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GOP unease spreads to security issues / The Betrayal of America

February 28, 2006



WP: GOP unease spreads to security issues – Highlights –

Here we go, leftstream media’s latest attack on our President. We are now to believe that Republicans have turned on the evil, demonic, George W. Bush.

Yes, there are RINO’s who think bashing Bush will keep them in office and that America doesn’t support Bush or the War on Terror. At the same time, several prominent Democrats are moving towards the right and issuing tough talk about the war. Seems to me, our Congressional RINOs are digging their own graves in the next elections.

Yes, something very big is wrong in our country and our RINOs are not even trying to cure it. Instead, for the sake of their own legacy and power, not to mention cushy paychecks and perks, they are pandering to the left and hoping to gain support from the left. Sorry people, you are lsoing the Conservative base. You know, the ones who actually voted you into office in the first place?

Like I said, their is something terribly wrong in America. Earlier this evening, I ran across as good a descriptive article as I have ever seen addressing how America has been betrayed and how we are being sold down the drain.$39014


The article at the link, "the Betrayal of America," by Max Friedman, finally shows me some writers have opened their eyes and are sick and tired of the leftstream media manipulating us and selling us down the drain.

A few quotes:

After 35 years in the news/journalism business, from D.C. to Vietnam, I can honestly say that most of the leading Democratic Party politicians and their far-left support groups are traitors to this country. Besides the few who are deceased or out of office, today’s DP is loaded with leaders who have sold out this country to the communists, to the Islamofascists and to their egos. Others are just plain stupid, addle-brained and knee-jerk jerks.

(I’ll get to the Republicans in a minute).

Joining them in this class of betrayers is the mainstream media, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CNN and CBS (as we used to say in Vietnam, the Communist Broadcasting System). They have put their hatred for President Bush before the safety and security of the country, and they have severally damaged our security efforts, not only at home, but abroad, and I will give examples to prove my point.

The Republican leadership in both the House and Senate should resign immediately because they are ineffective, incompetent, stupid and clueless as to what needs to be done to protect this country, to fix internal problems quickly and rationally, and they have no backbone for a fight with the Demonrats. Rep. Dennis Haslert is a nice guy, but he’s too slow in a fight. The first one to draw and fire accurately wins, and he can hardly get his gun out of his holster. With Tom DeLay out of the picture, perhaps we are witnessing a new wave of younger Republicans who will have the guts to fight the Democratic Left the way they should be fought, to the death, because the security of the United States depends on it.


The press onslaught against President Bush has culminated in the U.S. losing many of its tactics and methods in the war against terrorism. The lies about how the U.S. treated terrorist prisoners and suspects at Guantanamo Bay, and the exaggerated stories about Abu Graibh (which was a disgraceful affair), the exposure of so-called black prisons for questioning terrorists held in back-line countries (as versus frontline countries), the disinformation reporting on what is actually in the Patriot Act, and now The New York Times deliberate sabotaging of an electronic surveillance operation run by the National Security Agency on a few dozen Americans, are only part of the picture of how the Left in this country is putting their own political and ideological agenda above and beyond the security of the United States.


To sum up this still incomplete rant about the Democrats, the media and gutless Republicans, the Democrats have sold their souls to the devil so that they can destroy George W. Bush at all costs, including the betrayal of our troops in the field and the security of the United States in the long run. All they want is power, and they will do anything to get it by smearing the president and his administration, by lying about the Clinton administration’s past actions and inactions, covering up the destruction of U.S. intelligence capabilities that led to the intelligence failures of their policies and administrations (Carter and Clinton), i.e. Iran and Khomeini, World Trade Center I bombing, Black Hawk Down in Somalia, the USS Cole, the African Embassy bombing, the Khobar Towers bombings, and the multiple failures to take Bin Laden when the Sudanese offered him to us, all of which led to 9/11.

The Democrats perverted the 9/11 Commission into near impotency, covered up the firewall that obstructed U.S. intelligence agencies from cooperating, and now they are stonewalling other government investigations, including the potentially most damaging scandal of all, Able Danger.


God help America! The Democrats won’t, ever, and the Republican leadership can’t unless they get some backbone.

Seeing a Journalist finally stand up and say what is really happening is like a breath of fresh air, to me. We are in probably the most important fight in our history, save the American Revolution. Losing it is not an option. We did that once and cost possibly millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians their lives as well as gave Communism a strong foothold worldwide.

