Belafonte accuses Bush of Gestapo tactics – U.S. Life –



Belafonte accuses Bush of Gestapo tactics – U.S. Life –

Yes, Belafonte isn’t content with saddling up to the likes of Venezuela’s Communist leader, Hugo Chavez, he seems prepared to lash out at the Bush Administration whenever he can. Can we say he must a bit disoriented? Well, I can, that’s for sure.

 From the article;

 The Harlem-born Belafonte, who was raised in Jamaica, said his activism was inspired by an impoverished mother “who imbued in me that we should never capitulate to oppression.”

 We should never capitualte to oppression? Yet, he condemns the very actions that are fighting the worst oppression present in the world today? Harry, your red drawers are showing, old man. Did you not hear of how women were being raped, husbands returned to their wives dead and opponents of Saddam disappearing and some fed through a shredder feet first? Where was your regard for "human rights" then? Didn’t Iraqis deserve human rights under Saddam also?

 He acknowledged that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks demanded a reaction by the United States, but said the policies of the Bush administration were not the right response.

Then tell us, oh great one hit wonder singer, what is the right response? Capitulate to the oppression of radical Islamofacists? Refuse to sell Nabisco crackers to them? Plead with the UN to pass endless meaningless resolutions for them to snub their noses at? Tell us, Harry, what you have done? How long would you be pleased with a leader like Saddam Oppressing his people, since your Mother taught, no, imbued you that we should never give in to oppression? 

Bush, he said, rose to power “somewhat dubiously and … then lies to the people of this nation, misleads them, misinstructs, and then sends off hundreds of thousands of our own boys and girls to a foreign land that has not aggressed against us.”

Rose to power "somewhat dubiously?" Harry, haven’t you ever heard of the Electoral College? They have been actually choosing the President for most all, if not all of our history. Guess what? 2000 isn’t the first time a candidate won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote, either. If you mean dubious in regards to the involvement of the courts in the Florida election, maybe you should shake off your hatred for a few minutes and remember it was Algore’s people that initiated court procedures in the first place. Sorry your boys attempts at cheating in the Florida recount after recount after recount didn’t work. But, Harry, that isn’t "dubious."

If you want dubious, why not address the youths that are currently on trial in Wisconson for slashing the tires of 25 Republican vehicles used for "get out the vote," preventing untold numbers of infirmed and those without transportation to make it to the polls. Since it was Republicans being prevented from voting and since a Democrat narrowly won that state in the election, I guess that doesn’t fit "dubious?"

Bush lied, misleads, misinstructs? Harry, can’t any of you Commie Liberals ever come up with a thought of your own? Does everything have to be talking points from Oh, did you miss all the Democrats that have been making the same claims for over a decade?

Harry, you were once a decent singer. I can’t say great, but many people have enjoyed your Dayo song for many years. But, having one really popular song released decades ago doesn’t make you anymore a statesman than does acting in Hollyweird. Yes, you have the freedom to stand up and make a fool of yourself and yes, I have the freedom to stand up and point out your foolery.

Now, Harry, if you are really interested in fighting oppression in America, why not speak out how smoking bans are stripping private business owners of their right to cater to the clientele the wish to? Why not address the Liberal Supreme Courts ruling that government can just take a landowners property to sell it to another private individual to collect more taxes? Why not speak out on how Blacks, members of your own race, that freely join and support Conservative causes are labled Toms, turncoats and ostracized by people just like you? Why not speak out on how Liberals wish to change voting in the country so they may have an easier time falisifying votes? Why not speak out on how a qualified Judicial Candidate was drug over the coals before narrowly winning a seat on the Supreme Court years ago and yes, he was also a Black man emminently qualified to serve. It would seem the Brown Shirt Gestapo tactics you bemoan are acceptable, as long as they are used against a Conservative.

Sorry, Harry, but you are a has been singer who wishes notoriety. Well, you are getting it, but Harry, you have chosen the wrong side.




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