Talking about Library tackles issue of Web use – News –



Library tackles issue of Web use – News –


More on this later, maybe this evening. I can’t believe they are even discussing this, but it’s their loss of revenue and they just don’t get it!


Access to information is one thing. My taxes paying for access to pornographic entertainment is another.


One Response to “Talking about Library tackles issue of Web use – News –”

  1. LEW Says:

    Thinking about this, I have to wonder why there is such a push to protect someone\’s so called freedom to access Porn on a public computer? It\’s another thing that just doesn\’t make sense to me.With all the warnings we have received over porn, why is it protected at taxpayers expense, yet, a private business owner in this state cannot decide for himself whether or not to allow patrons to somke? Isn\’t that a freedom also?As the article stated, the library has failed to float a levy many times now. I, for one, don\’t use our libraries here. While I don\’t mind seeing good looking women partially unclothed, I don\’t need to sneak away from the house and look for taxpayer funded access to them. That the library pushes to protect this "right," just may be one of the main reasons they fail to fund any levy\’s. As long as they continue in this policy, they will not get my vote.

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