GOP unease spreads to security issues / The Betrayal of America



WP: GOP unease spreads to security issues – Highlights –

Here we go, leftstream media’s latest attack on our President. We are now to believe that Republicans have turned on the evil, demonic, George W. Bush.

Yes, there are RINO’s who think bashing Bush will keep them in office and that America doesn’t support Bush or the War on Terror. At the same time, several prominent Democrats are moving towards the right and issuing tough talk about the war. Seems to me, our Congressional RINOs are digging their own graves in the next elections.

Yes, something very big is wrong in our country and our RINOs are not even trying to cure it. Instead, for the sake of their own legacy and power, not to mention cushy paychecks and perks, they are pandering to the left and hoping to gain support from the left. Sorry people, you are lsoing the Conservative base. You know, the ones who actually voted you into office in the first place?

Like I said, their is something terribly wrong in America. Earlier this evening, I ran across as good a descriptive article as I have ever seen addressing how America has been betrayed and how we are being sold down the drain.$39014


The article at the link, "the Betrayal of America," by Max Friedman, finally shows me some writers have opened their eyes and are sick and tired of the leftstream media manipulating us and selling us down the drain.

A few quotes:

After 35 years in the news/journalism business, from D.C. to Vietnam, I can honestly say that most of the leading Democratic Party politicians and their far-left support groups are traitors to this country. Besides the few who are deceased or out of office, today’s DP is loaded with leaders who have sold out this country to the communists, to the Islamofascists and to their egos. Others are just plain stupid, addle-brained and knee-jerk jerks.

(I’ll get to the Republicans in a minute).

Joining them in this class of betrayers is the mainstream media, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CNN and CBS (as we used to say in Vietnam, the Communist Broadcasting System). They have put their hatred for President Bush before the safety and security of the country, and they have severally damaged our security efforts, not only at home, but abroad, and I will give examples to prove my point.

The Republican leadership in both the House and Senate should resign immediately because they are ineffective, incompetent, stupid and clueless as to what needs to be done to protect this country, to fix internal problems quickly and rationally, and they have no backbone for a fight with the Demonrats. Rep. Dennis Haslert is a nice guy, but he’s too slow in a fight. The first one to draw and fire accurately wins, and he can hardly get his gun out of his holster. With Tom DeLay out of the picture, perhaps we are witnessing a new wave of younger Republicans who will have the guts to fight the Democratic Left the way they should be fought, to the death, because the security of the United States depends on it.


The press onslaught against President Bush has culminated in the U.S. losing many of its tactics and methods in the war against terrorism. The lies about how the U.S. treated terrorist prisoners and suspects at Guantanamo Bay, and the exaggerated stories about Abu Graibh (which was a disgraceful affair), the exposure of so-called black prisons for questioning terrorists held in back-line countries (as versus frontline countries), the disinformation reporting on what is actually in the Patriot Act, and now The New York Times deliberate sabotaging of an electronic surveillance operation run by the National Security Agency on a few dozen Americans, are only part of the picture of how the Left in this country is putting their own political and ideological agenda above and beyond the security of the United States.


To sum up this still incomplete rant about the Democrats, the media and gutless Republicans, the Democrats have sold their souls to the devil so that they can destroy George W. Bush at all costs, including the betrayal of our troops in the field and the security of the United States in the long run. All they want is power, and they will do anything to get it by smearing the president and his administration, by lying about the Clinton administration’s past actions and inactions, covering up the destruction of U.S. intelligence capabilities that led to the intelligence failures of their policies and administrations (Carter and Clinton), i.e. Iran and Khomeini, World Trade Center I bombing, Black Hawk Down in Somalia, the USS Cole, the African Embassy bombing, the Khobar Towers bombings, and the multiple failures to take Bin Laden when the Sudanese offered him to us, all of which led to 9/11.

The Democrats perverted the 9/11 Commission into near impotency, covered up the firewall that obstructed U.S. intelligence agencies from cooperating, and now they are stonewalling other government investigations, including the potentially most damaging scandal of all, Able Danger.


God help America! The Democrats won’t, ever, and the Republican leadership can’t unless they get some backbone.

Seeing a Journalist finally stand up and say what is really happening is like a breath of fresh air, to me. We are in probably the most important fight in our history, save the American Revolution. Losing it is not an option. We did that once and cost possibly millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians their lives as well as gave Communism a strong foothold worldwide.

We need to take this seriously and stop molly-coddling suberversives just because they are in our government.Our freedoms are disapperaing everyday and being replaced by the same Communist Socialism that was tried and failed in the Soviet Union.

If you enjoy freedom as much as I do, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to become the Union of Socialist States of America.






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