Barbara Streisand : Fooling People Again

Yes, old Babs, the venerable and laughable diva of leftwing lunacy is once again calling for President Bush’s impeachment. Seems like other lockstep members of the lunatic left, Ol Babs is frothing at the mouth in hopes to find something, anything, to make charges of impeachment stick against Bush.


In her latest tirade on her own web site, she now posts under the title “Fooled Again,” calls for impeaching the President because of “Portgate.” While Ms. Streisand may have once been a very talented woman with an unbelievable voice, her cat calls now sound too much like chalk being dragged across an old school blackboard. She states;


First, Bush ignored clear warnings before 9/11 about an impending terrorist attack.


“Clear Warnings?” I well remember the weeks leading up to 9-11 and the warnings of an impending terrorist attack were given, for OVERSEAS, just as they always had been. Still, hasn’t she heard of Able Danger? The secret unit that did connect the dots DURING THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION yet was prevented from sharing the information due to the wall erected between agencies by Jamie Gorelick, a member of the Clinton Administration.


This so-called “clear warning” consisted of a memo stating that there was probably a terrorist attack coming and as always, overseas is where it was assumed to be. Still, let’s say Bush took decisive actions and grounded America’s fleet of aircraft on 9-10. Would he receive thanks from Ol Babs? Hell no! She would be at the fore demanding his head for forcing airlines to lose millions of dollars over no impending attack. Since grounding would have prevented the attack, if it had been known, the calls would be for his head over needless grounding of aircraft and instilling fear in Americans.


He then lied to the public about the presence of WMDs in Iraq and rushed to unilaterally invade the country after promising to work with the United Nations.


Jeeez, Babs. Getting Alzheimer’s? Hasn’t she heard of all the Democrats that also stated WMDs were in Iraq, years before bush was even elected? Hasn’t she been listening to those coming forward stating they were moved to Syria by the Russians? Not conspiracy theories this time, but bonafide reports from well placed people outside Bush’s administration.


“Invading Iraq Unilaterally?” Did she somehow miss the 30 odd nations contributing to the effort? Hasn’t she ever heard of Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan and such? Several more lent their support where they could and even though she likes to claim Bush ignored the UN, she refuses to even consider UN Resolution 1441. Guess facts do tend to confuse those filled with hatred.


Regardless, Bush did not even need Resolution 1441 to return troops to Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein. There was a Cease Fire signed at the end of the First Gulf War and since Saddam was not living up to his agreement that ended the shooting then, we had every right to resume hostilities to enforce the agreement he agreed to.


Try getting some education, Babs. It will help.


Bush and his administration have yet to capture Osama bin Laden, the person responsible for 9/11.


As if Osama’s capture will end world terrorism? He will be caught in time. That is, if he isn’t already dead. Besides, didn’t Madeline Albright float a rumor that Bush had him on ice just before the last elections in 2004?


Relax, Babs. Osama isn’t of much concern penned up in caves in Afghanistan, if he is even alive.


The Republican majority continued to be silent during the President’s horrible mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina


And what was Bush to do? Stand on the gulf banks and wave off a hurricane? If there was any mismanagement in New Orleans, it began with the Mayor and the Governor, not Bush. Growing up in Hurricane Alley myself, the first responders are those who pull themselves out of the wreckage with the next being state and local officials.


BTW, Babs, how many buses did Mayor Nagin let sit idle while people were so destitute in the Superdome? 500? Why did the Mayor not utilize those buses to evacuate people before the hurricane, like Bush called down and asked him to do?


They turned their back when the President appointed inexperienced inept buddies to the most important government positions.


Would this “inexperienced inept buddy” be none other than Michael Brown, the new darling of the left? Isn’t he the one you are now calling a “victim” of Bush as his “scapegoat?” Seems he’s not so inept when you wish to use him to embarrass Bush, huh?


They looked in the other direction when their fellow Republican leaders came under indictment for fraud and corruption.


