Created or Evolved?


The ongoing question is just that. Did a superior force create man? Or, did he simply evolve from a lower life form that somehow miraculously appeared eons ago?


For some reason, the latter theory is now considered to be fact, although there is no real definitive proof of such an occurrence, just evidenceary theory. Is this even a logical approach to man’s origins? Isn’t science also supposed to be logical?


To believe this we must also believe that our universe and everything in it simply somehow came into being, as if by accident. Some force exploded, out of nothing apparently and our universe and the spaces we cannot even fathom just somehow grew. Creationism is considered to be by faith, but what type of faith must one have to believe so much that our human minds cannot even begin to fathom all just happened by chance?


Of course, creationism is indeed a faith-based belief. But, is it any less scientific than a theory of accidental beginnings? We cannot fathom what the God of the Bible is. We cannot even imagine what power it took to have the universe come into being. And yes, not everyone can hold faith in the God of the Bible. Even scholars cannot agree on translations to help us understand God if we do believe in Him. Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be, I don’t know.


But, as I look around the earth I have traveled, I see intelligent design everywhere I look. The ruins of Rome. The devastation left over from WW2. The canals of Venice as well as European castles and palaces all were designed and built by someone long ago. Would we be honest to just assume they accidentally came into being?


I am not a scientist nor is my own personal faith aligned with the majority of mainstream believers. But still, I cannot imagine everything we have on this earth simply happening long ago and growing into what we see today. The delicate balance of our environment speaks of intelligent design, not an accident. Trees thrive off of the carbon dioxide we exhale while we thrive off of the oxygen they give off. Does not that balance speak of a creator?


Yet, courts have recently ruled that only the “scientific” view of evolution may be taught in schools and not the faith based creation belief.


To be honest, neither belief can be absolutely proven as of yet. That classifies them both as “theories,” not factual. Yet, the theory of evolution is being taught as a “fact” in schools and not the theory that it is. Granted, there may be some small amount of theoretical evidence. We can see similarities between animals and humans. But, does that prove anything? Is a similarity considered fact now? If it is, why can’t scientist breed animals of different groups? Why can’t they mate a cat and a dog and create a new animal?


Oh wait; they wouldn’t do that since it would take a “creator,” not an accidental beginning to “evolve” into the new animal.


I see no reason that both thoughts cannot be taught side by side to our children. Even if a faith based idea of creation does originate in religion, human secularism is also a faith based belief in self and let’s face it, it does take a huge leap of faith to just believe that life just somehow miraculously appeared from nothing to evolve into the most complex being on the planet, the human brain.


To me, before I can totally accept the thought of evolution from lower life forms, someone will need to explain to me how we still have all those lower life forms today. They somehow didn’t evolve when whatever accident it was happened that caused their ancestors to evolve.



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