Smoke Nazis Want Ban in Private Homes Next

Will the "I’m smarter than you" crowd ever stop? Obviously not!

One Response to “Smoke Nazis Want Ban in Private Homes Next”

  1. Liz Says:

    You did call it correctly Lew, "Smoke Nazis". I am so livid I could scream, but then, I would not want to be charged with, "endangering the hearing of others". That is how pathetic this has become.I would like to tell you I am NOT saying you should smoke around children. I believe common sense dictates here and no court should become involved unless there is a child with issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and like illness.My father when I was young smoked around me. I am still here. Alive and kicking and no lung issues either. I doubt the real credibility of second hand smoke.Consider the air polutants from cars, buses, trains, and airplanes and of course the ships at sea. Consider the industrial factories around the world. Society polutes our air in ways daily and does not think twice about it.Ask one of those "Smoke Nazi\’s" to give up driving a car, bus, or train to work. Tell them they cannot fly across the US via airplanes because it polutes out skies and trickles down here to set in our environment and possibly may cause emphazima. Tell the world too while your at it to shut down all their industrial factories and hey, why not, consider coal, opps forgot, "Black Lung". But they would never see any of the logic in this. ONLY cigarettes cause cancer, even in people who do not smoke, thus the second hand smoke theory which I find doubtful. What about children abused on a daily basis by parents and family, not only physically, but mentally. Those ridiculed and shamed. Those children that receive no parental love, guidance, and support…the real stuff that counts here.I love what John Stossel always says, <b>"Give Me A Break!</b>

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