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ACLU At It Again, Sues on Behalf of Student

January 28, 2006

Yes, the ACLU is at it again. In their endless effort to undermine American values and promote their Socialist agenda, they have once again taken something to court that is none of their business.


In this case, a teenage student constructed what the ACLU calls a “parody” of the school’s principal. According to their lawsuit, this “parody” included such things as, in a question and answer format, ”what did you do on your last birthday?” the response: ”too drunk to remember.” The student also filled in answers peppered with vulgarities and fat jokes.


A student ridiculing teachers and principals isn’t new, it has been happening since there were schools. It also isn’t anything new for the student to be punished for doing so, teaching them appropriate conduct as they mature. But now, the ACLU has decided teaching good conduct and manners are a violation of “freedom of speech.” Witold Walczak, Pennsylvania Legal Director of the ACLU says, ”In this critical last semester, Justin’s opportunities to gain admission to college may be irreparably damaged.”


Shouldn’t “Justin” have thought about that before engaging in this act?


Part of growing into manhood used to be learning to accept responsibility for your actions and taking your just due. Now, the ACLU adds to their frivolous lawsuit files this one that teaches children they have no responsibility for their actions and others just have to accept it. Where will the ACLU be if “Justin” wins this and ends up one day robbing a bank or stealing cars? Will they come running to sue the bank and Police?


I also have to wonder, since the ACLU claims to be such harbingers of our Constitution, where were they as ‘Hate Speech’ laws were passed? Doesn’t ‘freedom of speech’ include unsavory names? Of course, using those names very well could rightfully end up causing the one using them to have his dental work rearranged, rightfully so. Will the ACLU come running to sue the one punching out the name caller in such a case?


I also wonder as well where is the ACLU as our Second Amendment rights are gradually being stripped away? Since they claim they wish to protect the Constitution, shouldn’t they also be filing suit after suit over gun control laws?


They also hate discrimination, I hear. Yet, they steer clear of discriminatory initiatives such as Washington States recent total ban on private businesses allowing smoking within their establishments, if they so desire.


Of course, they claim the punishment ‘Justin’ received was harsh and can affect his future admissions to College. In the old days, he would have just been bent over the Dean of Boy’s chair and had the “Board of Education“ briskly applied to his young ass several times. That would have been the end of it right there, but groups like the ACLU decided that too was excessive.


ACLU Lawyer Walczak said, ”Not to excuse it, but school officials need to understand that they’re not parents. School officials can’t reach into parents’ homes and tell them how to raise their kids.” Yet, everyday we have the schools and the ACLU fighting for our young daughters to be free to be taken for an abortion without parental consent as young as 13 years old! We have teachers in school undermining parent’s freedom of raising their children with the values they believe in by telling the kids only evolution is proper and some even ridicule religious beliefs, if they are Christian values and beliefs. We have schools, with ACLU backing, seeking any hint of parental discipline by teaching the children they may not be spanked or denied what they wish. We have Child Protective Services around the country coming into homes, often called by the schools and “investigating” some of the most outrageous claims of child abuse.


But, “School officials can’t reach into parents’ homes and tell them how to raise their kids?”


We all better open our eyes and see the ACLU for what it actually is. A Communist legal group set up by Communists back in the 1920s and dedicated to bringing down the America we know. They frivolous lawsuits are not to “protect liberty and the constitution.” Their efforts are use our constitution to DESTROY it!


To “Justin,” I say, “grow up, boy. Take your lumps like a man and get over it. Accept responsibility for your actions and since you engaged in ‘normal kid stuff,’ learn that others are just engaging in ‘normal school and parent stuff.’”



link to story




Jimmy Carter Still Supporting Terrorists

January 27, 2006

Just when we feel the loons may be receding, comes Jimmy Carter, failed former President of the United States who is undoubtedly the single worst President this nation has ever seen.


Since loosing the Presidency, Carter has made it his goal to push his idea of Human Rights, get photo ops of himself hammering nails for Habitat for Humanity and traveling the globe, at taxpayers expense, I’m sure, and make a total ass of himself.


