It’s finally here and we have much to look forward to, I’m afraid.


I feel the Democrats will continue their hatred of Bush and smearing his every effort. After all, it’s all they have done since he was elected to office. Of course, they will fail, as their manufactured scandals have no substance to them.


It appears Democrats feel this is how they will regain power in the government and I feel they will be sorely disappointed, again. Now, if they put more like Senator Lieberman and Zell Miller in charge of the party, they might find they have fresh ideas and that could ring with Americans. But alas, they will keep the likes of Howard Dean and Harry Reid in power and the rhetoric will continue.


I’m afraid the War on Terror will still be going strong, now that the Democrat crybaby media has opted to inform our enemy, Al Qaeda, how we intercept their information. I can only imagine how WW2 would have gone with the same leftstream media opposing Roosevelt back then.


The NSA Eavesdropping case will get a lot of air time, as usual, in hopes of bringing down the Bush administration, but it too will be a lot of hot air, what with them discovering Bush not only acted legally, he acted prudently to protect the country, as a President should.


Democrats will continue to suppress the release of the Barrett Report, which could implicate both Bill and Hillary Clinton in a scandal unmatched in history. Using the IRS to squelch descent from opponents isn’t exactly what Americans see as fair play, especially after Hillary screeched her rhetoric last year, “We have a right to debate this and any administration.” Of course, as her and her husband’s administration was being debated, it garnered calls of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.”


As we all know, this is an election year and the campaign rhetoric will be very nasty this year, as Democrats pull out all the stops in their futile attempt to regain power. They underestimate American citizens intelligence and this is what will ultimately undo them.


The anti-war cretins will continue their hatred of America and the Military and their mistreatment of returning troops will once again rise up as it did during Viet Nam.


In all, I think this will prove to be a very interesting year, but we will survive and Conservatism will continue gaining strength. All that is needed is to purge the party of the RINOs and turncoats like McCain et. al.



2 Responses to “2006”

  1. Teri Says:

    I suppose you feel its ok to break the law when its a president eh? Well he isnt above the law, and he sure as hell isn\’t a King, therefore, if he is allowed to get away with it, where will he stop?
    He illegally invaded a country with false pretenses, he has murdered thousands of Innocent Iraqi\’s with his lie\’s, and hundreds of american troops. He used the very thing on Iraq, he claimed Saddam had (which by way has never been found) not only in this war, but daddy did it also in desert storm, check the fact, Depleted Uranium was used in 91, and in the iraq war used white phosphorus. He drafted the patriot act a yr before 9/11 bcuz he planned this to take over the middle eastern oil fields for his corporate butt fuks.

  2. LEW Says:

    Teri, you ask, "where will it stop?" We don\’t know either. Clinton has been out of office now for 5 years and his garbage is still affecting us. Since you are talking about Presidents placing themselves above the law, you do mean Clinton, don\’t you? After all, if it\’s the NSA eavesdropping bothering you, shouldn\’t Clinton\’s Echelon Program and other eavesdropping on Americans, not suspected terrorists, bother you as well?
    You really do need to lay off the kool aid, dear. If you will bother to read something besides Democratic Underground, Daily Kos and Moveon.org, you would see that the invasion was not only legal, since Saddam violated the cease fire he signed at the end of the first Gulf Far, he ignored 17 UN Resolutions over 12 years to allow verification that he had disarmed. Since he violated the Cease Fire agreement, which makes it perfectly legal to re-initiate the war.
    So, Bush "murdered thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians," did he? Busy man. Do you have the figures on the number of Iraqi civilians Saddam slaughtered before he was deposed? Bet you don\’t, do you? Have there been innocent deaths? Of course, it\’s war. But, "thousands?" I do hope you have verification for that number besides another moonbat lefty hate America and Bush site.
    What is it with you lefties over this "Depleted Uranium?" If it isn\’t "Bush lied and thousands died," it\’s "Where\’s Osama," or "No WMDs." Can\’t any of you ever think for yourselves and forego the usual Socialist moonbat talking points? Oh, as for depleted uranium claims, plain lead bullets are far more dangerous than are depleted uranium, which is very weakly radioactive, according to a 50 year study quoted by Professor Otto Raabe, PhD, CHP Institute of Toxicology & Environmental Health, University of California. Find another one to whine about, hon.
    Now, you did mention a new one. Bush planned the Patriot Act a year before 9-11? Was that before or after he dreamed up the invasion of Iraq in Crawford? And oh yes, the old "No War for Oil" again? Last I saw, our gas prices are higher than ever and even though moonbats are trying to shout about windfall profits for the oil companies, 9% profit really isn\’t all that great.
    I am disappointed, though. With all your unsubstantiated moonbat rhetoric, you did not once directly mention Halliburton.
    Feel free to come back whenever, Teri. Try not to drink so much Kool-Aid, though. It does befuddle the mind.

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