Hoodwinked by the Sexual Revolution

Yes, ladies, that’s right, you were hoodwinked long ago. Feminists and others told you to become “liberated.” Not to be subjective to men and go out and enjoy yourselves, have sexual freedom, use men and have all the sex you could get and enjoy it.


I’m not one to say sex is bad, mind you, but look what you have really gained with all this newfound sexual freedom. Increased pregnancy leading too much increased abortions, more STDs for you ladies, more revealing clothes and attitudes. That’s not all you received in return, you also ended up being just as used by men, if not more so, than before this so called revolution.


Men wish for an easy conquest, sexually. Some even seek depraved sexual contact and you have willingly given in, in your own quest for this “freedom.” You don’t think so? Look around you. Divorces are higher than ever, leaving many of you penniless and with children. More single Moms than ever, many in their mid-teens. More of you having to work to make ends meet while you pay someone else to raise your children with their values instead of yours.


Don’t get me wrong, here. Of course you should enjoy sex with the right man. It should be out of love, not just a quick one-night stand that could leave you with many things, some incurable, today. If you don’t wish marriage, that’s your business. But, too often, without the marriage, you could be left with just a feeling of being used and discarded as the man is now off seeking another sexual conquest, often with some one younger, maybe prettier and more willing to satisfy his ever increasing desires.


You run the risk of pregnancy, AIDs, STDs and just being the instrument of his pleasure, not what this new “liberated” womanhood was supposed to be about. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but that is just the way it is. You take the risks and the man takes very little. If you choose abortion, you are the one submitting to the surgery, not him. Oh, he may or may not pay for, but you pay for it for the rest of your life, remembering that it was you have snuffed out the life growing in you.


Ladies, sorry for being frank, but you haven’t gained anything with the “Sexual Revolution.” If anything, you lost. Men don’t feel the need to be chivalrous as they once were. Many don’t even feel the need to wine and dine, just to get you in the sack as cheaply as possible. You take all the risks and they just move on to the next woman.


Think about what has been happening, ladies. Stop fooling yourselves that you increased sex gives you freedom. It doesn’t. It just gives you risks and possible heartache. In these situations, you are just another piece of ass to the man who is more than willing to bed you and move on. This newfound freedom just made it easier for the philanderers, cads and womanizers to get exactly what they have always wanted, an easy lay.




One Response to “Hoodwinked by the Sexual Revolution”

  1. Liz Says:

    Excellent write up!  It is ashame how far we have come.  Society is so decedant and lucivious it is almost frightening.  Not to mention the disease.  What degression, not progression.
    The old \’We\’ve come a long way baby\’ from the seventies is an after thought now.  Now it\’s \’girls gone wild\’ and the like.  Yep, you\’ve come a long way to no where place baby!
    Truly sad, but what you wrote is so true.

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