His latest faux paus entails his support for Palestinian Terror groups, most notably Hamas. The other day, he calls them “alleged terrorists” and adds, “at least they are not corrupt.”


Today, he recognizes Hamas as legitimately winning the elections in Palestine and urging freedom loving nations to continue funding of Palestine under a Hamas rule since "The elections were completely honest, completely fair, completely safe and without violence."


As quick as the looney left is to cry fraud when they lose an election, I’m amazed he is so quick to call this election honest and fair. As for “without violence,” excuse me Jimmy, but have you had your head buried deep into your ass the past 25 years? Just because there was one day without significant violence doesn’t mean it was “without violence.”


Although I have no evidence or a hint of it happening, what are the chances the Palestinian people who desire peace with Israel were threatened to vote Hamas in, or else? Is that not possible? Is it not also possible that the Palestinians voted for Hamas out of fear of retribution if they did not? Since the elections are only one day old, I find it amazing that Carter can call them so honest and fair so quickly.


Carter also said, "The Palestinian Government is destitute, and in desperate financial straits. I hope that support for the new government will be forthcoming." I don’t doubt that, given how corrupt they have been, even if Jimmy Carter feels they are not. But, why should the US and European nations ante up all the funding? Since Israel is all but surrounded by Islamic Oil Rich states with some of the wealthiest Sheiks and Oil Revenues in the world, why shouldn’t they be the first ones funding the Palestinians? Why aren’t they also calling on Hamas to recognize Israel and put an end to the cycle of violence that has been going on there for centuries now?


Jimmy Carter is as naïve as he was as President when he failed to support the Shah of Iran and allowed Islamic Extremists to take over the country under Ayatollah Khomeini and look where the country is today. Terrorists gained a large foothold in the Middle East under his pitiful administration and look how they have progressed today.


Is it any wonder so many Americans consider Mr. Carter as the single worst and most ineffective President ever in the history of the United States?


Go home to Georgia, Mr. Carter. Find a rocking chair to rest in. Farm your peanuts. Do whatever. Just stop embarrassing America. Any fool knows that funding terrorists will just end up allowing them buy more weapons to use against the ones they have vowed to “wipe off the face of the earth.”




Israel won’t negotiate with Hamas –

January 26, 2006



Olmert: Israel won’t negotiate with Hamas – Mideast/N. Africa –


Does this really surprise anyone? Not me. I can’t say I really blame them either. For decades now, Hamas has been advocating and attempting to have Israel both destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth. By what right they claim that escapes me.

I once worked with a Palestinian man who also could not understand why all the continued hatred there. Maybe we need to look back and see why and hopefully you will discover, as I did, that Israel isn’t the bad guy they have been made out to be.

Before and after WW1, Israel was part of a section of the Middle East known as Palestine. Arab and Jew lived together in this land, although not as peacefully as they should have. That battle dates all the way back to Biblical Times, long before Jesus walked the earth. Still, for centuries, they lived amongst each other under the Ottoman Empire. That Empire ended with WW1 and the nations that claimed victory in that cease fire, or Armistice, if you will, decided to carve up the Ottoman Empire and separate the Jews and Arabs seeing how they could not get along.

Under the Balfour Agreement, it was decided that all land West of the Jordan River would be Jewish and the rest Arab. Then, Oil was found. Arabs balked at Jews getting a decent portion of Middle East land and attacks against each other continued. The Depression hit and the Balfour Agreement ended up being largely ignored. Of course, soon after that, WW2 happened and we all know about the Holocaust and the decimation of Jewish people, as well as others, in the Nazi Death Camps.

After the war, Jews still desired a homeland of their own and the oldest claim to that stretch of land was the Jews from Biblical Times. Still Israel had to fight to become a nation and the Arabs themselves were prepared to stop them. During this time, Palestinian Arabs remained within the borders of what was to become Israel while other Arabs ignored and reviled them; not one Arab nation would take them in, but used them as the tool to say Israel stole Palestine from the Arabs.

