That’s right folks. Since many wish now to call all Muslims “ragheads” and any other slam against Islam, I have to Support them!


Let me explain a little, before you think I support terrorists. I do not support them a bit.


Currently, we are seeing the latest episode of the age-old animosity between the three major religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It’s as old as Abraham and Jesus. Major wars and Crusades have been fought over the differing beliefs in the same exact God.


In past wars, we tend to dehumanize the enemy to justify killing them in increasing numbers and win the war. We have used terms like Kraut, Nip, Jap, Dink, Slope, Chink, Gook and so on. We are taught in Church and by our Moms that we should not kill, but kill is what we must do in war. Dehumanizing the enemy helps us to do this.


Unfortunately, we also tend to dehumanize members of those groups and nationalities that are fighting alongside of us and within our very own military. A good example would be American Blacks and Japanese-Americans during WW2. The Tuskegee Airmen had to fight tooth and nail to become pilots and once they did, they exhibited a combat record second to none. When Japanese-Americans were released from the Internment Camps and formed the 442nd Infantry, they too exhibited bravery and a commitment to duty and freedom also unmatched by few. Both were considered incapable of defending our country and both proved otherwise very aptly.


Today, we are facing a formidable enemy of varying nationalities, but mostly Arab Muslims misled by a few bent on World Domination. In total numbers, these terrorists are a relatively small percentage of the total number of Muslims, but still a large number worldwide. Still, in our own Military today, there are several thousand Muslims who have volunteered to be in our Military and currently facing terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, some even giving their lives for our freedom and that of Iraqis and Afghanis.


Are these brave men and women also “ragheads” to us “lily white Americans? To some I’ve spoken to, yes, I’m afraid. Some believe that once Muslim outrage builds to the point of all out war against the beliefs, American men and women of Muslim faith will desert and join the enemy. Personally, I doubt it.


Muslims have a long and honored tradition in our Military, having fought in every single war we have been involved in. Many have lost their lives fighting for freedom. Some even protecting Jewish or Christian brothers fighting alongside them. How can we view these brave people as anything but brave and deserving members of our Military?


Still, we have so many that wish to issue blanket condemnations of Islam. Can you imagine the angst returning Muslim Veterans must feel as they return home from the War on Terror to calls of “raghead” and “sand nigger?” I can only see it as the same feelings of non-appreciation we returning Viet Nam Veterans felt when we came home to catcalls of “baby killer” and “murderers” when we returned from Viet Nam. I can’t see any difference at all.


If all Muslims have to be “ragheads,” how can I do anything but support them as well? I have nothing but deep respect for our Military and have stated I will oppose anyone denigrating our new Veterans. Even if they don’t intentionally denigrate our Military, they are doing so indirectly by their blanket dehumanization of Muslims. I see no one, least of all Ann Coulter (who I ordinarily admire and love to read) whose recent article and speech has outraged many, making any distinction between Muslim terrorists and American Muslim members of our Armed Services.


If you sport an “I SUPPORT THE TROOPS” bumper sticker on your car, I do hope you mean all of the troops and not just the lily white Christian troops. All of them deserve our support and admiration!




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