Most Corrupt Congress in History?

Hearing Senator Harry Reid, D. Nevada, utter those words makes me want to laugh as loud and as long as I can. Of course, he is referring to the Jack Abramoff Scandal currently brewing.


He seemed a bit rattled, though, when his name was mentioned as also receiving several thousands of dollars through Indian Agencies from Abramoff groups, though.


The funniest part is, Reid just may be right, for once. Of course, he wishes the population of America to believe it is only Republicans, since we know Liberal Democrats would never ever do anything wrong, right? Seems he also will not return any of the thousands of dollars he received, either.


Well, Senator Reid, I wonder where you stand on the Barrett Report and Democrats efforts to squelch and prevent portions of it pertaining to the Clintons from be released? Seems that Barrett stumbled across some information in his investigation of Henry Cisneros that implicates the Clintons, both former President Bill and current Senator, Hillary, in misuse of the IRS against accusers of the President during his term. It does seem odd that every single woman who came forward and accused him of wrongdoing towards them was audited by the IRS right after.


I also wonder why a lot of worse scandals during that 8-year period didn’t raise any eyebrows of the Democrats. Maybe they feel accepting money from a foreign and adversarial government for campaigns if acceptable, as long as it is to a Democrat? Odd too that shortly after that, Red China suddenly had new and highly classified missile technology from the U.S.


As far as I’m concerned any politician found accepting bribe money for political favors needs prosecuted, regardless of party affiliation. But, as usual, we will see names of Republicans implicated in the headlines while Democrats implicated will receive a pass.


Now, what was that the Senator was saying about “Most Corrupt?” Maybe, by some fluke, his own corruption will be revealed and it will be he that ends up being “Frog-marched” out the Senate.


If nothing else, the public should now see why Senatorial Term limits are needed and what a failure the McCain (may as well be a Democrat) Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill was.



2 Responses to “Most Corrupt Congress in History?”

  1. Unknown Says:

    "They want us to pay higher taxes for them, have our babies aborted, ignore our values, drive what they say is proper and even eat what they say we must."Wow. I\’ve never talked to a Freeper before. No, you moron. It\’s all about CHOICE. No one is being forced to have an abortion, or being force to eat …. what the hell are you talking about? . Are you afraid somebody will make you eat tofu? Individual choice … it\’s the American way.As for Murtha, a heretofor unknown "CyberNews Network" has suddenly appeared at the behest of Rove and others whose only tactic when confronted by inconvenient truths is to smear. The "evidence" against Murtha comes from third-hand reports of someone who had an axe to grind (he lost an election to Murtha) and who, like several vague other sources, is conveniently dead. This is like your friends the Swift boaters. There, the primary voice against Kerry was someone who had been in the same action, and said there was no fighting. Turns out that he had been awarded a combat medal FOR HIS PART IN THE SAME ACTION. If this war is so fucking necessary to our survival, why don\’t bush\’s girls go. Or would that make him more of a coward than his daughters. Goddam chickenhawks all of them. Name one in bush\’s inner circle that ever had the balls to stand up and fight. You people are deluded fools, needing to hide your own sense of weakness by attacking anyone who you worry might threaten your power. When you come down the street marching and smashing in your brown shirts for your kind of "patriotism", we\’ll be waiting for you.A patriot and a veteran.

  2. LEW Says:

    Hey Ben, ain\’t Freedom of Speech a Bitch? Imagine that, us on the Right even have it. As for your banal rant;1. I did not say they are "forcing" anyone. I said they "WANT." Different meanings. Try using a dictionary, some time.2. CBN is hardly new just because you haven\’t seen it. It\’s been out for some time and offers a decent alternative to Leftstream Alphabets News Manipulators.3. Like other idiot Liberals, you have no idea what would be involved if Bush\’s daughters did enlist. They too are required Secret Service protection, ya know. Try getting an education, it might help you.4. Chicken hawks? LOL, Murtha hiding somewhere that he can\’t remember a fire fight? You have obviously never been in one, you don\’t fall asleep.Kerry and his trumped up heroics? Admitting ti killing a wounded Viet Cong? Didn\’t you leftist swine not too long ago go ballistic over a current soldier accused of that in Iraq?For your information, Bush did volunteer to go to Viet Nam and fly, he was turned down because of not enough flight time. Kerry, on the other hand, volunteered for Swift Boats believing he could list a war on his record and serve in safe off coast customs patrols. He admitted to that in 1986 or so. I have the book in which he wrote those words. Try reading sometime, it might help your disposition, but I doubt it. You Hate America types have big problems with reality.5 Power? Check your local giovernments and see just what they represent.As for your "Patriot and Veteran" crap, I think you know where you can stick that.

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