clinton Administration to properly protect America when they gutted our Military and decimated our Intelligence capabilities.


Says Dr. Streisand;


History has proved that war-time presidents gain immense political capitol. And war-time presidents tend to have high approval ratings because when fighting an enemy, the country rallies around the flag and their Commander-in-Chief.


Is this why ever since the elections of 2000 and the failed attempt of Democratic candidate, Al Gore, to steal a narrow loss and all the whining of candidate John ‘F’in Kerry in the 2004 election, we have been hit with a never ending onslaught of negative articles and claims about George Bush? Is it an example of “rallying around the Commander in Chief” we see every few weeks as we are met with headlines of “Presidents approval rating at new all time low?”


I have challenged every leftist I speak to to present me with a positive article about George Bush printed in any of the main leftstream media sources. To date, not one has. And now, Dr. Barbara Streisand has the audacity to make the above claim?


Sorry Barbara, but once again, you show your lack of intelligence concerning Political matters and world affairs. Since adulthood, you have lived in your multi-million dollar bubble and engaged in fantasy in movies. You live in a huge mansion on the California coast while complaining of others having some wealth of their own.


You are a talented lady when it comes to singing or acting (some of the time, in acting). But, play-acting as a Psychologist hardly qualifies you to psycho analyze anyone, least of all our President.


As always, I openly admit you have every right to your opinions, no matter how misguided and I will support your freedom to espouse them. But, at the same time, I am compelled to exercise my right to freedom of speech and thought to expose you for the left-winged Socialism you advocate.


Perhaps, since you are into movies, you should return to the movie Dr. Zhivago and see how the wealthy faired under the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia that eventually led to the establishment of the Socialist Soviet Union. Once you help establish it here, you will not be considered ‘elite’ any longer and stand to lose everything you have worked for.


Dr. Streisand’s opposition to President Bush and the war on terror is well known. As a Jewish woman, she should realize just who the Islamofacists intend to slaughter first, Israeli’s. While they hate the West with a passion, which includes the wealthy Hollyweird play actors such as Ms. Streisand, it’s the Jews they hate even more and wish to eliminate from the face of the earth.


Babs, you are once again on the wrong side and if your side wins, you are only going to hurt yourself. As Winston Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.”






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