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Kentucky boy, 13, charged with threatening President Bush

March 30, 2006

From the Associated Press, we read the headlines of this 13 year old being charged with issuing a threat against the President. However, in the article, it states, “On Wednesday, Cloyd told the Cincinnati Enquirer the student did not make a direct threat against Bush. Instead, the teen is charged with terroristic threatening for the alleged threat against the school, Cloyd said Wednesday.” It also appears the Associated Press decided to sensationalize a headline a bit just to entice us to read it. Imagine that.


Apparently, he did not actually make any threats against Bush, but made threats against the city of Florence and a school. Okay, bad enough, for sure.


Police, FBI and the Secret Service have all investigated this young man and still hold him in custody. The investigation turned up nothing to indicate he actually planned on carrying out the threats. Still, he is in custody and taxpayers money is being spent, as it has been for the investigation, to house and care for him.


In reality, I am of the opinion that this 13 year-old is long past due a trip out behind the woodshed where he should be meeting up with a long overdue attitude adjustment from his father.


It may be looked upon as child abuse today, but it sure did do a lot of us a lot of good when we were youngsters and felt like we had reached manhood. If nothing else, we learned from it that it is best to keep our mouths shut at times.


Stop wasting taxpayers money and give the Dad a leather belt and if necessary, instructions on how to use it. As mean as it may sound, it sure works when properly applied to teach a wholesome respect for authority.




Democrats pledge to ‘eliminate’ Osama bin Laden

March 29, 2006

Here we go, folks, the Democrats have decided to look tough and now claim they are all for National Security, after fighting President Bush every step of the way ever since 9-11. Imagine, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, bastions of the lunatic left now want us to believe they are tough guys ready to fight for our freedom.


The Democrats, in an effort to copy Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, which swept Republicans into the House and Senate in 1994, are releasing their own National Security “contract.” Amongst promises are;


[A] promise to ”eliminate” Osama bin Laden and ensure a ”responsible redeployment of U.S. forces” from Iraq in 2006.


This is almost too funny. Wasn’t it a Democrat led Administration that couldn’t find the Olympic Bomber for several years? And, within our own country? What is most notably lacking in their “promise” is anything specific on just how they plan to “eliminate Osama Bin Ladin.”


I also ask, just what is a “responsible redeployment of U.S. Forces from Iraq in 2006?” They also claim to not be setting a deadline and that we must keep troops in Iraq until the Iraqi Military can defend itself, just as President Bush is now doing. But, isn’t”redeployment” moving troops to another location? It was when I was in the Army.


The article goes on to say, “Democrats say they will double the number of Special Forces and add more spies, which they suggest will increase the chances of finding al-Qaida’s elusive leader.”


Double the number of Special Forces? How? Aren’t they also claiming elsewhere that Bush’s War in Iraq has cost the Military to miss their enlistment goals every year? Hmmm. Could they be planning on reinstituting the dreaded draft? I don’t see any other way to accomplish what they say they will do other than another Democrat push are reinstating the draft.


They also state doing this would “increase the chances of finding Bin Ladin.” Wait a minute; didn’t they start off PROMISING TO ELIMINATE Bin Lading? Now, within the same article, it’s only an “increased chance?” Democrats sure do love double speak, don’t they?


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev, said, ”We’re uniting behind a national security agenda that is tough and smart and will provide the real security George Bush has promised but failed to deliver.” Isn’t this the same Harry Reid that has complained about every security measure Bush has instituted? Including what they called a “Domestic Eavesdropping Program?” It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t that at all, Reid couldn’t wait to bash Bush over actual security measures that apparently have worked, as we haven’t had another terrorist attack on our soil yet. Eventually, yes, it will happen again, especially if we fall for weak-kneed hollow promises from those that decimated our spy programs and Military over several decades since Viet Nam.


Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York said, ”The Democrats are going to take back the security issue.”


There it is. This call for National Security isn’t a toughening or support plan at all. It’s just another power grab scheme by Democrats thirsty for the power they lost after decades of leading the country down the drain.


