Cynthia McKinney, Victim or Ghetto Slob?

Every time I hear of this woman, I am very thankful she isn’t my Representative. For her constituents in the great state of Georgia, you have my sympathies.


Her latest tirade should embarrass every decent American. In a hurry to get to a meeting, she bypassed House security screening, something she is allowed to do. However, the Capital Policeman on duty did not recognize her and blocked her path. I must inject here that she did not have her I.D. on or showing and that she had recently changed her hairdo, which can make identifying someone a tad more difficult.


Instead of stopping and simply showing who she was and possibly extracting an apology from the officer, Ms. McKinney, in true ghetto fashion, either slapped or slugged the officer yelling at him in the process. She finally showed her I.D. and was permitted to go ahead.


Instead of both parties just apologizing and getting on with matters, it has now blown up into a full-scale scandal with her accusing the officer of racism and touching her inappropriately and other such nonsense she is noted for. Capital Police have referred the matter to the Justice Department asking for a warrant for her arrest. In her defense, several wealthy and notable Black celebrities have come forward also complaining she is just a poor mistreated Black woman.


Puuleeze! She is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives voted in by her district, hardly a downtrodden woman, regardless of skin color. And, people like Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte, both multi millionaires and well known celebrities are hardly down trodden either, much less mistreated by whites.


It is reported that Ms. McKinney has had previous run-ins with Security, prompting her to once proclaim, “I am tired of my identity having to be validated by White people!”


I’m sorry, Ms. McKinney, but being a loud-mouthed bore does not guarantee one instant recognition. Nor does being dark skinned merit you special privileges beyond your Representative status. White people are not out to get you and quite frankly, many of us find you boorish.


You expect equal treatment and yes, you are entitled to it. That is what you received, equal treatment by a guard that did not recognize you. Are guards supposed to just let you walk by security without you showing necessary I.D. simply because you are a Black Woman? If someone were to slip by security and cause havoc or harm within the House, would you be first in line to complain they were derelict in their duties? I would imagine so.


You could have defused the entire matter simply by stopping and pulling out your I.D. when stopped by security. You are not the only person who isn’t instantly recognized in the world.


I doubt a warrant will be issued to arrest Ms. McKinney, whether warranted or not. My guess is this will be quietly swept under the rug and possibly with her ruining a good persons career out of revenge. I hope not, we need good security guards that do their jobs and stop people they don’t recognize or who don’t display proper I.D. badges as they are supposed to.


As for you, Ms. McKinney, get over yourself and stop embarrassing the good people of the state of Georgia!



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