We need to take this seriously and stop molly-coddling suberversives just because they are in our government.Our freedoms are disapperaing everyday and being replaced by the same Communist Socialism that was tried and failed in the Soviet Union.

If you enjoy freedom as much as I do, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to become the Union of Socialist States of America.






The Shot Heard Round the World – Newsweek Politics

February 19, 2006



The Shot Heard Round the World – Newsweek Politics –


In the left’s latest refusal to let go of a non-story they feel embarrasses the Bush Administration, Newsweeks upcoming edition features their rendition of the latest "get Cheney." It doesn’t matter that the so called "victim" has publicly called it an "ACCIDENT!" It doesn’t matter that the local Sheriff has closed the book on it seeing no reason to charge Cheney with any crime. No, the left just sees an opportunity to go after the Bush Administration……..again.


From the article;


"He peppered a man in the face, but didn’t tell his boss. Inside Dick Cheney’s dark, secretive mind-set—and the forces that made it that way."


Really? I thought all along we have been hearing how Bush tried to cover it up, having heard it about it right away and did not reveal anything to David Gregory? Isn’t that what his "tantrum" was about? Not being the first one told?


"In human terms, it is perfectly understandable why Cheney was in no mood to talk to reporters then or for several days thereafter. It is a little odd, however, that he did not speak to President George W. Bush until Monday morning, 36 hours after the shooting, and just as peculiar that Bush did not call him."


Let’s see. I’m hunting with a friend and accidentally spray him with small birdshot. My first concern should be telling the White House Press Corps? No, my first concern would be to get my friend taken care of. And again, he didn’t talk to Bush for 36 hours? If so, why has the media been crying all week that Bush knew and didn’t inform anyone?


"Has Cheney changed? Has he been transformed, warped, perhaps corrupted—by stress, wealth, aging, illness, the real terrors of the world or possibly some inner goblins?"


Hmmmm. Six years straight of leftstream media distortions and dogging over every little aspect of your life? Being called a liar everyday and a warmonger that urges war just to pad the coffers of your "buddies at Haliburton?" After any of that, I wouldn’t give the leftstream media as much as Cheney has. I’d be telling them to "rot in hell," myself.


"Cheney’s shooting party was a cozy group of rich Republicans and Texas "squirearchy." "


This is important because? Would a "cozy group of rich Democrats and Texas Liberals" have made it any different? Did Kerry’s much vaunted hunting trip prior to the 2004 elections include "rich Republicans" as well? Or, did he hunt with "rich Democrats?" Of what importance is who accompanied him, anyway?


"With Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, Richard Wolffe, Holly Bailey, Mark Hosenball and Eleanor Clift in Washington and Carol Rust in Texas"


The above credits say all that needs said. A veritable laundry list of "hate Cheney and Bush" leftist reporters. This group would choke before ever saying anything that could flatter either Bush or Cheney.


Is it any wonder why the readership of Newsweek, Time and other leftist rag sheets cleverly disguised as "news magazines" has been dropping? For all the low approval ratings they continue to boast of the Administration, the Administration was elected twice, the second by a clear majority of citizens, in spite of attempts by Democrats to muddy the election and cheat on counts to elect sKerry.


I cancelled all subscriptions to these rags long ago and will not re-subscribe again. I do not need non-news manipulations being thrust down my throat simply because reporters didn’t get their way in elections.


Freedom of the press is essential, but when they decide to sway opinion instead of reporting what happens, they have exceeded their worth, in my opinion.



Jessica’s Law. Getting Tough? Or, Knee Jerk Reaction?

February 16, 2006

As more and more states pass what is known as Jessica’s Law, named after the tragic and heinous murder of Jessica Lundsford in Florida, have we actually looked at these laws? Or, just taken Bill O’Reilly’s word for their effectiveness?


I am troubled by the haste with which some of these are being pressed into law without due consideration. At one recent time, Florida considered issuing pink license plates to sexual offenders. That alone opens a Pandora’s box of troubles, not the least of which is possible suits filed by groups like the ACLU over freedoms. Now, Child Protection Laws are being pushed under the guise of “getting tough” on sexual predators.


Oregon currently has a citizen’s initiative pending and is being pushed by Conservatives and child advocates. On the surface, these laws sound good and appear to be getting tough, all right. But, is it good law that will actually improve anything? Or, just another knee jerk reaction that will result in a larger bureaucracy costing millions of extra dollars in tax revenues and accomplishes little?