Sadly, Republicans in Congress haven’t been much better. They too haven’t supported President Bush as much as they could and have several times now leaned over the aisle to join hands with Democrats against Bush on issues. Spineless Republicans might just allow voters to believe Democrats actually have a plan.


Remember John ‘F’in Kerry’s plans during the 2004 campaign? Right, neither do I. I do remember him saying he had them and all we needed to do was elect him to hear them. This latest in hollow promises without any specifics appears to me to be a duplicate of Kerry’s failed campaign. “Just elect us and we will reveal how we plan to do it.” Unfortunately, once elected, they get to remain there long enough for us to surrender, as Democrats led us to in Viet Nam and abandon a struggling ally again.


Democrats led us into worldwide shame and opened the doors for every two-bit dictator to rattle a sword and make us pee our pants. At least, Democrats do. Democrats sold freedom out once before and I’m afraid that is their real plan again. We cannot afford to let Iraq go the way of Viet Nam and show the world that the lone Super Power is exactly what China said we were after we abandoned our allies in South Viet Nam. A Paper Tiger.


Don’t fall for this latest glib talk. Select Representatives in D.C. that truly will stand up to terror and do what is needed to ensure America remains free and gives the Iraqis a decent chance at that same freedom.




AP Article:

Charlie Sheen vs Zacarias Moussaoui

March 27, 2006

Recently, Charlie Sheen, world renowned expert on terrorism and terrorist attacks, (okay, just an actor) was interviewed by Alex Jones, some radio host on some program I never listen to and apparently, few others do either. On this program, Sheen espoused his expertise at identifying and exposing the conspiracy behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.


Sheen is quoted as saying, "Call me insane, but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?"


Sheen also said, "It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets: that feels like a conspiracy theory,"


Additionally, Sheen proceeded to say, “Because you start talking about this even with conservative Republicans, and they can’t really debate away some of the most obvious facts of that day.”


Obvious facts? Such as eyewitnesses and TV cameras? No, of course not. They apparently are unreliable when you wish to poison public opinion by claiming a conspiracy was involved and it was perpetrated by our own government.


In support of his conspiracy, he went on to say, “I saw the South Tower hit live — that famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building and then we see the tremendous fireball — and it was there was a feeling that it just didn’t look, how do I say this, it didn’t like any commercial jetliner that I’ve flown on anytime in my life. And then the buildings came down.”


It didn’t look like any commercial jetliner he has ever flown? Or, it didn’t look like any commercial jetliner he has ever flown on sober? I think Charlie Sheens alcohol and drug use in the past have been pretty widely known throughout Hollyweird, so was he looking at aircraft through a drug-induced stupor? Only Charlie can answer that one.


Charlie and Alex went on to reveal many more conspiracy secrets and ramblings, but no need to bore anyone with all of them, we get the picture that they feel no aircraft were flown into the buildings, especially the Pentagon and terrorists could not have high jacked any aircraft with box cutters.


So, does their theory hold any water? Could it hold any water? Before we ask Elvis at his next sighting, let’s look at someone else and their admissions just today. Enter Zacarias Moussaoui, alleged to be the 20th Highjacker and recently admitted his guilt in court as to being part of an Al Qaeda plot to attack America.


Against his attorney’s advice, Moussaoui decided to testify during the penalty phase of his trial. Amongst the many things he said and admitted to, he said that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House. He also said that he knew the World Trade Center attack was coming and he lied to investigators when arrested in August 2001 because he wanted it to happen. He went on to claim he even purchases a radio so as to listen in as the events unfolded and cheer them on.


Of course, Moussaoui’s attorney’s claim he is incompetent, that’s to be expected. If what he now says if true, doesn’t it sort of cast a dim light on Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones claims of a massive conspiracy and cover-up? I have to say yes; unless we are to now believe that Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Ladin are truly an operation funded by and launched the Republicans under the control of Karl Rove and George W. Bush. Any of these lefty loons come out and claim that one and we will see, once and for all time, just what fruitcakes they really are.


