Canada’s Conservative Party scores win



Canada’s Conservative Party scores win – Americas –


After nearly 14 years of Liberal Control of the Canadian Government, it appears our neighbors to the North have had enough and are seeing the fallacies of the Left. Tonight’s wins for Conservatives shows that the average Canadian, just like American’s, are seeing that although Liberalism paints a rosey picture o life, it just doesn’t work.


Earlier today, even Michael Moore seemed upset and made his speeches warning Canadians they would fall under the control of the Bush Administration. What nonsense. It seems all the left has left is scare tactics to denigrate the Right and paint a gloomy picture of a lifestyle that has worked well for over 6,000 years now.


Canada’s new Conservative leader has pledged no Canadian troops to Iraq, as is their right. Still, he wishes to beef up efforts in Afghanistan fighting terrorists there, which will be much appreciated. The likes of Michael Moore don’t seem to realize that fighting terrorists isn’t just for Americans, it’s for all freedom loving people worldwide and one that must be won.


Fear has been expressed about a Conservative Government and I can only say to my Northern Neighbors, have no fear. Conservatives aren’t the Devil and aren’t out to harm you. Just the opposite, we wish you well and wish to see each of you prosper as your own talents allow.


I also wish to express my thanks to Canadians for opening their eyes and seeing the failure of Socialism, which is really what Liberalsim is. Canadians, don’t worry, American Conservatives do not wish to make the calls for you. We wish for you to make your own calls and take care of your own country, as you always have. But, realize that since we share a very long common border, your help in securing that border will go a long ways to keep terrorists from operating down here in America as well as up there in Canada.


Thank you, Canada



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