Before looking close at this law, let me say I abhor sexual predators and no punishment can equal what they have stolen from the child. It is also my understanding that child sexual predators cannot be “cured” or rehabilitated, making them a danger to society. Something definitely needs done about them, for sure. I’m just not convinced Jessica’s Law will accomplish what it claims to.


In Oregon’s Law, it starts off stating, “Whereas the Oregon Legislature did not pass legislation during the 2005 legislative session to protect Oregon’s children.” Automatically, it appears to be written because a group that isn’t satisfied with the actions of their elected Legislature. Sort of, “if they won’t do their job, we will,” type of vigilantism.


Reading down through the law, it disturbs me that these “strengthened measures” only apply if the victim is aged “under 12 years of age.” Will the crime be less heinous if committed to a 13 year old?


The law requires a “minimum sentencing of 25 years.” Sounds good enough. But, there is another sentence in this section that should greatly disturb everyone. Section 1, paragraph D contains the following, “The person is not eligible for any reduction in, or based on, the minimum sentence for any reason whatsoever under ORS 421.121 or any other statute.” For any reason WHATSOEVER?


In divorces, it has become almost a norm for estranged husbands to be accused of child molestation. In stepfamilies, it isn’t unusual for a stepdaughter to falsely accuse her step-dad of molestation. Often times, it becomes incumbent upon that man to prove he did not commit the crime he is accused of, not the states responsibility to prove he did commit it. Once convicted, does the above preclude the stepdaughter recanting her claim or evidence coming out that he was actually innocent?


While the intent of the law is to take sexual predators off our streets for 25 years, are we inadvertently giving someone disliking a man a law to use to get rid of him where he has little or no defense? Witch Hunts against child molesters isn’t new. Wenatchee Washington has one of the most well known examples where a lot of innocent people ended up imprisoned. Dade County, Florida, under the direction of Janet Reno, prior to being appointed Attorney General of the United States, is another. Her actions sent an innocent man to prison for years for a molestation he did not commit, ruining his life as a Dade County Police Officer and ending his marriage, as well as destroying his family. Would Jessica’s Law have prevented the truth coming out and freeing Grant Snowden after 12 years of imprisonment?


Another troubling aspect to me is the requirement of lifetime post imprisonment supervision, to include GPS tracking. If the person is still a danger, why in the hell is he released from prison at all? Psychiatric hospitalizations aren’t an alternative to imprisonment nor are medical workers jailers. So, sending them to State Mental Hospitals isn’t an alternative answer. Nor, by most accounts, can they be cured. So, why are they released at all?


Our laws consider a completed prison sentence as “a debt to society paid.” Under Jessica’s law, no debt can be repaid to society if the person is to be continually monitored for the rest of their life. And again, if they are dangerous enough to require supervision, why are they released at all?


And also, “GPS Tracking?” What good does that do? Place the released and supervised predator at the scene of a crime? Isn’t this like closing the barn door after the cow escapes? Does it change anything if a child is harmed and a GPS tracking device places a released and supervised criminal there? A child will still be harmed!


What stops a released and supervised criminal from simply cutting the device off and disappearing into society, ready to strike again? Hasn’t this already happened in Florida? Once again, why are these dangerous predators even released from prison if they require this sort of supervision?


It is said that the Death Penalty does not deter murder and capital crimes. Now, some of these same people think stiffer and tougher sentencing will deter sexual predators? Who will be monitoring and supervising the released predators? The already over burdened Social Services? Over burdened Police? A whole new bureaucracy costing extra millions in taxes? What will it even deter, if one can simply cut off the GPS tracking device and simply wander away?


And again, what of the falsely accused innocent men caught up in divorces or step family situations? An Attorney friend once told me, they were taught in Law School “it is better for 10 guilty men to go free rather than one innocent man to go to prison.” I don’t see any provision for that concept.


To me, if a predator does murder a child, as in the case of Jessica Lundsford, he should pay with his own life, as will the person who murdered her. But, not 25 years down the road. If convicted on indisputable evidence, I feel the sentence should be imposed within one year. If the evidence isn’t indisputable, then life without parole, leaving a window for possible evidence of innocence to be found. But, that’s just my layman’s opinion.


Jessica’s Law might be a step in the right direction, but I feel it needs modification and a lot of input. Measures need to be there for the possibility of falsely accused people whose name can be later cleared as well as measures to ensure an actual crime was committed. I am not a lawmaker, just someone with an opinion that can also see problems with the way this law is written.