The last I heard, Moussaoui is not a Republican nor is even a Democrat, just a terrorist. He has made his intentions known and we now know that he had prior knowledge of the events of 9-11 that, had he stated them, might have prevented 3,000 innocent deaths.


What sentence he will get remains to be seen. It will either be life in prison or the death penalty. That’s out of my hands, naturally, but I would vote for death, myself.


In an unbelievably odd twist this evening, MSNBC ran an unscientific poll asking is Moussaoui’s testimony was credible. Shockingly, well, maybe not, considering the popularity of Hollyweird’s finest, even though they continually show they haven’t a clue about the real world, 52% of over 14,000 respondents say NO! They do not find his testimony credible.


I guess a good old conspiracy theory is just what the doctor ordered so the hatred of Bush and the Republicans can continue by the Liberal Democrats.


As for Charlie Sheen, earlier, he started his interview with, “Call me insane.” Okay, Charlie, you are insane. Credible or not, Moussaoui shows you to be. Either that or you may still be in need of rehab.


And they wonder why their box office receipts just keep going down and down.



More Marches in Support of Illegal Immigration

March 25, 2006

Oh yeah, let’s march and protest against upholding our laws against illegal immigrants. Makes sense to me.


I was shocked to see that illegally entering the country wasn’t a felony and efforts to declare it a felony has sparked all this outrage.


Down in L.A. Elger Aloy, 26, of Riverside, a premed student, pushed a stroller with his 8-month-old son at Saturday’s Los Angeles march. “I think it’s just inhumane. … Everybody deserves the right to a better life,” Aloy said of the legislation.


Any bets Senior Aloy is against the War being waged in Iraq ousting the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein and helping those people better their lives by instituting a Free Democracy?


MEChA, a radical Mexican group favoring returning the Southwestern United States (actually, virtually all of the West Coast) to Mexican Sovereignty is deeply involved in this mess, I’m sure.


For sake of argument, let’s say we do return the land to Mexico. Will that end anything? No! Do they actually think large corporations and American people will just hand everything over to them and keep doing business as usual? I know I won’t.


Give it all back to Mexico and where do they think their tax dollars will come from and food stamps and free medical? Mexico? Vicente Fox can’t care for the people he has now, that’s why he sends them to us and let’s them drain our systems. Is he prepared for millions more doing little and demanding more?


I see no reason America would even think about spending precious tax dollars on them, either. Since it would be Mexico, let them pay their own way.


Every nation has immigration laws. Mexico itself keeps troops on it’s Southern Border discouraging Guatemalan immigration yet, sends their people to us, illegally, expecting our welfare system to support them while they take menial jobs and ultimately, send that money back to Mexico for their families and uses it to bolster the failed economy there.


Those opposing enforcement of immigration laws and advocating the return of the Western US to Mexico should be careful. One day, they just may get what they ask for and then be on their own, without the support and taxes of Uncle Sugar elevating them.


As for MEChA members demanding the return of the Western States, maybe they should read their history. Instead of demanding Americans leave and return to Europe, shouldn’t they first leave and return to Spain (also Europe, last I heard) and give Mexico back to the indigenous Indians that explorers like Cortez stole it from?


For Liberals supporting this latest ongoing round of lunacy, you are obviously suffering from a bout of cranial anal inversion. Time to wake up and smell the menudo, friends.





March 24, 2006

All across the nation today, or at least, in Los Angeles, Atlanta and possibly Phoenix, High School students staged walk outs protesting the proposed policy on Illegal Immigration being made a felony.


WHAT? You mean it isn’t already?


Reminiscent of College students in the 1960s staging their rallies to protest everything from the war in Viet Nam to School policies on Coed Dorms, we now have High School students, mostly who must be underage, deciding they don’t need to follow rules and just walking out of class to protest something they obviously know little about.


