Debate rages over media’s role in Iraq war



Debate rages over media’s role in Iraq war – Nightly News with Brian Williams –

Well, here they come, crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches. For some time now, several people have mentioned the leftstream media’s complicity in events in the Iraqi battle of the War on Terror. Today, President Bush, in his news conference, stated, “They’re capable of blowing up innocent life so it ends up on your TV show.”

To the looney media manipulating us all this comes across as being told, "it’s all your fault." I see the President cautioning the media about slanted coverage of the war and being played by terrorists, who have learned the lesson of Viet Nam very well. That lesson being, give the American people nightly views of the destruction and mayhem of war and never show positive progress and they will tire of the war and leave it unfinished.


This is a tactic discovered and used very effectively by General Vo Nguyen Giap, Commanding General of the North Vietnamese Forces during that war. After his decisive defeat in his Tet of 68 offensive, as he was considering negotiating a surrender, he heard the likes of Walter Cronkite declare he had actually won the offensive, when in fact, his forces were decimated and the Viet Cong ceased to be an effective force against the American Military.


We now have the same leftstream media, even though with some different reporters (and I use that term loosely) falling for the same tactics used by the North Vietnamese and sadly to say, some even appear to align themselves with our enemy.


The majority of returning troops state that what they read in the media and see on TV has no bearing on anything they experienced during their tours. They mention the positive effects their service has had on the Iraqi people, schools being reopened, services restored, some getting these basic services for the first time. Yet, they see no mention of this, just reports of total mayhem and even alleged atrocities, making it appear as if every soldier there is committing them.


Sort of reminds me of John ‘F’in sKerry and his infamous tirade of bull crap before the Fulbright Commission in 1971 accusing American Forces of being war criminals, monsters and such (and he wonders why so few Viet Nam Veterans supported his grab at the White House?).


So here we are, 30 odd years later in another bloody conflict and one much more important than Viet Nam was and what do we see? Just the same old same old crapola from our leftist socialist media.


Says George Packer, author of "The Assasins Gate," "I think they may well be laying the groundwork for a kind of ‘who lost Iraq strategy’ if and when American forces have to withdraw.”


No, Mr. Packer. We on the right who support the President and wish to see a viable democracy given a decent chance in Iraq, are merely trying desparately to open the eyes of the leftist media to the harm they are doing. We are not "Pro-War," as many socialist anti-war whiners assert, we are actually "Pro-Freedom." Freedom for all, not just the left leaning socialist elite.


Packer also says it is a familar tactic. Tactic? Mr. Packer, we see the likes of people like Barbara Streisand and Richard Belker who state they know more about the war than those fighting it. What sort of tactic is it for the anti-war loons, who won’t go near the battles, to state they know more about it? And why do they think they know more? Because, as Mr. Belker recently said, they read the leftist news sources. Ludicrous, sir, just ludicrous.


So here we have it, again. The media has been cautioned and see it as an attack on their freedom. Of course, they hate the blogosphere because we dare expose their hypocrisy and their assumption of eliteness. Most of us aren’t ‘journalists,’ just working people fed up with not being given honest news, but being fed op-eds from socialists desguised as news reports.


They claim Bush is trying to shore up support for an unpopular war. They neglect to mention their extremely slanted reports against the war because they want their candidates of choice in power.


Had we had these media hounds reporting during WW2 on D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge, Nazis might well still have a strangle hold on Europe if not inside America as well.


When and if these news hounds ever wake up and open their eyes, maybe we can get the support needed to finish this war and defeat a gruesome enemy. An enemy hell-bent on destroying even the elitist leftstream media types whining about the war.



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