We need to crack down severely where child predators are harming children, but knee jerk laws are not the answer. All to often, they end up hurting the very people they are designed to protect and place a burden on communities that is just too costly. We need laws to be balanced and fair to all. Predators have no place in our society, under supervision with GPS tracking devices or not. We do not need any more burdensome laws that will not curb or stop crime, either.


One of the first steps that needs to be taken before implementation of new laws is to free parents to raise and supervise their children under their own values, without interference from “do gooders” that feel they and they alone know best.



Cheney accident has political echoes

February 14, 2006



Cheney accident has political echoes – Politics –


"Political echoes?" Such as, "The political echoes from a single shotgun blast on the Texas prairie continued to reverberate across the nation Tuesday." And, why would a story that belongs on the back page of section B reverberate so much? Could it be the leftstream media once again making mountains out of molehills to support their liberal cronies?


Obviously, it does matter who injures someone else, be it by accident or what. I’m still waiting for the Breaking News Alert from any of them over Hillary Clinton’s SUV hitting and injuring a Police Officer in October of 2001 because she feels so important, she cannot wait for an airport security check like the "lowly peons" under her.


"On Oct. 14, 2001, Clinton’s Ford conversion van blew past a security checkpoint manned by Officer Ernest Dymond, who said later that he immediately feared a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks."


"The van went by me and we ordered them to stop and it continued going and we continued to yell to stop," said Dymond. "I didn’t know if we had a terrorist," he told the Washington Times."


Two weeks after the accident, NewsMax caught up with Officer Dymond and asked if Mrs. Clinton or anyone from her office had bothered to apologize – or even check to see how he was doing.

"I can tell you, no," the hero cop said.


In contrast, Cheney has been in contact with his hunting friend asking if there is anything more he can do.


So, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and even Fox, where are the Breaking News Alerts and outrage over the Clinton Camps not immediately notifying you all? Where is the hour by hour coverage and demands for more information and hype of the Police Officers injuries?


Just one more example of how the leftstream media appears determined to undermine a President during wartime to further a leftwing agenda.




February 13, 2006

That’s right folks. Since many wish now to call all Muslims “ragheads” and any other slam against Islam, I have to Support them!


Let me explain a little, before you think I support terrorists. I do not support them a bit.


Currently, we are seeing the latest episode of the age-old animosity between the three major religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It’s as old as Abraham and Jesus. Major wars and Crusades have been fought over the differing beliefs in the same exact God.


In past wars, we tend to dehumanize the enemy to justify killing them in increasing numbers and win the war. We have used terms like Kraut, Nip, Jap, Dink, Slope, Chink, Gook and so on. We are taught in Church and by our Moms that we should not kill, but kill is what we must do in war. Dehumanizing the enemy helps us to do this.


Unfortunately, we also tend to dehumanize members of those groups and nationalities that are fighting alongside of us and within our very own military. A good example would be American Blacks and Japanese-Americans during WW2. The Tuskegee Airmen had to fight tooth and nail to become pilots and once they did, they exhibited a combat record second to none. When Japanese-Americans were released from the Internment Camps and formed the 442nd Infantry, they too exhibited bravery and a commitment to duty and freedom also unmatched by few. Both were considered incapable of defending our country and both proved otherwise very aptly.


Today, we are facing a formidable enemy of varying nationalities, but mostly Arab Muslims misled by a few bent on World Domination. In total numbers, these terrorists are a relatively small percentage of the total number of Muslims, but still a large number worldwide. Still, in our own Military today, there are several thousand Muslims who have volunteered to be in our Military and currently facing terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, some even giving their lives for our freedom and that of Iraqis and Afghanis.


Are these brave men and women also “ragheads” to us “lily white Americans? To some I’ve spoken to, yes, I’m afraid. Some believe that once Muslim outrage builds to the point of all out war against the beliefs, American men and women of Muslim faith will desert and join the enemy. Personally, I doubt it.


Muslims have a long and honored tradition in our Military, having fought in every single war we have been involved in. Many have lost their lives fighting for freedom. Some even protecting Jewish or Christian brothers fighting alongside them. How can we view these brave people as anything but brave and deserving members of our Military?


