Kerry’s Criminals on Trial

Reading about this trial is appalling. Not only because they were accused or being tried, but because we have heard little or nothing about this from the Leftstream media.


Kerry’s Criminals, as they are referred to, are five young men accused of slashing tires of Republican vehicles used on election day to ferry people who cannot make it to the polls on their own, not unlike the Democrats do. Slashing tires on 25 vehicles amounted to disabling about 25% of the Republicans “Get Out The Vote” fleet.


How many people were prevented from voting? We may never know.


The five include Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde, the son of Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) who also goes by the name Supreme Solar Allah; Michael Pratt, the son of former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt and leader of Kerry’s campaign team in Milwaukee; Lewis Caldwell; Lavelle Mohammed, and Justin Howell. Today, they are now claiming that they were ‘framed’ by out of town Democrat Operatives. You lay down with dogs, you’ll catch fleas, comes to mind.


Still, my main outrage is that the Leftstream media finds this story to be of little interest. Would it receive such little notice had the five been Republicans that slashed tires on Democrats “Get Out The Vote” vehicles? I can only imagine the outrage and headlines demanding Bush’s impeachment over this, Karl Roves being “frog-marched” out of the White House and you can bet the New York Slimes would find a direct link to the White House, even if they had to manufacture it.


Kerry did carry the state of Wisconsin, where this happened, by a very slim margin. Would the vote have been different had the Republican vehicles been able to ferry voters to the polls?


After all the cries in the last two elections of Republican “dirty tricks” that disenfranchised voters and even outright allegations of blocking people from voting, I’m shocked that such a blatant attack on voters as this goes unreported by Leftstream media. If this isn’t media bias, I don’t know what is.


After the fiasco we had in Washington in the Governors race, it seems the only way Democrats can get elected is to openly cheat and thumb their noses at all of us.


Politics is indeed a dirty game, but this is criminal and if there is any connection to Kerry himself, although I doubt it, he needs to be “Frog-marched” out of the Senate. If his treasonous activities 30 years ago aren’t enough, any connection to this outrage should show the public what type of person they almost had for President.




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