White House didn’t reveal Cheney shooting



White House didn’t reveal Cheney shooting – Politics – MSNBC.com


Well, obviously it was a slow news weekend this weekend. To think, a normal hunting accident with relatively minor injuries creates this flurry of attention from the White House on down.


So, what was Bush supposed to do? Was he to immediately run out and make a major announcement to the world, as prominent Democrats did when Clinton was caught having an affair with a White House intern young enough to be his daughter?


I think a big problem with our leftstream media today is their haste in releasing stories, long before they have verified the news. By their early reporting on this mishap, it appears they would have botched much of the story anyway.


The media had the "victim," who is partially responsible for his own injuries anyway, laying in intensive care and leaving one with the impression he was near death. In reality, he was sprayed by bird shot from a 28 guage shotgun from between 30 to 50 yards. My guess is he feels bad about walking into the shot unannounced as much as Mr. Cheney feels bad about making the shot.


Any experienced bird hunter or anyone familiar at all with shotguns knows how easily this can happen and most likely has had it happen to them as well. It isn’t fun, but it isn’t life threatening either.


This type of reporting is why I have all but ignored what comes out in the leftstream media today. It’s no secret how they hate and loathe the Bush Administration and this is just the latest example and expression of that hatred. They are losing business and readers daily and can’t figure out why.


Making such a major story out of a relatively minor accident all to try to embarrass a sitting President who hsa taken his oath of office a lot more serious than previous scandal ridden administrations did (which, by the way, they relatively poo pooed those scandals) is driving news hungry citizens away from the leftstream media to more reliable sources and yes, even to bloggers much bigger than me that support the President and present news as it is, news, not fluffed up crap!




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