The various wars since the very day after Israel was granted independence and afterwards are also well known. However, it seems the world has forgotten that Israel was attacked by vastly superior Arab forces in 1967 and ended up succeeding in capturing the contested lands the world is now demanding Israel "give back." They weren’t stolen and occupied; they were captured while under attack.

Hamas was formed to battle Israel and has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Now, the Palestinian people after being given some of the contest lands back to form his or her own Palestine, have elected a majority Hamas government. To me, Israel rightfully refuses to negotiate with these known terrorists who have claimed numerous suicide attacks that has resulted in the deaths of too many Jews, Westerners and even Arabs. Hamas has shown little, if any, desire for peaceful coexistence. That is why I say their have "righteous indignation" over this election, considering another Arab nation has a President also vowing to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and is highly suspected of seeking and building nuclear weapons.

Still, all is not totally lost with this election, I feel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suggests that negotiations with Israel be conducted through the PLO, possibly bypassing a Hamas-led government. “I am committed to implementing the program on which you elected me a year ago,” he said in a televised speech. “It is a program based on negotiations and peaceful settlement with Israel.”

President Bush said, “Peace is never dead,” But added, “if your platform is the destruction of Israel, it means you’re not a partner in peace, and we’re interested in peace.”

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said, “If the people of Palestine have expressed their will by voting for Hamas, we should respect it and give Hamas a chance to prove itself while in government."

The onus is now on Hamas. Will they be accepted by laying down arms and reaching back towards Israel and seek Peace? Will they step up attacks on Israel, being bolstered by the talk of destroying Israel by the President of Iran? I couldn’t even begin to guess what will happen. Still words from Hamas itself today don’t leave me feeling secure in what will develop.

"Throughout the campaign, leaders sent mixed signals, hinting they could be open to some sort of accommodation with Israel. Its apparent victory will now force it to take a clearer position on key issues, including whether to abandon its violent ideology.

Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas candidate who won election in the northern Gaza Strip, said peace talks and recognition of Israel are “not on our agenda” but the group is ready for a partnership — presumably with Abbas."

I can only pray that matters over there be resolved before we end up in a nuclear war because two peoples simply can’t get along when there is ample land available for both to just live and leave each other the hell alone.





Hoodwinked by the Sexual Revolution

January 25, 2006

Yes, ladies, that’s right, you were hoodwinked long ago. Feminists and others told you to become “liberated.” Not to be subjective to men and go out and enjoy yourselves, have sexual freedom, use men and have all the sex you could get and enjoy it.


I’m not one to say sex is bad, mind you, but look what you have really gained with all this newfound sexual freedom. Increased pregnancy leading too much increased abortions, more STDs for you ladies, more revealing clothes and attitudes. That’s not all you received in return, you also ended up being just as used by men, if not more so, than before this so called revolution.


Men wish for an easy conquest, sexually. Some even seek depraved sexual contact and you have willingly given in, in your own quest for this “freedom.” You don’t think so? Look around you. Divorces are higher than ever, leaving many of you penniless and with children. More single Moms than ever, many in their mid-teens. More of you having to work to make ends meet while you pay someone else to raise your children with their values instead of yours.


Don’t get me wrong, here. Of course you should enjoy sex with the right man. It should be out of love, not just a quick one-night stand that could leave you with many things, some incurable, today. If you don’t wish marriage, that’s your business. But, too often, without the marriage, you could be left with just a feeling of being used and discarded as the man is now off seeking another sexual conquest, often with some one younger, maybe prettier and more willing to satisfy his ever increasing desires.


You run the risk of pregnancy, AIDs, STDs and just being the instrument of his pleasure, not what this new “liberated” womanhood was supposed to be about. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but that is just the way it is. You take the risks and the man takes very little. If you choose abortion, you are the one submitting to the surgery, not him. Oh, he may or may not pay for, but you pay for it for the rest of your life, remembering that it was you have snuffed out the life growing in you.


