House panel votes to block port deal



House panel votes to block port deal – U.S. Security –


I never thought I’d see Republicans acting like this, but they sure have. I guess the 45 day investigation delay they wished wasn’t enhough, they just buy into the canard floated by the Democrats and try to make themselves appear security minded instead of just standing up and telling Americans the truth, the deal has absolutely nothing to do with security.


Grandstanding and tying this to an appropriations bill needed to fund our military engaged in the War on Terror is doubly troublesome, to me. That’s an old Liberal trick to hold the President hostage and make them appear anti-Military if they veto the bill to stop the nefarious acts of Congress.


More amazing to me is remarks from Congressmen that show me they are suffereing from a cranial/rectal inversion disorder. They could at least study the deal before making outrageous remarks such as;


“One of the most vulnerable situations facing America is our ports of entry,” said Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla., chairman of the House defense appropriations subcommittee. “Whoever’s responsible for those ports of entry should be American.”


Just which American companies have been blocked from responsibility, Mr. Young? Do you also advocate the removal of the 80% of foreign compnay operation in our ports also? Or, do you just buy into the Arabophobia because this is a United Arab Emirates company?


Does it matter that we currently have our entire Naval Fleet in the Middle East serviced ar Dubai ports? Does it matter that since 9-11 they have been very helpful in the WoT? Does it matter that we are seeking and demanding cooperation and partnerships with Arabs in the WoT, expecting them to stand alongside us in the fight, yet we tell them they cannot be trusted to own a company that loads and unloads ships in six of our ports?


What a brilliant way to lose the War on Terror and push Arabs away from helping us. Not only do we bash their very beliefs and consider all of them terrorists, now we decide to give way to Democrat hysteria over a non-existant security issue and deny them to operate in our ports now that they may own the company. Seems no one has had a problem with their operation when they didn’t own the company, only when they bought out P&O.


Some quotes directly from the Department of Homeland Security;


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP): CBP’s mission is to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States by eliminating potential threats before they arrive at our borders and ports.

CBP uses intelligence and a risk-based strategy to screen information on 100% of cargo before it is loaded onto vessels destined for the United States. All cargo that is identified as high risk is inspected, either at the foreign port or upon arrival into the U.S.


Port Authority: An entity of a local, state or national government that owns, manages and maintains the physical infrastructure of a port (seaport, airport or bus terminal) to include wharf, docks, piers, transit sheds, loading equipment and warehouses.


DP World will not, nor will any other terminal operator, control, operate or manage any United States port. DP World will only operate and manage specific, individual terminals located within six ports.


Additionally, our spineless Congresscritters that claim membership in the Republican Party may have just handed the Democrats the reigns of control back. They have shown the public that the Republicans are a splintered party who cannot agree or manage a simple investigation. Like little whiny babies, they have fallen for the Democrats trick and made themselves lose public face and possibly the support of an important Arab ally in the War on Terror.


Anybody that knows, please direct me to where the Conservatives have amassed.





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