Bush ratings keep falling or YAWN!!!!



NBC/WSJ poll: Bush ratings keep falling – Politics – MSNBC.com


A big Yawn is right. Every week we read the same old message, "Bush polls lower than ever." I guess they poll people inside the LA Times or New York Times every week, but all we read is the numbers are lower than ever. Let’s look a bit.


According to the poll, only 37 percent approve of Bush’s job performance — his lowest mark ever in the survey.


Wasn’t it just a week or two ago, the "polls" we reported as being at only 32%? According to that, his approval rating is up by 5%, hardly the "lowest ever."


58 percent believe Bush is facing a long-term setback from which he’s unlikely to improve.


Have they noticed that Bush cannot be re-elected? What is there he’s unlikely to improve? Another poll? Hell, Bush is so hated within our leftstream media, if his true polling numbers hit 98%, the alphabet media would spin it smoehow to print he had only two percent.


Some reasons given for this "new all time low;"


Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a hunting companion in the face at a South Texas ranch, which created a weeklong distraction for the White House. Soon after, voters and Congress became furious at the news that the administration approved a ports sale to a United Arab Emirates state-run firm; the deal was later scuttled. And then a wave of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites erupted in Iraq.


1. A "hunting accident is just that, a hunting accident. Bush wasn’t even there, but he is somehow tied to a simple accident he had nothing to do with?


2. The only "fury" I witnessed over the Dubai Port deal was amongst Democrat members of Congress eager to appear for National Security all of a sudden and sheeple who fell for the tripe printed about the deal in the leftstream media in an effort to scuttle the Bush Presidency.


3. Sectarian violence? Wasn’t this the predicted Civil War the left has been eagerly awaiting that never happened?


Buried in the article we find what is really at the heart of it all;


Looking ahead to the midterm elections in November, the poll shows that 50 percent prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress versus 37 percent who want it controlled by Republicans.


There you have it, another leftwing hit piece designed to convince the voting public that the entire nation is against Bush and Republicans. Also buried was that only 1005 people were polled, hardly representative of well over one billion people.


As always, elections are soon to be held so the very left leaning media, who overwhelmingly supports the left, apparently is once again manufacturing news to sway public opinion such as to help the leftist Democrats regain control of the Country.


Where are the Democrat candiates ideas on how to improve America? Where are the values they wish to guide the country by? Where is the suggestions to advance America? Nowhere!


Democrats have only one agenda being fronted by the Socialist leftwing media, GET RID OF BUSH!!!!!! That appears to be the Party Platform, nothing else.


Print against everything Bush does, spin everything to make it appear he is inept and responsible for whatever ails the voters. Blame one man for every problem in existence. Accuse him of what others are openly guilty of. That is the new Democrat platform for 2006.


It doesn’t matter we are at war, a long war that truly means the survival of our country. Nevermind unemployment is the lowest at anytime in modern history. Nevermind the economy is robust and the treasury is collecting more taxes than in a long time, thanks to long over due and well needed tax cuts to everyone! No, the agenda is to take over America, place it under the Socialism that has infected a once great party.


I, for one, am glad we have a President who doesn’t give a damn about polls. He leads by what he feels is right and uses good old down home common sense, not what the left leaning alphabet media says should be happening.


As Winston Churchill once said, "Doing your best isn’t always good enough. Sometimes, you have to do what is right." To me, BUsh has been doing what is right and what has been needed for a very long time to return America to her rightful stature as the most freedom loving country ever on the face of the planet.


President Bush. Keep leading, sir. The hell with the leftstream media and their manufactured polls.






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