All across the nation today, or at least, in Los Angeles, Atlanta and possibly Phoenix, High School students staged walk outs protesting the proposed policy on Illegal Immigration being made a felony.


WHAT? You mean it isn’t already?


Reminiscent of College students in the 1960s staging their rallies to protest everything from the war in Viet Nam to School policies on Coed Dorms, we now have High School students, mostly who must be underage, deciding they don’t need to follow rules and just walking out of class to protest something they obviously know little about.


No one I know of is advocating stopping immigration into America. After all, we are all descendants of immigrants from somewhere else, mostly Europe. Like every other nation, including Mexico, we have laws to follow for immigrants to come into the country legally. Millions have followed those laws and today are Naturalized American Citizens.  Millions of others have not followed the law and came across the borders illegally and are a drain on our society, doing menial labor for slave wages and contributing little else to our society as the bulk of their earnings are sent back to their host country.


Somehow, out of the goodness of American society, several are entitled to collect benefits while here, such as food stamps and free medical. According to some sources, some have even been allowed to register to vote and may have cast ballots deciding such matters as tax entitlement programs (which they receive but pay nothing or little towards) and even helped select who our leaders and other politicians may be.


With many decrying our economy slipping and going into a shambles, even though economic indicators say different, large drains should be curbed, I feel. As in the case of these ILLEGALS, unscrupulous employers who only wish to pay very little to workers and give them no benefits or decent working conditions may be paying many under the table. Paid as such, taxes are not collected from their pay to contribute to the Federal Funds that pay for the above-mentioned programs. Just a couple years ago, I read that it was estimated Illegal Immigrants sent some $25 Billion back to Mexico alone each year. That is $25 Billion of American dollars not being circulated within our own economy, a year.


It was reported that about 500 High School students parched down the streets of Los Angeles (after ducking class, class that we pay for with our tax dollars so they won’t have to pay for an education, by the way) with several waving Mexican Flags. It was also reported that they visited two other schools in an attempt to encourage more teens to duck out of their free Public Education classes and join them in waving Mexican Flags.


Whatever happened to Truant Officers? If our laws mandate that children must attend schools, why are they not required to stay in class and not just come and go as they please?


And, waving Mexican Flags? Maybe the public should wake up to the workings of groups like MEChA, a radical Mexican group dedicated to forcibly returning the Southwest United States back to Mexico. In many of their outbursts, the cry of “Go back to Europe, White People” may be prominently heard, often in excellent English and by young descendants of third or fourth generation Mexican immigrants, but who came here legally. Maybe they should stop and think about that, since they are also descendants of the European Spanish that conquered the indigenous Indians of what is today called Mexico. Before they demand the return of nearly one third of the United States of America to them, maybe it is they who should join in return to their European roots first.


It is said that Illegals take and do jobs Americans refuse to do. No doubt this is so. But why should it be? Is there a reason those drawing welfare and unemployment for extended periods of time cannot go work the fields or do menial labor? Is there a valid reason High School Students cannot also do the same, during summer break? We used to do so. Have we gotten so spoiled that good old-fashioned work is beneath us? Maybe so.


And what of the Illegals that take these underpaying jobs? As I said above, many are in no position to complain and have to settle for unsafe conditions as well as substandard pay, with no benefits. Some opposing curbing Illegal Immigration have told me that since I advocate stopping it, then I better be prepared to pay $10 for a head of lettuce. I thought it was we evil conservatives that worried about money, not liberals. Yet, that is what I have been repeatedly told. Let’s see, substandard pay, no benefits, unsafe working conditions and possibly mistreatment at the hands of unscrupulous employers. Sounds a lot to me like the way the South was said to mistreat Black slaves. Do we need another slave class just to buy lettuce cheaper?


President Bush advocates a Guest Worker Program. I have no problem with that, other than granting upwards of 12 million Illegals already in the country amnesty. Sorry, but if you are breaking our laws, you should be prosecuted, just as we would be if we broke the laws of your country while there. So okay, let’s set up a Guest Worker program and allow the poor from Mexico (or wherever) to legally come to America and work. Since the workers would be here by Federal permission, unscrupulous employers would be monitored to treat these people right and pay them fairly. Even if they were allowed to pay les than minimum wage, it would be watched over by the government (hopefully better than other government programs have been). We would also have a good idea of who was where and those driving could have legal drivers license as well as insurance to cover them in case they cause accidents, something many run from today and leave an American citizen left injured and with no recompense after an auto accident. Above all, it would regulate who comes across where and free up our limited Border Patrol Agents to be able to monitor the borders more for terrorists sneaking into the country. Who knows, maybe we could even twist Vincente Fox’s arm to contribute something that would actually benefit his people instead of himself.


Maybe it could even help convince High School students who barely have a clue about the world yet, in spite of their thinking different, that they are privileged to be a nation that gives them a free education and encourage them to remain in class and take advantage of that free education. Were they to live in Mexico, the country they seem to feel has better conditions and opportunities, I doubt they would have that privilege and it could possibly be them starving and seeking a way to come across the border to feed a struggling family their own government doesn’t give a damn about.




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