Ladies, sorry for being frank, but you haven’t gained anything with the “Sexual Revolution.” If anything, you lost. Men don’t feel the need to be chivalrous as they once were. Many don’t even feel the need to wine and dine, just to get you in the sack as cheaply as possible. You take all the risks and they just move on to the next woman.


Think about what has been happening, ladies. Stop fooling yourselves that you increased sex gives you freedom. It doesn’t. It just gives you risks and possible heartache. In these situations, you are just another piece of ass to the man who is more than willing to bed you and move on. This newfound freedom just made it easier for the philanderers, cads and womanizers to get exactly what they have always wanted, an easy lay.



Canada’s Conservative Party scores win

January 23, 2006



Canada’s Conservative Party scores win – Americas –


After nearly 14 years of Liberal Control of the Canadian Government, it appears our neighbors to the North have had enough and are seeing the fallacies of the Left. Tonight’s wins for Conservatives shows that the average Canadian, just like American’s, are seeing that although Liberalism paints a rosey picture o life, it just doesn’t work.


Earlier today, even Michael Moore seemed upset and made his speeches warning Canadians they would fall under the control of the Bush Administration. What nonsense. It seems all the left has left is scare tactics to denigrate the Right and paint a gloomy picture of a lifestyle that has worked well for over 6,000 years now.


Canada’s new Conservative leader has pledged no Canadian troops to Iraq, as is their right. Still, he wishes to beef up efforts in Afghanistan fighting terrorists there, which will be much appreciated. The likes of Michael Moore don’t seem to realize that fighting terrorists isn’t just for Americans, it’s for all freedom loving people worldwide and one that must be won.


Fear has been expressed about a Conservative Government and I can only say to my Northern Neighbors, have no fear. Conservatives aren’t the Devil and aren’t out to harm you. Just the opposite, we wish you well and wish to see each of you prosper as your own talents allow.


I also wish to express my thanks to Canadians for opening their eyes and seeing the failure of Socialism, which is really what Liberalsim is. Canadians, don’t worry, American Conservatives do not wish to make the calls for you. We wish for you to make your own calls and take care of your own country, as you always have. But, realize that since we share a very long common border, your help in securing that border will go a long ways to keep terrorists from operating down here in America as well as up there in Canada.


Thank you, Canada



John Kerry Touts Al Qaeda Successes

January 22, 2006

As if we hadn’t heard enough of this failed Presidential Candidate, like a spoiled little boy who can’t get his way, he turns against those who he is supposedly supporting and hired to help govern.


From the article;

John Kerry Touts Al Qaida Successes

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2006 1:39 p.m. EST

In quotes sure to bring delight to Osama bin Laden and his followers, Sen. John Kerry said Sunday that the reason the U.S. homeland hasn’t been attacked by al Qaida since 9/11 is because the terror group is having so much success against U.S. forces in Iraq.

"Many people surmise that one of the reasons we haven’t been attacked here, is because they are being so successful at doing what they need to do to attack us in Iraq and elsewhere," the failed presidential candidate told ABC’s "This Week."

Is it possible for sKerry to sink lower? I find it hard to believe he could, but in the past, he sure did.

In testimony before the anti-war Fulbright Commission, in regards to our troops in Viet Nam, he said, “They told stories that at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war…”

I can honestly say that during my 18 months, boots on the ground time in South Viet Nam, I never saw one incidence of any of these lies Kerry told. Another one he told was,

“We saw that many people in this country had a one-sided idea of who was kept free by the flag, and blacks provided the highest percentage of casualties.”

Sorry, but several studies have been made to find exactly what percentage of the races were that paid the price in the Nam. Blacks were no more likely to be casualties than any other group. But, to divide a nation, those words were effective in 1971.