No one I know of is advocating stopping immigration into America. After all, we are all descendants of immigrants from somewhere else, mostly Europe. Like every other nation, including Mexico, we have laws to follow for immigrants to come into the country legally. Millions have followed those laws and today are Naturalized American Citizens.  Millions of others have not followed the law and came across the borders illegally and are a drain on our society, doing menial labor for slave wages and contributing little else to our society as the bulk of their earnings are sent back to their host country.


Somehow, out of the goodness of American society, several are entitled to collect benefits while here, such as food stamps and free medical. According to some sources, some have even been allowed to register to vote and may have cast ballots deciding such matters as tax entitlement programs (which they receive but pay nothing or little towards) and even helped select who our leaders and other politicians may be.


With many decrying our economy slipping and going into a shambles, even though economic indicators say different, large drains should be curbed, I feel. As in the case of these ILLEGALS, unscrupulous employers who only wish to pay very little to workers and give them no benefits or decent working conditions may be paying many under the table. Paid as such, taxes are not collected from their pay to contribute to the Federal Funds that pay for the above-mentioned programs. Just a couple years ago, I read that it was estimated Illegal Immigrants sent some $25 Billion back to Mexico alone each year. That is $25 Billion of American dollars not being circulated within our own economy, a year.


It was reported that about 500 High School students parched down the streets of Los Angeles (after ducking class, class that we pay for with our tax dollars so they won’t have to pay for an education, by the way) with several waving Mexican Flags. It was also reported that they visited two other schools in an attempt to encourage more teens to duck out of their free Public Education classes and join them in waving Mexican Flags.


Whatever happened to Truant Officers? If our laws mandate that children must attend schools, why are they not required to stay in class and not just come and go as they please?


And, waving Mexican Flags? Maybe the public should wake up to the workings of groups like MEChA, a radical Mexican group dedicated to forcibly returning the Southwest United States back to Mexico. In many of their outbursts, the cry of “Go back to Europe, White People” may be prominently heard, often in excellent English and by young descendants of third or fourth generation Mexican immigrants, but who came here legally. Maybe they should stop and think about that, since they are also descendants of the European Spanish that conquered the indigenous Indians of what is today called Mexico. Before they demand the return of nearly one third of the United States of America to them, maybe it is they who should join in return to their European roots first.


It is said that Illegals take and do jobs Americans refuse to do. No doubt this is so. But why should it be? Is there a reason those drawing welfare and unemployment for extended periods of time cannot go work the fields or do menial labor? Is there a valid reason High School Students cannot also do the same, during summer break? We used to do so. Have we gotten so spoiled that good old-fashioned work is beneath us? Maybe so.


And what of the Illegals that take these underpaying jobs? As I said above, many are in no position to complain and have to settle for unsafe conditions as well as substandard pay, with no benefits. Some opposing curbing Illegal Immigration have told me that since I advocate stopping it, then I better be prepared to pay $10 for a head of lettuce. I thought it was we evil conservatives that worried about money, not liberals. Yet, that is what I have been repeatedly told. Let’s see, substandard pay, no benefits, unsafe working conditions and possibly mistreatment at the hands of unscrupulous employers. Sounds a lot to me like the way the South was said to mistreat Black slaves. Do we need another slave class just to buy lettuce cheaper?


President Bush advocates a Guest Worker Program. I have no problem with that, other than granting upwards of 12 million Illegals already in the country amnesty. Sorry, but if you are breaking our laws, you should be prosecuted, just as we would be if we broke the laws of your country while there. So okay, let’s set up a Guest Worker program and allow the poor from Mexico (or wherever) to legally come to America and work. Since the workers would be here by Federal permission, unscrupulous employers would be monitored to treat these people right and pay them fairly. Even if they were allowed to pay les than minimum wage, it would be watched over by the government (hopefully better than other government programs have been). We would also have a good idea of who was where and those driving could have legal drivers license as well as insurance to cover them in case they cause accidents, something many run from today and leave an American citizen left injured and with no recompense after an auto accident. Above all, it would regulate who comes across where and free up our limited Border Patrol Agents to be able to monitor the borders more for terrorists sneaking into the country. Who knows, maybe we could even twist Vincente Fox’s arm to contribute something that would actually benefit his people instead of himself.


