Cheney accident has political echoes



Cheney accident has political echoes – Politics –


"Political echoes?" Such as, "The political echoes from a single shotgun blast on the Texas prairie continued to reverberate across the nation Tuesday." And, why would a story that belongs on the back page of section B reverberate so much? Could it be the leftstream media once again making mountains out of molehills to support their liberal cronies?


Obviously, it does matter who injures someone else, be it by accident or what. I’m still waiting for the Breaking News Alert from any of them over Hillary Clinton’s SUV hitting and injuring a Police Officer in October of 2001 because she feels so important, she cannot wait for an airport security check like the "lowly peons" under her.


"On Oct. 14, 2001, Clinton’s Ford conversion van blew past a security checkpoint manned by Officer Ernest Dymond, who said later that he immediately feared a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks."


"The van went by me and we ordered them to stop and it continued going and we continued to yell to stop," said Dymond. "I didn’t know if we had a terrorist," he told the Washington Times."


Two weeks after the accident, NewsMax caught up with Officer Dymond and asked if Mrs. Clinton or anyone from her office had bothered to apologize – or even check to see how he was doing.

"I can tell you, no," the hero cop said.


In contrast, Cheney has been in contact with his hunting friend asking if there is anything more he can do.


So, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and even Fox, where are the Breaking News Alerts and outrage over the Clinton Camps not immediately notifying you all? Where is the hour by hour coverage and demands for more information and hype of the Police Officers injuries?


Just one more example of how the leftstream media appears determined to undermine a President during wartime to further a leftwing agenda.



2 Responses to “Cheney accident has political echoes”

  1. Unknown Says:

    So now the MSM is pissed that Cheney went to FOX News and Brit Hume.  How predictable.  What was he supposed to do, have a one-on-one with David Gregory?

  2. LEW Says:

    I loved that Cheney said he went to Fox because they have the largest viewership. What a slap to leftstream media, LOL.
    In my opinion, David Gregory has no business with a White House Press Pass. His should be revoked immediately.
    If any real journalists can be found, they are who should be allowed to ask questions, not immature whiners like David Gregory.

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