In further efforts to bolster his anti-war activist stance, in order to gain votes for an election he also lost, he also claimed that American Troops in Viet Nam were “murdering 200,000 Vietnamese a year,” and that the Military were creating “monsters, monsters in the form of men who were trained in violence to handle situations.” (Paraphrased).

When that failed to gain him the office he sought, he went silent and later on, after what seem to think was time to have a possible less than honorable discharge upgraded and his phony medals reinstated, he once again ran for the Senate as a “War Hero.” Can you say, OPPORTUNIST?

Lately, in addition to his supportive statements of Al Qaeda Terrorists, he has also stated that troops in Iraq were “Terrorizing women and children in the dead of night.” Add to this that during his failed campaign in 2004, he “voted for the spending for the War before he voted against it.” In 1997 he was calling for strong action against Saddam Hussein and his “WMDs.” Yet, President Bush takes just that action after 9-11 and what does sKerry do, support it? NO, he takes every effort to oppose it and denigrate the Troops, but says he is totally supportive.

I can only imagine how screwed up the country would be had this elitist New Englander won the election.

All you Kerry supporters still displaying your Kerry/Edwards stickers go right ahead. As the one guy in his Toyota Pick-up that just had to get in front of me yesterday on the freeway, (because I have a W in 04 sticker on the back of my Dodge pick-up) I can only say, “Are you sure you like to tout you still support a loser?”



Jimmy Carter Places Hope in Terrorists

January 22, 2006

Even for lily livered Jimmy Carter, this one is unbelievable!!

Carter was quoted as saying, “that although Hamas were "so-called terrorists," so far "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials."

Is he serious? A Terrorist isn’t corrupt? We all know this is another slam at Republicans over the so-called Abramoff Scandal, but has he forgotten already that several prominent Democrats are also involved in this? Oh, wait. Of course, I forgot, the Democrats that accepted monies from Abramoff did so legally. It was only Republicans that broke the law by accepting money from Abramoff and his Indian Tribes he represented.

Forgetting the obvious partisan slams, can Carter seriously believe that Hamas Terrorists are much better than Republicans, simply because they haven’t been accused of accepting bribes? That I know of, no Politician, Democrat or Republican has been convicted in any of this. But, Israel has imprisoned several Hamas members over the years and killed many more.

Would Carter be surprised to learn that Saddam Hussein was ‘donating’ something like $25,000 to families of Palestinian Suicide Bombers that killed Jews in attacks within Israel? I guess that is acceptable pay-offs to Mr. Carter.

For the first time in history, former Presidents, Carter and Clinton, have engaged in slamming their successors. Now, Carter wishes to not just compare terrorists to Republicans, but also actually insinuate they are better than Republicans. I can only see this as a new low for American History and a deeper slide into the destruction of our once great country.

Carter is best known for his failures throughout his 4 years in office. Failure by allowing terrorist Iranians to invade and hold our Diplomatic corps from the Iranian Embassy for over a year. Failure in having planned and conceived a rescue attempt that was so complicated it was doomed to failure. His entire Presidency was one failure after another, including offering free and open amnesty to all Viet Nam era Draft Dodgers, which in effect, made them heroes while further slandering those of us who actually obeyed the law and fought to try to keep the South Vietnamese people free.

In later years, the former Peanut Farmer from Georgia was best known for lending a hand with Habitat for Humanity where he readily staged photo ops of himself hammering nails into wooden homes being constructed for the poor.

He has been known as being the absolute worst President in American History and now, will also be known as the one who would rather support known terrorists than Republicans fighting to keep the world free from terrorists.

Unbelievable just doesn’t come close to what goes through my mind over this latest outrage from a Democrat Liberal Loser!



Link to Newsmax article:


Belafonte accuses Bush of Gestapo tactics – U.S. Life –

January 21, 2006



Belafonte accuses Bush of Gestapo tactics – U.S. Life –

Yes, Belafonte isn’t content with saddling up to the likes of Venezuela’s Communist leader, Hugo Chavez, he seems prepared to lash out at the Bush Administration whenever he can. Can we say he must a bit disoriented? Well, I can, that’s for sure.

