Kentucky boy, 13, charged with threatening President Bush

From the Associated Press, we read the headlines of this 13 year old being charged with issuing a threat against the President. However, in the article, it states, “On Wednesday, Cloyd told the Cincinnati Enquirer the student did not make a direct threat against Bush. Instead, the teen is charged with terroristic threatening for the alleged threat against the school, Cloyd said Wednesday.” It also appears the Associated Press decided to sensationalize a headline a bit just to entice us to read it. Imagine that.


Apparently, he did not actually make any threats against Bush, but made threats against the city of Florence and a school. Okay, bad enough, for sure.


Police, FBI and the Secret Service have all investigated this young man and still hold him in custody. The investigation turned up nothing to indicate he actually planned on carrying out the threats. Still, he is in custody and taxpayers money is being spent, as it has been for the investigation, to house and care for him.


In reality, I am of the opinion that this 13 year-old is long past due a trip out behind the woodshed where he should be meeting up with a long overdue attitude adjustment from his father.


It may be looked upon as child abuse today, but it sure did do a lot of us a lot of good when we were youngsters and felt like we had reached manhood. If nothing else, we learned from it that it is best to keep our mouths shut at times.


Stop wasting taxpayers money and give the Dad a leather belt and if necessary, instructions on how to use it. As mean as it may sound, it sure works when properly applied to teach a wholesome respect for authority.




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