Still, we have so many that wish to issue blanket condemnations of Islam. Can you imagine the angst returning Muslim Veterans must feel as they return home from the War on Terror to calls of “raghead” and “sand nigger?” I can only see it as the same feelings of non-appreciation we returning Viet Nam Veterans felt when we came home to catcalls of “baby killer” and “murderers” when we returned from Viet Nam. I can’t see any difference at all.


If all Muslims have to be “ragheads,” how can I do anything but support them as well? I have nothing but deep respect for our Military and have stated I will oppose anyone denigrating our new Veterans. Even if they don’t intentionally denigrate our Military, they are doing so indirectly by their blanket dehumanization of Muslims. I see no one, least of all Ann Coulter (who I ordinarily admire and love to read) whose recent article and speech has outraged many, making any distinction between Muslim terrorists and American Muslim members of our Armed Services.


If you sport an “I SUPPORT THE TROOPS” bumper sticker on your car, I do hope you mean all of the troops and not just the lily white Christian troops. All of them deserve our support and admiration!



White House didn’t reveal Cheney shooting

February 13, 2006



White House didn’t reveal Cheney shooting – Politics –


Well, obviously it was a slow news weekend this weekend. To think, a normal hunting accident with relatively minor injuries creates this flurry of attention from the White House on down.


So, what was Bush supposed to do? Was he to immediately run out and make a major announcement to the world, as prominent Democrats did when Clinton was caught having an affair with a White House intern young enough to be his daughter?


I think a big problem with our leftstream media today is their haste in releasing stories, long before they have verified the news. By their early reporting on this mishap, it appears they would have botched much of the story anyway.


The media had the "victim," who is partially responsible for his own injuries anyway, laying in intensive care and leaving one with the impression he was near death. In reality, he was sprayed by bird shot from a 28 guage shotgun from between 30 to 50 yards. My guess is he feels bad about walking into the shot unannounced as much as Mr. Cheney feels bad about making the shot.


Any experienced bird hunter or anyone familiar at all with shotguns knows how easily this can happen and most likely has had it happen to them as well. It isn’t fun, but it isn’t life threatening either.


This type of reporting is why I have all but ignored what comes out in the leftstream media today. It’s no secret how they hate and loathe the Bush Administration and this is just the latest example and expression of that hatred. They are losing business and readers daily and can’t figure out why.


Making such a major story out of a relatively minor accident all to try to embarrass a sitting President who hsa taken his oath of office a lot more serious than previous scandal ridden administrations did (which, by the way, they relatively poo pooed those scandals) is driving news hungry citizens away from the leftstream media to more reliable sources and yes, even to bloggers much bigger than me that support the President and present news as it is, news, not fluffed up crap!



Slow to disclose Cheney shooting?

February 13, 2006



Slow to disclose Cheney shooting? – Politics –


How ridiculous is this? It’s called a "Hunting Accident," people. The "vicitm" walked in from behind Cheney unannounced and walked into the spray from a 28 guage shotgun. Not the "shooting" at all like our leftstream media is making it out to be.


Isn’t it a bitch when it’s a slow news day and our pitiful media must resort to manufacturing a scandal over nothing at all?


Get a life, media, try finding some actual news.



White House admits Bush-Abramoff photo

February 12, 2006



White House admits Bush-Abramoff photo – Politics –

So, the photo shown at the article is the big proof Bush lied about knowing Abramoff? Sorry, but Abramoff standing at the end of a hallway where Bush appeared is hardly proof they had intimate business relations to me. Of course, as hated as Bush is by the left, all they need is for him to breathe and that’s proof enough for them.


I remember during the 2004 campaign, a picture surfaced showing John Kerry sitting a couple rows behind Hanoi Jane Fonda at some anti-war rally as proof they had attended some of the same rallies. Of course, the left poo pooed this as proving nothing.


As usual, the left wants everything their way and their way only. Supplying this photo while having poo pooed the Kerry/Fonda rally photo is just the latest example.



Jimmy Carter’s Son Running for US Senate

February 6, 2006


CARSON CITY, Feb. 6 — Democrat Jack Carter, 58, the son of former President Jimmy Carter formally announced a run for the U.S. Senate Monday in his first bid for elected office.

With his parents sharing a stage in the Nevada capital, Carter invoked many of the same themes his father used to rise from relative obscurity to win the Democratic nomination in 1976 and go on to become president.

”All we need is a return to our core American values and new leadership,”Carter said as his father smiled broadly and applauded with a receptive crowd of several hundred people. He criticized the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq as well as its domestic spying and drug prescription programs.