 From the article;

 The Harlem-born Belafonte, who was raised in Jamaica, said his activism was inspired by an impoverished mother “who imbued in me that we should never capitulate to oppression.”

 We should never capitualte to oppression? Yet, he condemns the very actions that are fighting the worst oppression present in the world today? Harry, your red drawers are showing, old man. Did you not hear of how women were being raped, husbands returned to their wives dead and opponents of Saddam disappearing and some fed through a shredder feet first? Where was your regard for "human rights" then? Didn’t Iraqis deserve human rights under Saddam also?

 He acknowledged that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks demanded a reaction by the United States, but said the policies of the Bush administration were not the right response.

Then tell us, oh great one hit wonder singer, what is the right response? Capitulate to the oppression of radical Islamofacists? Refuse to sell Nabisco crackers to them? Plead with the UN to pass endless meaningless resolutions for them to snub their noses at? Tell us, Harry, what you have done? How long would you be pleased with a leader like Saddam Oppressing his people, since your Mother taught, no, imbued you that we should never give in to oppression? 

Bush, he said, rose to power “somewhat dubiously and … then lies to the people of this nation, misleads them, misinstructs, and then sends off hundreds of thousands of our own boys and girls to a foreign land that has not aggressed against us.”

Rose to power "somewhat dubiously?" Harry, haven’t you ever heard of the Electoral College? They have been actually choosing the President for most all, if not all of our history. Guess what? 2000 isn’t the first time a candidate won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote, either. If you mean dubious in regards to the involvement of the courts in the Florida election, maybe you should shake off your hatred for a few minutes and remember it was Algore’s people that initiated court procedures in the first place. Sorry your boys attempts at cheating in the Florida recount after recount after recount didn’t work. But, Harry, that isn’t "dubious."

If you want dubious, why not address the youths that are currently on trial in Wisconson for slashing the tires of 25 Republican vehicles used for "get out the vote," preventing untold numbers of infirmed and those without transportation to make it to the polls. Since it was Republicans being prevented from voting and since a Democrat narrowly won that state in the election, I guess that doesn’t fit "dubious?"

Bush lied, misleads, misinstructs? Harry, can’t any of you Commie Liberals ever come up with a thought of your own? Does everything have to be talking points from Oh, did you miss all the Democrats that have been making the same claims for over a decade?

Harry, you were once a decent singer. I can’t say great, but many people have enjoyed your Dayo song for many years. But, having one really popular song released decades ago doesn’t make you anymore a statesman than does acting in Hollyweird. Yes, you have the freedom to stand up and make a fool of yourself and yes, I have the freedom to stand up and point out your foolery.

Now, Harry, if you are really interested in fighting oppression in America, why not speak out how smoking bans are stripping private business owners of their right to cater to the clientele the wish to? Why not address the Liberal Supreme Courts ruling that government can just take a landowners property to sell it to another private individual to collect more taxes? Why not speak out on how Blacks, members of your own race, that freely join and support Conservative causes are labled Toms, turncoats and ostracized by people just like you? Why not speak out on how Liberals wish to change voting in the country so they may have an easier time falisifying votes? Why not speak out on how a qualified Judicial Candidate was drug over the coals before narrowly winning a seat on the Supreme Court years ago and yes, he was also a Black man emminently qualified to serve. It would seem the Brown Shirt Gestapo tactics you bemoan are acceptable, as long as they are used against a Conservative.

Sorry, Harry, but you are a has been singer who wishes notoriety. Well, you are getting it, but Harry, you have chosen the wrong side.



Being ‘Kerried Away’ by Kerry

January 20, 2006

The nation is once again, getting "Kerried Away." What’s that, you say?

Just today, the failed candidate for President, John ‘F’in (did you know I was in Viet Nam?) Kerry posted a comment on a notoriously far left blog site, the Daily Kos. Of course, it reads like he notices nothing but failures from the Bush Administration in the execution of the War on Terror. Hasn’t anyone told this maroon that he lost the election and actually made a concession speech?

