American Arrogance May Hurt


As we all know, the UAE Ports deal is all but dead. Many take great pleasure in this without thinking of the repercussions. I fear the Democrats have latched onto this to appear security conscious when in reality, they have hurt us more than helped.


Since it is a British company DP World is purchasing to load and unload containers in six US ports and Britain seems to have no problem with it, I fail to understand Republicans latching on to this and acting like the UAE company would take over port security. That is, has and will be retained by the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol.


So now, House Republicans have basically flexed their muscles and ripped the rug out from under the President. Dubai has threatened to stop a $9 billion deal to purchase Boeing aircraft as well as to either cool relations or stop allowing US ships, including our Middle East Naval Fleet, to dock there. After all, if they can’t be trusted, why should they allow us to use their facilities?


The Boeing deal could really put a damper in the US economy when Airbus has an airplane that would also suit their needs. Way to go, RINOs.


Many now are jumping for joy over this without thinking. Republicans have shown the public they are splintered and narrow-minded, possibly costing control of the House to return to Democrats (something I think Democrats hoped for all along).


In the mean time, we have alienated an important ally in the War on Terror and possibly lost a major hub in the Middle East when we need them the most. But, what scares me the most on this is that we may have seen the first phase of the American surrender in the War on Terror. Why would they continue to help us if we don’t trust them? We endlessly bash their religious beliefs and announce they aren’t trustworthy enough to load and unload ships and also expect, no, demand they help us.


In war, you take help where you can get it and this is the most important war the world has seen yet. America, regardless of our arrogance, cannot go it alone. Arrogance has never won battles, just lost lives.



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