Maybe it could even help convince High School students who barely have a clue about the world yet, in spite of their thinking different, that they are privileged to be a nation that gives them a free education and encourage them to remain in class and take advantage of that free education. Were they to live in Mexico, the country they seem to feel has better conditions and opportunities, I doubt they would have that privilege and it could possibly be them starving and seeking a way to come across the border to feed a struggling family their own government doesn’t give a damn about.



Debate rages over media’s role in Iraq war

March 21, 2006



Debate rages over media’s role in Iraq war – Nightly News with Brian Williams –

Well, here they come, crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches. For some time now, several people have mentioned the leftstream media’s complicity in events in the Iraqi battle of the War on Terror. Today, President Bush, in his news conference, stated, “They’re capable of blowing up innocent life so it ends up on your TV show.”

To the looney media manipulating us all this comes across as being told, "it’s all your fault." I see the President cautioning the media about slanted coverage of the war and being played by terrorists, who have learned the lesson of Viet Nam very well. That lesson being, give the American people nightly views of the destruction and mayhem of war and never show positive progress and they will tire of the war and leave it unfinished.


This is a tactic discovered and used very effectively by General Vo Nguyen Giap, Commanding General of the North Vietnamese Forces during that war. After his decisive defeat in his Tet of 68 offensive, as he was considering negotiating a surrender, he heard the likes of Walter Cronkite declare he had actually won the offensive, when in fact, his forces were decimated and the Viet Cong ceased to be an effective force against the American Military.


We now have the same leftstream media, even though with some different reporters (and I use that term loosely) falling for the same tactics used by the North Vietnamese and sadly to say, some even appear to align themselves with our enemy.


The majority of returning troops state that what they read in the media and see on TV has no bearing on anything they experienced during their tours. They mention the positive effects their service has had on the Iraqi people, schools being reopened, services restored, some getting these basic services for the first time. Yet, they see no mention of this, just reports of total mayhem and even alleged atrocities, making it appear as if every soldier there is committing them.


Sort of reminds me of John ‘F’in sKerry and his infamous tirade of bull crap before the Fulbright Commission in 1971 accusing American Forces of being war criminals, monsters and such (and he wonders why so few Viet Nam Veterans supported his grab at the White House?).


So here we are, 30 odd years later in another bloody conflict and one much more important than Viet Nam was and what do we see? Just the same old same old crapola from our leftist socialist media.


Says George Packer, author of "The Assasins Gate," "I think they may well be laying the groundwork for a kind of ‘who lost Iraq strategy’ if and when American forces have to withdraw.”


No, Mr. Packer. We on the right who support the President and wish to see a viable democracy given a decent chance in Iraq, are merely trying desparately to open the eyes of the leftist media to the harm they are doing. We are not "Pro-War," as many socialist anti-war whiners assert, we are actually "Pro-Freedom." Freedom for all, not just the left leaning socialist elite.


Packer also says it is a familar tactic. Tactic? Mr. Packer, we see the likes of people like Barbara Streisand and Richard Belker who state they know more about the war than those fighting it. What sort of tactic is it for the anti-war loons, who won’t go near the battles, to state they know more about it? And why do they think they know more? Because, as Mr. Belker recently said, they read the leftist news sources. Ludicrous, sir, just ludicrous.


So here we have it, again. The media has been cautioned and see it as an attack on their freedom. Of course, they hate the blogosphere because we dare expose their hypocrisy and their assumption of eliteness. Most of us aren’t ‘journalists,’ just working people fed up with not being given honest news, but being fed op-eds from socialists desguised as news reports.


They claim Bush is trying to shore up support for an unpopular war. They neglect to mention their extremely slanted reports against the war because they want their candidates of choice in power.


Had we had these media hounds reporting during WW2 on D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge, Nazis might well still have a strangle hold on Europe if not inside America as well.