Much like his infamous 1971 “testimony” before the Fulbright Commission, Kerry once again tries to make himself superior by pointing at others. At least this time he isn’t denigrating our Fighting Troops, yet!

He complains about the failure of “capturing” Bin Laden in Tora Bora in 2001, yet has no condemnation of his fellow Democrat, Slick Willy Clintoon’s refusal to take custody of Bin Laden at least two times, possibly three during the 1990s, long before 9-11 cost us so much.

He talks about wanting to “get the truth out.” Senator Kerry, we too would like the truth, the truth about your bogus medals and possibility of receiving a dishonorable or less than desirable discharge from the Navy, after your treasonous activities with the Communist fronted group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War. When do you fully release all of your Military Records to the entire country, Senator?

It is Kerry that seems to be leading the effort to make the term "Swift Boated" derogatory, when it actually means to have your despicable past brought out, to tell the truth about someone they desire to keep hidden." I propose the term "Kerried" to contrast in that it refers to telling lies about an entire group or individual in order to gain Political points for attaining office."

Kerry "Kerried" every Viet Nam Veteran back in 1971 when he went before the Fulbright Committee and branded us as ‘monsters,’ and ‘war criminals.’ He continues to "kerry" the nation today by not releasing his full Military Records to the entire Public and standing on medals he doesn’t deserve, Medals that he claimed to have very publicly thrown away back then, yet has them prominently displayed on his walls today. He “Kerries” the nation by constantly opposing everything a brave President has been forced to do in order to protect the citizens of America. He “Kerries” us all by still campaigning in a failed campaign for an office he is not qualified for. He “Kerries” the nation by saying what great plans he has and when asked about the particulars of those plans, reminds us he served in Viet Nam and we are questioning his patriotism.

Questioning it? No, Senator, we cannot question what you do not have.

Maybe being ‘Kerried’ should also include, "I opposed Kos before I supported them." Too bad he isn’t paying more attention to his Senate Duties than playing on the Internet.



Kos link:

Bin Laden Pandering to the Left

January 19, 2006

With the latest audio of Osama Bin Laden being aired recently and hearing what he says now, how can we think anything other than he is pandering to the American Left? He claims to be winning the War on Terror, yet says he’s all for a truce?

Sorry, when you have an enemy on the ropes especially an enemy that you despise and refer to as the “Great Satan,” you finish him off, not offer to call a truce.

Let’s look at some of what Bin Laden has said;

Bin Laden states, "The new operations of al-Qaida has not happened not because we could not penetrate the security measures. It is being prepared and you’ll see it in your homeland very soon." Yet, he goes on to say, "We do not mind establishing a long-term truce between us and you."

Are we to tremble in fear and gladly grasp at his offer of a truce? I don’t think so and neither, it seems, does President Bush, who responded with, “we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

"This message is about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how to end those wars," it began. “It was not my intention to talk to you about this, because those wars are definitely going our way.”

If, as he claims, these “wars” are going their way and they are winning, wouldn’t his ‘victory’ be the end? Obviously, they aren’t going his way at all.

"But what triggered my desire to talk to you is the continuous deliberate misinformation given by your President [George] Bush, when it comes to polls made in your home country which reveal that the majority of your people are willing to withdraw US forces from Iraq.”

Did he miss that several of these polls that say we would like to see our Military return from the war actually state we wish them Godspeed and to return after their victory is complete? Maybe he has accessed Daily Kos or Democratic Underground and believes they are true Patriotic Americans? I do believe the misinformation was fed to him, not the American Public (other than the daily bashing and reporting of only the bad news from the war fronts) Maybe Bin Laden only receives the New York Slimes? That would account for his ignorance.

"We know that the majority of your people want this war to end and opinion polls show the Americans do not want to fight the Muslims on Muslim land, nor do they want Muslims to fight them on their [US] land.

