Jimmy Carter’s Son Running for US Senate


CARSON CITY, Feb. 6 — Democrat Jack Carter, 58, the son of former President Jimmy Carter formally announced a run for the U.S. Senate Monday in his first bid for elected office.

With his parents sharing a stage in the Nevada capital, Carter invoked many of the same themes his father used to rise from relative obscurity to win the Democratic nomination in 1976 and go on to become president.

”All we need is a return to our core American values and new leadership,”Carter said as his father smiled broadly and applauded with a receptive crowd of several hundred people. He criticized the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq as well as its domestic spying and drug prescription programs.

Seems to me, it’s been Conservatives desparately trying to return America to it’s "core values" held since it’s founding and being denigrated the last 30 years by the left.


Just what the country needs, another Carter.

If we look back we can trace nearly all the troubles in the country today right back to the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter. The Iran Hostage crisis, where he failed to support the Shah of Iran and allowed radical Islamists to enslave that country, Amnesty for Draft Dodgers, making them out to be the heroes and villanizing those of us who served in Viet Nam, giving away the Panama Canal, deep cuts in defense, boycotting the Olympics in response to the Soviet Unions invasion of Aghanistan, brother Billy’s relations with Lybia, double digit inflation, and more.


”He knows what he is doing. The second thing I know about Jack is that he will never lie to anybody,” [Jimmy Carter] said, echoing a promise of his own campaign for president 30 years ago.

If son echo’s Dad, I pity Nevada should he win.



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