Where is a Conservative to Go?


Born and raised a staunch Southern Democrat, it took Jimmy Carter’s first official act in office to open my eyes to Liberalism that was gradually creeping into the Democrat Party. If you don’t know, his first official act was to declare total amnesty to all Viet Nam era Draft Dodgers, welcoming them home with open arms while Viet Nam Veterans were being systematically scorned and demonized.


Ronald Reagan, another recovering Democrat turned Republican and staunch Conservative, easily won the 1980 election and he too endured 8 years of demonization and scorn, even after his death. But, Conservatism had found it’s niche in America and it took off, people trying to return to common and sane values long held by America. It successfully brought about the collapse of our old enemy, the Soviet Union, although it did not fail until shortly after Reagan left office.


The Conservative movement continued in the Republican Party, drawing more and more Americans in. The First President Bush made the mistake of coddling to these Socialist Democrats and it cost him the Presidency, losing to the slick smooth talking Bill Clinton and “co-President” Hillary, now the junior Senator from New York.


For 8 years, we Conservatives spoke out to no avail, the slick smooth talkers demonizing Conservatives at every turn while they systematically caused grief to any and all who opposed them, spying on FBI files, possibly initiating IRS audits (unbelievably, nearly every person who spoke out publicly against the Clintons was audited by the IRS shortly after). Scandal after scandal was swept under the rug with untold information currently being hushed up by the left in the Barrett Report, an investigation initially into former Clinton aide, Henry Cisneros, which reports have said included a lot of investigation into alleged misuse of power by using the IRS to try to silence critics. Whether or not we’ll ever see the full report seems doubtful given the effort by Democrats to squelch much of the report.


2000 rolls around and we see another Conservative barely squeak into the White House, despite efforts by the Democrats to fix the vote and steal the election. 2004 comes along and we see much the same, with President Bush getting an even larger percentage of votes, but the same cries from Democrats about voter fraud.


Seems Conservatism found it’s way back to America. Then along comes Senator John McCain who has undermined the Party leadership and the President every chance he gets. McCain Feingold bill, an attempt at lowering and controlling the costs of campaigns ended up giving the Democrats the ability to accept secondary money from the likes of George Soros and Michael Moore, neither known for their great love of America or its traditional values.


Now, McCain has coerced support for his anti-torture legislation, effectively giving civil rights to suspected terrorists in captivity and hand cuffing our people trying to extract information from them to prevent another 9-11.


We also have strong support from too many whom call themselves Republicans or Conservatives, for what is known as a “Fair Tax” reform. Reading the proposed reform, this new taxation would effectively bankrupt our economy, but I’ll go into detail on that in another entry later.


Today, a news article says that Bush authorized eavesdropping on certain Americans after 9-11, which many from both sides of the aisle called disgraceful and demand investigations. A bold step on Bush’s part yes, but how else will we prevent another 9-11?


Where is the outrage from the Republican Party over these leaks of sensitive material while we are at war? Where is the standing up to the Democrats, the current minority, on issues such as Supreme Court nominations? Where is the support of our Military and President as we are engaged in what may prove to be the most important war we have ever had to fight? Where are the Conservative values as even the Republicans now have caved and seem to be adopting Liberalism or Moderate attitudes? Where is our Party Leadership in censuring these RINOs (Republicans in name only) as they undermine our President and War Effort?


As the Republican Party turns it back further and further away from Conservatives, where do we turn for representation of what has made America great? Will the Republican leadership wake up in time before Conservative leave the party en masse and form a new Conservative party to take back America before she is the shadow of the former Soviet Union we defeated with Reagan?


Indeed, where is a Conservative to go?



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