When and if these news hounds ever wake up and open their eyes, maybe we can get the support needed to finish this war and defeat a gruesome enemy. An enemy hell-bent on destroying even the elitist leftstream media types whining about the war.


Charges dropped in teacher sex scandal or Female Pedophile Skates

March 21, 2006



Charges dropped in teacher sex scandal – Crime & Punishment –

As most all know by now, Debra LaFave, the 25 year old Florida Teacher and aspiring hottie that was having sexual relations with a 14 year old student, is pretty much getting away with it.


It was announced today that charges are being dropped, not because she is innocent, but because they don’t want the boy to have to suffer more embarrassment in testifying. Marion County Circuit Judge Hale Stancil said, “Quite frankly, if the allegations against the defendant are true, the agreed-upon sentence shocks the conscience of this court.”


I take this as he wanted a trial with adequate time in prison, as should be. Instead, she accepted a plea deal of probation and losing her teachers certificate, which the judge rejected.


In another county, she plea dealed down to a 3 year in house arrest and 7 years probation.


This is not justice nor does it jive with what I perceive as mandated under "Jessica’s Law," the get tough law circulating the nation as people demand stiffer sentences for child molesters, apparently only if they are girls, now.


Had this been a man that had sex with a student, he would be spending 25 years in prison, regardless of anything. This is what is referred to as a DOUBLE STANDARD!


Cute or not, this woman is a pedophile. People that claim a boy either cannot be molested or is lucky to be molested by such a hottie are full of Bovine Excrement! Several boys have been molested by older women, relatives, teachers aunts and even mothers and have grown up with no regard to any damage to them.


The boys usually learn that sex must be hurried and even at a young age, they subconsciously realize what is happening is wrong. But, society tells them to relax, enjoy it and count themselves lucky. When they do meet a woman their age and wish to marry and have children, this carries forward and often the marriage suffers.


Some boys grow up hating the act and carry a hatred of the woman which could be transferred to their wives, creating an abusive marriage or a loveless marriage. It could even grow to the boy becoming a sexual predator himself. Several scenarios come to mind of the damage done to boys when molested by older women.


Even if the boy wished this to happen, Lafave violated the teacher  student relationship and authority. There is a line that just doesn’t get crossed. When men cross it, they go to jail, rightfully so. Now, as more and more women are found to be crossing that same line, it is getting poo pooed by society and prosecutors.


The boys Mom and Prosecutors claim they don’t want to subject the boy to "for his well-being." Does that same claim matter when a girl is molested? No, often she either has to testify in court or is allowed to submit an affidavit stating what she endured. I can’t remember a public trial of a male sexual predator having charges just dropped because all were concerned of the welfare of the female victim. It’s just whatever it takes to get the man behind bars.


Lafave herself blaims her actions on being bi-polar. Oh please! Does being bi-polar, if she in fact is, grant one carte blanche to just mess with children now? Provided it is a woman?


Where are the feminist groups condemning this and demanding she receive equal treatment as men do? Why are their cries of equality all of a sudden silent?


Lafave also says it is hers and every womans dream to have children. Will she also one day start bedding any son she may have? If so, will that also be excused because she is a cute girl?


Her attorney once said she was too pretty to be put in prison, they others would eat her alive. Well, regardless of looks, male sex predators are placed in prison and are usually the bottom of the totem pole, being beaten and raped and given prison justice by hardened criminals that think this type of conduct is reprehensible.


As sad as it is to say, it appears hardened criminals may have more common sense of dealing with predators than does our judicial system. It’s another sad day for America and Florida when a sexual predator gets off and sets a precedent that may one be used by other child molesters to also escape justice.


If this is the way Jessica’s Law is to be enforced, it may as well be repealed right away!



Bush ratings keep falling or YAWN!!!!

March 15, 2006



NBC/WSJ poll: Bush ratings keep falling – Politics –


A big Yawn is right. Every week we read the same old message, "Bush polls lower than ever." I guess they poll people inside the LA Times or New York Times every week, but all we read is the numbers are lower than ever. Let’s look a bit.