And, what are they supposed to do? Simply write someone off before any trial ort conviction? Is that what you lunatic leftists did with all the indictments and convictions from the Clinton administration? No. Seems to me, the Special Prosecutor then, Ken Starr, was vilified as demonic and rabid Republican hack.


Seems I fail to remember Babs outrage at Sandy Berger ‘accidentally’ walking out of the National Archives with over 90 pages of classified documents stuffed in his pants and the subsequent ‘accidental’ shredding of several.


Guess it depends on who’s being indicted.


they continued to do nothing as the President trampled on the American public’s most basic rights by wiretapping phone lines and conducting warrantless searches ouside of the congressionally mandated rules of the Federal Court.


Hey Babs, Congress does not mandate Presidential Powers. The Constitution does that and Bush had the same power granted to him to conduct those eavesdropping of foreign calls to people within the country by suspected terrorists as did Presidents Clinton and Carter. In fact, it was the Democrat Carter administration that made them allowable in the first place.


Do get a grip, Babs. I realize your life has been in fantasy in the movies, but we are talking real life here, not a movie.


the Adminstration disclosed that they are in the midst of closing a $6.8 billion deal to give a company owned by the United Arab Emirates management of six American ports


Babs, Babs, Babs. The administration isn’t closing anything. This is a business buy out between a British company and a United Arabs Emirate company. It is not over managing ports, but managing a few terminals at the ports. Terminals that are already being operated by a foreign company.


As we look more and more at her rant, the depth of her hatred becomes more and more apparent, as does her obviously having drunk heavily of the lunatic left kool aid.


the Bush Administration is trying to quietly slip this port security deal under the radar


LOL, Babs. How wrong can one old lady be? DP World does not supply security, the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol does. No changes in security will happen and after some initial misgivings, the US Coast Guard has stated the deal would not hinder our port security at all.


The arrogance of this C student who maligns his opponents’ crediblity by calling them flip floppers


“C Student?” Oh Babs, even you should be able to read. IQ wise, Bush bested Kerry in the last election. What were your grades, Babs? A little slander to wet the appetite of hatred?


our country should not be outsourcing the management of 6 major ports to countries with terrorist affiliations.


9 posts have terminals managed by Saudi companies. You seem to have no problem there. Communist China operates several port terminals on the West coast today. You have no problem with them, apparently. Guess your own Communist leanings may account for that?


Again, terminals within a port are not managing the port itself.  By the way, check this out from CNN: Israeli shipper endorses DB World. Shouldn’t they be the ones most worried?

Surely, during war time, when anti-American sentiment is at its highest and terrorist breeding grounds are rampant throughout the Middle East, a ‘robust global trading system’ must not be more important to the President than protecting the lives of the American people.

Oh really? You realized finally we are at war? I thought you all over there on the left didn’t support this war? Oh yes, where you say, “protecting the lives of the American people.” Did you forget you were just complaining that the Bush administration was intercepting calls from terrorists to people within our borders in efforts to prevent another attack? You can’t have it both ways, Babs.

While you have constitutionally protected freedom to make as big an ass out of yourself as you wish, your “facts” are severely lacking in factual matter. You may have been one very talented woman once, but formulating public opinion isn’t quite your forte’.

Oh yes, weren’t you one who warned if Bush were elected, you would have to flee the country? Since he was elected, not once, but twice, is their some reason for your departure to be delayed? Or, as I suspect, was that just another example of your honesty?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Bush to be impeached or for your darling Democrats to regain power so you all can continue selling the country out to Socialist Communism. Besides, if you had any real political knowledge, dear, you would realize that if you ever succeeded in impeaching Bush you would end with Cheney in office. Last I heard, ya’ll hate him worse than you do Bush.

Wallow in your millions of dollars on your shoreline mansion while we common people work for a living and share goals of freedom with the oppressed. Don’t worry, simple common people like me have been willing to commit horrible acts while pampered leftists like yourself just sit idly by and bitch, for a very long time. And, we will continue to do so.

Rant away, Babs. But don’t be surprised as people as me stand up and exercise our freedom of speech to expose you for the lunatic you have become.




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