Unreliable Media


Once again, the media haste in reporting “breaking news” has caused anger in the country. After announcing all evening that 12 of 13 trapped miners in West Virginia have been miraculously found alive, they now have corrected themselves to state that only on is alive.


I can only imagine the pain families there must feel, after being given such jubilant news.


Back during coverage of Hurricane Katrina, we saw much of this same style of reporting. We were told of all the horrors, murders, rapes and such, within the Superdome. People starving to death, armed gangs roaming the streets shooting at people and rescuers and after the waters receded; there was no evidence of it happening at all.


When Pvt. Jessica Lynch was being hailed a hero for shooting back and fighting with all she had, we all brimmed with pride that an attractive young lady in our Military performed so well. After her rescue, it turned out it wasn’t her at all, but a male Army Sergeant that was killed while she huddled in understandable fear.


The media blames the Army for that one, but they also failed to wait for the “confirmed reports” as the Army briefed them that initial reports were “unconfirmed.” Only one newspaper reported that the reports were “unconfirmed.”


We see the Bush Administration railed against day after day. The media calls for Bush’s head on a platter over someone supposedly leaking the name of a known CIA desk jockey, allegedly for paybacks.


Now, the media makes no similar calls for the investigation and prosecution of just who leaked word of secret intelligence gathering methods that even the media felt was necessary to print and tip off our enemies, while we are at war, just how we discover what they are up to. Instead, they clam up and see no problem with telling our enemies how we intend to defeat them.


Is it any wonder why I refer to the major media in our country as the “Leftstream Media?” Reporting, if you can call it that, is so slanted the bias drips off of it. They are so fast to release “news” that no one is even confirming if it is true, just get it out, sell papers and make profits!


To me, our media has become totally disgusting!




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