According to the poll, only 37 percent approve of Bush’s job performance — his lowest mark ever in the survey.


Wasn’t it just a week or two ago, the "polls" we reported as being at only 32%? According to that, his approval rating is up by 5%, hardly the "lowest ever."


58 percent believe Bush is facing a long-term setback from which he’s unlikely to improve.


Have they noticed that Bush cannot be re-elected? What is there he’s unlikely to improve? Another poll? Hell, Bush is so hated within our leftstream media, if his true polling numbers hit 98%, the alphabet media would spin it smoehow to print he had only two percent.


Some reasons given for this "new all time low;"


Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a hunting companion in the face at a South Texas ranch, which created a weeklong distraction for the White House. Soon after, voters and Congress became furious at the news that the administration approved a ports sale to a United Arab Emirates state-run firm; the deal was later scuttled. And then a wave of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites erupted in Iraq.


1. A "hunting accident is just that, a hunting accident. Bush wasn’t even there, but he is somehow tied to a simple accident he had nothing to do with?


2. The only "fury" I witnessed over the Dubai Port deal was amongst Democrat members of Congress eager to appear for National Security all of a sudden and sheeple who fell for the tripe printed about the deal in the leftstream media in an effort to scuttle the Bush Presidency.


3. Sectarian violence? Wasn’t this the predicted Civil War the left has been eagerly awaiting that never happened?


Buried in the article we find what is really at the heart of it all;


Looking ahead to the midterm elections in November, the poll shows that 50 percent prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress versus 37 percent who want it controlled by Republicans.


There you have it, another leftwing hit piece designed to convince the voting public that the entire nation is against Bush and Republicans. Also buried was that only 1005 people were polled, hardly representative of well over one billion people.


As always, elections are soon to be held so the very left leaning media, who overwhelmingly supports the left, apparently is once again manufacturing news to sway public opinion such as to help the leftist Democrats regain control of the Country.


Where are the Democrat candiates ideas on how to improve America? Where are the values they wish to guide the country by? Where is the suggestions to advance America? Nowhere!


Democrats have only one agenda being fronted by the Socialist leftwing media, GET RID OF BUSH!!!!!! That appears to be the Party Platform, nothing else.


Print against everything Bush does, spin everything to make it appear he is inept and responsible for whatever ails the voters. Blame one man for every problem in existence. Accuse him of what others are openly guilty of. That is the new Democrat platform for 2006.


It doesn’t matter we are at war, a long war that truly means the survival of our country. Nevermind unemployment is the lowest at anytime in modern history. Nevermind the economy is robust and the treasury is collecting more taxes than in a long time, thanks to long over due and well needed tax cuts to everyone! No, the agenda is to take over America, place it under the Socialism that has infected a once great party.


I, for one, am glad we have a President who doesn’t give a damn about polls. He leads by what he feels is right and uses good old down home common sense, not what the left leaning alphabet media says should be happening.


As Winston Churchill once said, "Doing your best isn’t always good enough. Sometimes, you have to do what is right." To me, BUsh has been doing what is right and what has been needed for a very long time to return America to her rightful stature as the most freedom loving country ever on the face of the planet.


President Bush. Keep leading, sir. The hell with the leftstream media and their manufactured polls.





American Arrogance May Hurt

March 9, 2006

As we all know, the UAE Ports deal is all but dead. Many take great pleasure in this without thinking of the repercussions. I fear the Democrats have latched onto this to appear security conscious when in reality, they have hurt us more than helped.


Since it is a British company DP World is purchasing to load and unload containers in six US ports and Britain seems to have no problem with it, I fail to understand Republicans latching on to this and acting like the UAE company would take over port security. That is, has and will be retained by the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol.


