ACLU At It Again, Sues on Behalf of Student

Yes, the ACLU is at it again. In their endless effort to undermine American values and promote their Socialist agenda, they have once again taken something to court that is none of their business.


In this case, a teenage student constructed what the ACLU calls a “parody” of the school’s principal. According to their lawsuit, this “parody” included such things as, in a question and answer format, ”what did you do on your last birthday?” the response: ”too drunk to remember.” The student also filled in answers peppered with vulgarities and fat jokes.


A student ridiculing teachers and principals isn’t new, it has been happening since there were schools. It also isn’t anything new for the student to be punished for doing so, teaching them appropriate conduct as they mature. But now, the ACLU has decided teaching good conduct and manners are a violation of “freedom of speech.” Witold Walczak, Pennsylvania Legal Director of the ACLU says, ”In this critical last semester, Justin’s opportunities to gain admission to college may be irreparably damaged.”


Shouldn’t “Justin” have thought about that before engaging in this act?


Part of growing into manhood used to be learning to accept responsibility for your actions and taking your just due. Now, the ACLU adds to their frivolous lawsuit files this one that teaches children they have no responsibility for their actions and others just have to accept it. Where will the ACLU be if “Justin” wins this and ends up one day robbing a bank or stealing cars? Will they come running to sue the bank and Police?


I also have to wonder, since the ACLU claims to be such harbingers of our Constitution, where were they as ‘Hate Speech’ laws were passed? Doesn’t ‘freedom of speech’ include unsavory names? Of course, using those names very well could rightfully end up causing the one using them to have his dental work rearranged, rightfully so. Will the ACLU come running to sue the one punching out the name caller in such a case?


I also wonder as well where is the ACLU as our Second Amendment rights are gradually being stripped away? Since they claim they wish to protect the Constitution, shouldn’t they also be filing suit after suit over gun control laws?


They also hate discrimination, I hear. Yet, they steer clear of discriminatory initiatives such as Washington States recent total ban on private businesses allowing smoking within their establishments, if they so desire.


Of course, they claim the punishment ‘Justin’ received was harsh and can affect his future admissions to College. In the old days, he would have just been bent over the Dean of Boy’s chair and had the “Board of Education“ briskly applied to his young ass several times. That would have been the end of it right there, but groups like the ACLU decided that too was excessive.


ACLU Lawyer Walczak said, ”Not to excuse it, but school officials need to understand that they’re not parents. School officials can’t reach into parents’ homes and tell them how to raise their kids.” Yet, everyday we have the schools and the ACLU fighting for our young daughters to be free to be taken for an abortion without parental consent as young as 13 years old! We have teachers in school undermining parent’s freedom of raising their children with the values they believe in by telling the kids only evolution is proper and some even ridicule religious beliefs, if they are Christian values and beliefs. We have schools, with ACLU backing, seeking any hint of parental discipline by teaching the children they may not be spanked or denied what they wish. We have Child Protective Services around the country coming into homes, often called by the schools and “investigating” some of the most outrageous claims of child abuse.


But, “School officials can’t reach into parents’ homes and tell them how to raise their kids?”


We all better open our eyes and see the ACLU for what it actually is. A Communist legal group set up by Communists back in the 1920s and dedicated to bringing down the America we know. They frivolous lawsuits are not to “protect liberty and the constitution.” Their efforts are use our constitution to DESTROY it!


To “Justin,” I say, “grow up, boy. Take your lumps like a man and get over it. Accept responsibility for your actions and since you engaged in ‘normal kid stuff,’ learn that others are just engaging in ‘normal school and parent stuff.’”



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