Again, a dodge. Of course we Americans aren’t opposed to Islam itself. We aren’t against the Muslim people. Don’t we have a rather large Muslim population within our country? True, we also have hotheads who think all Muslims are terrorists, but they are wrong, dead wrong.

"But Bush does not want this and claims that it is better to fight his enemies on their land rather than on American land."Bush tried to ignore the polls that demanded that he end the war in Iraq.”

No, Bush would like to see Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network decimated, finished, defeated. As long as they are free and able to mount another attack, I fear they will make 9-11 look like nothing at all. Osama, old boy, try subscribing to another American newspaper. The one you are receiving is feeding you garbage.

Reminds me of Walter Cronkite and the Tet of 68 offensive where Cronkite effectively snatched and American defeat right of a decisive victory.

"We are getting increasingly stronger while your situation is getting from bad to worse," he told the US, referring to poor US troop morale and the huge economic losses inflicted by the war.”

Again, he must be reading far left Democrat forums. They are the only ones believing this nonsense, yet enjoying a robust economy while they complain about it.

"The war in Iraq is raging and the operations in Afghanistan are increasing."

“Raging?” If means that we are decimating his numbers there, then I agree. But, in true cowardly fashion, he bloviates and tries to convince the rest of the world what just isn’t so.

"In response to the substance of the polls in the US, which indicate that Americans do not want to fight Muslims on Muslim land, nor do they want Muslims to fight them on their land, we do not mind offering a long-term truce based on just conditions that we will stick to.

"We are a nation that Allah banned from lying and stabbing others in the back, hence both parties of the truce will enjoy stability and security to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed by war.”

Excuse me? Allah bans them from “lying and stabbing others in the back?” Yet, this same treacherous slime bag directs an operation that saw 4 airliners hijacked and three flown into occupied buildings with the fourth being crashed by some very brave passengers? His people have no problem video taping themselves slowly sawing a man’s head off as he screams in agony? I don’t think Allah permits them to soil a Mosque by hiding in the Holy Place and shooting at passing troops or civilians. Nor do I think Allah encourages them to use a Holy Place, as a fortress knowing troops will not return fire on the Muslim Holy Site.

"There is no problem in this solution, but it will prevent hundreds of billions from going to influential people and war lords in America – those who supported Bush’s electoral campaign – and from this, we can understand Bush and his gang’s insistence on continuing the war." 

Now this quip sounds like it was copied right off of a far left forum. War Lords? Gangs?

Addressing Americans again, he said: "If your desire for peace, stability and reconciliation was true, here we have given you the answer to your call."

I’ll give Bin Laden a better call for “peace, stability and reconciliation.” Wrap yourself in a dynamite vest and walk into a meeting of your top lieutenants and detonate yourself. You have called on several others to do just that and sent them off to their deaths for your demonic vision of world domination under a far radical view of an otherwise peaceful religion. Do the honorable thing, Bin Laden, and send yourself off to wherever it is you think you will have 72 virgins waiting for you.

Once you get there, I’m afraid you will find out your real reward will be 72 ‘virgin’ Goats for your pleasure.

Your call is nothing nor should it be heeded. If Bin Laden made this recently, this is a smokescreen trying to get people off guard as his network of terrorists plan on initiating their next attack. This is not a sincere person and words like this, no matter how sugar coated, show me a desperate failure of a leader.

He is on the ropes and he knows it and although he manages to pull of some more attacks, he is doomed. It is only a matter of time.

Yet, he has studied America and Viet Nam and has discovered the only way he can defeat America is to follow the example of the North Vietnamese. Keep the leftist press on your side and make sure there is nothing but negative news about our efforts. Our Leftstream media hates President Bush so much, they are only too glad to oblige. Turn public opinion against the war effort and just like in Viet Nam, they will demand troop pullouts and turn their backs on a suffering Iraqi people, just as they did the South Vietnamese in 1975.

God help us if we allow that to happen again!


Note: Transcript gleaned from Al Jazeera English edition.