Jimmy Carter Places Hope in Terrorists

Even for lily livered Jimmy Carter, this one is unbelievable!!

Carter was quoted as saying, “that although Hamas were "so-called terrorists," so far "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials."

Is he serious? A Terrorist isn’t corrupt? We all know this is another slam at Republicans over the so-called Abramoff Scandal, but has he forgotten already that several prominent Democrats are also involved in this? Oh, wait. Of course, I forgot, the Democrats that accepted monies from Abramoff did so legally. It was only Republicans that broke the law by accepting money from Abramoff and his Indian Tribes he represented.

Forgetting the obvious partisan slams, can Carter seriously believe that Hamas Terrorists are much better than Republicans, simply because they haven’t been accused of accepting bribes? That I know of, no Politician, Democrat or Republican has been convicted in any of this. But, Israel has imprisoned several Hamas members over the years and killed many more.

Would Carter be surprised to learn that Saddam Hussein was ‘donating’ something like $25,000 to families of Palestinian Suicide Bombers that killed Jews in attacks within Israel? I guess that is acceptable pay-offs to Mr. Carter.

For the first time in history, former Presidents, Carter and Clinton, have engaged in slamming their successors. Now, Carter wishes to not just compare terrorists to Republicans, but also actually insinuate they are better than Republicans. I can only see this as a new low for American History and a deeper slide into the destruction of our once great country.

Carter is best known for his failures throughout his 4 years in office. Failure by allowing terrorist Iranians to invade and hold our Diplomatic corps from the Iranian Embassy for over a year. Failure in having planned and conceived a rescue attempt that was so complicated it was doomed to failure. His entire Presidency was one failure after another, including offering free and open amnesty to all Viet Nam era Draft Dodgers, which in effect, made them heroes while further slandering those of us who actually obeyed the law and fought to try to keep the South Vietnamese people free.

In later years, the former Peanut Farmer from Georgia was best known for lending a hand with Habitat for Humanity where he readily staged photo ops of himself hammering nails into wooden homes being constructed for the poor.

He has been known as being the absolute worst President in American History and now, will also be known as the one who would rather support known terrorists than Republicans fighting to keep the world free from terrorists.

Unbelievable just doesn’t come close to what goes through my mind over this latest outrage from a Democrat Liberal Loser!



Link to Newsmax article: http://newsmax.com/archives/ic/2006/1/21/133946.shtml?s=ic



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