So now, House Republicans have basically flexed their muscles and ripped the rug out from under the President. Dubai has threatened to stop a $9 billion deal to purchase Boeing aircraft as well as to either cool relations or stop allowing US ships, including our Middle East Naval Fleet, to dock there. After all, if they can’t be trusted, why should they allow us to use their facilities?


The Boeing deal could really put a damper in the US economy when Airbus has an airplane that would also suit their needs. Way to go, RINOs.


Many now are jumping for joy over this without thinking. Republicans have shown the public they are splintered and narrow-minded, possibly costing control of the House to return to Democrats (something I think Democrats hoped for all along).


In the mean time, we have alienated an important ally in the War on Terror and possibly lost a major hub in the Middle East when we need them the most. But, what scares me the most on this is that we may have seen the first phase of the American surrender in the War on Terror. Why would they continue to help us if we don’t trust them? We endlessly bash their religious beliefs and announce they aren’t trustworthy enough to load and unload ships and also expect, no, demand they help us.


In war, you take help where you can get it and this is the most important war the world has seen yet. America, regardless of our arrogance, cannot go it alone. Arrogance has never won battles, just lost lives.



House panel votes to block port deal

March 8, 2006



House panel votes to block port deal – U.S. Security –


I never thought I’d see Republicans acting like this, but they sure have. I guess the 45 day investigation delay they wished wasn’t enhough, they just buy into the canard floated by the Democrats and try to make themselves appear security minded instead of just standing up and telling Americans the truth, the deal has absolutely nothing to do with security.


Grandstanding and tying this to an appropriations bill needed to fund our military engaged in the War on Terror is doubly troublesome, to me. That’s an old Liberal trick to hold the President hostage and make them appear anti-Military if they veto the bill to stop the nefarious acts of Congress.


More amazing to me is remarks from Congressmen that show me they are suffereing from a cranial/rectal inversion disorder. They could at least study the deal before making outrageous remarks such as;


“One of the most vulnerable situations facing America is our ports of entry,” said Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla., chairman of the House defense appropriations subcommittee. “Whoever’s responsible for those ports of entry should be American.”


Just which American companies have been blocked from responsibility, Mr. Young? Do you also advocate the removal of the 80% of foreign compnay operation in our ports also? Or, do you just buy into the Arabophobia because this is a United Arab Emirates company?


Does it matter that we currently have our entire Naval Fleet in the Middle East serviced ar Dubai ports? Does it matter that since 9-11 they have been very helpful in the WoT? Does it matter that we are seeking and demanding cooperation and partnerships with Arabs in the WoT, expecting them to stand alongside us in the fight, yet we tell them they cannot be trusted to own a company that loads and unloads ships in six of our ports?


What a brilliant way to lose the War on Terror and push Arabs away from helping us. Not only do we bash their very beliefs and consider all of them terrorists, now we decide to give way to Democrat hysteria over a non-existant security issue and deny them to operate in our ports now that they may own the company. Seems no one has had a problem with their operation when they didn’t own the company, only when they bought out P&O.


Some quotes directly from the Department of Homeland Security;


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP): CBP’s mission is to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States by eliminating potential threats before they arrive at our borders and ports.

CBP uses intelligence and a risk-based strategy to screen information on 100% of cargo before it is loaded onto vessels destined for the United States. All cargo that is identified as high risk is inspected, either at the foreign port or upon arrival into the U.S.


Port Authority: An entity of a local, state or national government that owns, manages and maintains the physical infrastructure of a port (seaport, airport or bus terminal) to include wharf, docks, piers, transit sheds, loading equipment and warehouses.


DP World will not, nor will any other terminal operator, control, operate or manage any United States port. DP World will only operate and manage specific, individual terminals located within six ports.


Additionally, our spineless Congresscritters that claim membership in the Republican Party may have just handed the Democrats the reigns of control back. They have shown the public that the Republicans are a splintered party who cannot agree or manage a simple investigation. Like little whiny babies, they have fallen for the Democrats trick and made themselves lose public face and possibly the support of an important Arab ally in the War on Terror.


Anybody that knows, please direct me to where the Conservatives have amassed.