Al Qaeda 2 Freedom Lovers 0

Not a very nice looking score, but that’s about what the score is now with this latest “revelation” by the New York Slimes and the success of Senator John McPain’s anti-torture measure passing.


Any wonder that the New York Slimes chose today, 16 December 2005 to run an article about President Bush authorizing eavesdropping on a few people inside America? The Iraqi people had a very successful election just yesterday. That’s not news because it would shine a positive light on President Bush.


We also saw the renewal of the Patriot Act go down today as a result of this article. Heaven forbid we might discover a pending terrorist attack in the planning and prevent another 9-11. No, we must protect the ‘rights’ of terrorists over the rights of American’s to live in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


Never mind that this eavesdropping had stopped a year ago. Never mind that members of both parties were briefed on this “secret” authorization as it began, either. Never mind that the numbers of those targeted were found in the phone number books of known Al Qaeda operatives. Never mind that there has been no terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11. None of that matters, just another chance to hide a successful election and defeat an important piece of legislation that has been protecting us for over 4 years now.


Will we see the wall built by Jamie Gorelick resurrected? I think so. We can bury our collective heads back in the sand, or elsewhere and smile happily that Bush was given another black eye.


Of course, when the next attack occurs Bush gets blamed for that because he didn’t take adequate measures to discover terrorist activity.




We also see Senator John McPain’s anti-torture measure receive broad support. Too bad that our people don’t really torture anyway and that torture has become so broadly defined that our people will have an extremely hard time eliciting information from suspects to prevent another 9-11. No, we must “look nice.”


The people we are accused of ‘torturing’ have had no problem publicly and slowing beheading live people, blowing up bombs near Iraqis and Afghani’s wishing to be free and install a government that will lead them into freedom. They have no problem cutting off hands or cutting out tongues of any who dare report their activities. They will wantonly rape young girls to force their parents in subjection. Any who dare join the Iraqi Military to fight them and become free run the risk of being killed by suicide bombers.


To terrorists, suicide bombers are glorious and heading off to heaven. They say how wonderful and grand it is. Of course, those recruiting the suicide bombers never do it themselves, ever notice that? It’s up to others to give their lives so the Al Qaeda leaders can enjoy life and hopefully take over the world under their extreme Radical view of Islam. 


Where was McPain’s bill against that? Why is he only concerned with tying the hands of Americas as we are embroiled in this necessary struggle? More importantly, how can he call himself a Conservative and keep a straight face? Why is he even in the Republican Party?




So, we now hear both sides of the aisle calling for investigations in this ‘secret’ authorizing that it seems many knew of. Some have called it unthinkable. Others describe it as horrible and a disgrace. Why no calls in investigating these “anonymous sources” and “senior government officials” that have decided to ‘leak’ Top Secret matters to the press? Why does their treason get a pass while we have troops on the ground fighting to stop terror?


Do these people think we will be safer by appeasing terrorists? Will it be beneficial to the Iraqis to allow them to become enslaved again after all we have strived for to help them? I think not.




Yes, that’s what I fear we are seeing happening. Rogue elements of the public employees within our security agencies are conducting a coup de tat, another Bolshevik Revolution, if you will. These are hard core Socialists that embedded themselves in top positions within these agencies and their goal is to transform America in a shadow of the defeated and failed Soviet Union. I can think of no other reason they would work so hard to undermine the decent efforts in freeing Iraq and Afghanistan.


This Communist takeover has been in the works most of last century and with the takeover of the Democratic Party, it has reached a point of fruition that may doom this great country, if they succeed.


There have been so many leaks at such opportune times before. According to the alphabet leftstream media, Bush cannot do anything right. No matter what, they find a way to denigrate everything this man has done in office.


In 2000 they removed their gloves and have been going for the jugular ever since in their bid to destroy our country. It’s high time we removed the gloves also and fought them on their terms to destroy this rogue element that has taken over the once great Democratic Party, especially seeing a few slipping into the Republican Party as well.

In the meantime, I salute President Bush for taking the necessary measures to secure our country, save his failure at securing our borders.


To President Bush I say, “Mr. Bush, you cannot include these traitors and should stop reaching out to them. They are not interested in enjoining you to better the country. They are only interested in regaining political power to bring down this great country.”


Readers, we have several freedoms in our constitution and bill of rights. They are slowly being stripped away by the left and no one is batting an eye. Wake up and use these freedoms our Founding Fathers gave us before we end up losing them!





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