Seems to me, it’s been Conservatives desparately trying to return America to it’s "core values" held since it’s founding and being denigrated the last 30 years by the left.

Just what the country needs, another Carter.

If we look back we can trace nearly all the troubles in the country today right back to the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter. The Iran Hostage crisis, where he failed to support the Shah of Iran and allowed radical Islamists to enslave that country, Amnesty for Draft Dodgers, making them out to be the heroes and villanizing those of us who served in Viet Nam, giving away the Panama Canal, deep cuts in defense, boycotting the Olympics in response to the Soviet Unions invasion of Aghanistan, brother Billy’s relations with Lybia, double digit inflation, and more.


”He knows what he is doing. The second thing I know about Jack is that he will never lie to anybody,” [Jimmy Carter] said, echoing a promise of his own campaign for president 30 years ago.

If son echo’s Dad, I pity Nevada should he win.



Republicans are Nazis

February 2, 2006

Or at least that’s what Julian Bond, head of the NAACP has to say. Mr. Bond is no stranger to expressing hatred of Republicans but this latest tirade of his is a bit far, I feel. Who does he think pushed the passage of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964? Who does he think led the filibuster trying to kill the measure? What Political Party did Abraham Lincoln, credited with ending slavery in America, belong to? These are questions Mr. Bond should take a look at and find the answers to as they might surprise him.


President Bush is credited with appointing the first Black as Secretary of State and the first Black woman in the same role, Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice. Of course, Bond says they are mere “tokens.” Seems to me both were well qualified and given the job on their merits, not their skin color.


Bond also said, “"The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side.” Best I remember, it was Democrats and Republicans both fighting Nazis in WW2 with Southern Democrats leading the charge of keeping Blacks “in their place” as cooks and servants. It was a major break through that other Democrats and Republicans fought hard and gave the famed “Tuskegee Airmen” the chance to show that Blacks are every bit American as any White and capable of defending their country.


Bond also ranted, "We now find ourselves refighting old battles we thought we had already won," he said. "We have to fight discrimination whenever it raises its ugly head."

What can be more discriminatory than keeping Blacks poor and dependant on a Democrat led Welfare System? Republicans wish for all Americans, Black, White or whatever, to be free to fulfill whatever their talents and pursuits may bring them. Welfare doesn’t build wealth, hard work does. Being dependent on handouts from the government is akin to keeping the poor locked away on a plantation, telling them they are incapable of progressing and making something of themselves. Is it any wonder that several prominent, well-educated Blacks leave the Democrats and become Republicans? Does Mr. Bond include all those Blacks in the GOP as Nazi’s also?


Interestingly, back in 2001 Mr. Bond claimed, "[Bush] has selected nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing, and chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection."


The last part of that ridiculous statement is the most interesting. Who do you think has more devotion to the Confederacy? Bush’s Cabinet Nominees or a certain Democrat that Mr. Bond assuredly embraces today?


In 1964, as the Civil Rights Act was on the floor of the Senate, who led the filibuster trying to block and kill the measure? None other than Senator Robert Byrd, D. W. Va., still a prominent member of the U.S. Senate. Democrats were bitterly divided over passage of the bill, mostly Southern Democrats opposing it. Predominant Republican votes passed the bill after ending the Democrat led filibuster that threatened to kill the bill.


No, Mr. Bond, Republicans are not the new Nazis, not even close. We wish for your people to finally be free to enjoy the American Dream. They cannot as long as wealthy people as yourself live off of their backs encouraging them to send their welfare checks to you. We don’t tell them they cannot manage themselves unless we give them a break, we feel they have the same advantages as any other and wish to see them use it.


It’s been a long bitter fight for Blacks in America and no, it isn’t completely over. It may never be as there is always some nincompoop ready to state he is better than another. But, trying to convince Blacks they cannot get ahead without major hassles and driving wedges between Blacks and Whites does not further the cause, it just instigates more hatred for the White Separatists to use to regain the power they lost.


Martin Luther King said he had a dream of all of God’s children sitting side by side, equal to each other. More than ever, that is happening today. Trying to convince others it isn’t or that they must demand more from the government isn’t equality, it’s subjecting one class under another, just like it was before the Civil Rights Act passed.


Give Black people the chance to show what they can do, let them become achievers, Mr. Bond. Stop holding them back with your hateful words!