White House admits Bush-Abramoff photo



White House admits Bush-Abramoff photo – Politics – MSNBC.com

So, the photo shown at the article is the big proof Bush lied about knowing Abramoff? Sorry, but Abramoff standing at the end of a hallway where Bush appeared is hardly proof they had intimate business relations to me. Of course, as hated as Bush is by the left, all they need is for him to breathe and that’s proof enough for them.


I remember during the 2004 campaign, a picture surfaced showing John Kerry sitting a couple rows behind Hanoi Jane Fonda at some anti-war rally as proof they had attended some of the same rallies. Of course, the left poo pooed this as proving nothing.


As usual, the left wants everything their way and their way only. Supplying this photo while having poo pooed the Kerry/Fonda rally photo is just the latest example.




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