Being ‘Kerried Away’ by Kerry

The nation is once again, getting "Kerried Away." What’s that, you say?

Just today, the failed candidate for President, John ‘F’in (did you know I was in Viet Nam?) Kerry posted a comment on a notoriously far left blog site, the Daily Kos. Of course, it reads like he notices nothing but failures from the Bush Administration in the execution of the War on Terror. Hasn’t anyone told this maroon that he lost the election and actually made a concession speech?

Much like his infamous 1971 “testimony” before the Fulbright Commission, Kerry once again tries to make himself superior by pointing at others. At least this time he isn’t denigrating our Fighting Troops, yet!

He complains about the failure of “capturing” Bin Laden in Tora Bora in 2001, yet has no condemnation of his fellow Democrat, Slick Willy Clintoon’s refusal to take custody of Bin Laden at least two times, possibly three during the 1990s, long before 9-11 cost us so much.

He talks about wanting to “get the truth out.” Senator Kerry, we too would like the truth, the truth about your bogus medals and possibility of receiving a dishonorable or less than desirable discharge from the Navy, after your treasonous activities with the Communist fronted group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War. When do you fully release all of your Military Records to the entire country, Senator?

It is Kerry that seems to be leading the effort to make the term "Swift Boated" derogatory, when it actually means to have your despicable past brought out, to tell the truth about someone they desire to keep hidden." I propose the term "Kerried" to contrast in that it refers to telling lies about an entire group or individual in order to gain Political points for attaining office."

Kerry "Kerried" every Viet Nam Veteran back in 1971 when he went before the Fulbright Committee and branded us as ‘monsters,’ and ‘war criminals.’ He continues to "kerry" the nation today by not releasing his full Military Records to the entire Public and standing on medals he doesn’t deserve, Medals that he claimed to have very publicly thrown away back then, yet has them prominently displayed on his walls today. He “Kerries” the nation by constantly opposing everything a brave President has been forced to do in order to protect the citizens of America. He “Kerries” us all by still campaigning in a failed campaign for an office he is not qualified for. He “Kerries” the nation by saying what great plans he has and when asked about the particulars of those plans, reminds us he served in Viet Nam and we are questioning his patriotism.

Questioning it? No, Senator, we cannot question what you do not have.

Maybe being ‘Kerried’ should also include, "I opposed Kos before I supported them." Too bad he isn’t paying more attention to his Senate Duties than playing on the Internet.



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