Farewell Tookie

As everyone knows, Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams was executed by lethal injection early this morning, 13 December 2005. He was executed for the murder of 4 people he was accused of murdering execution style in 1979.


It has been said he ‘redeemed’ himself of these murders by writing some books designed to teach children to avoid gangs. Is this redemption? I don’t think so.


From what I hear, his first 8 years in prison, he still ran the Crips gangs, that he claimed to co-found, which is responsible for untold numbers of murders. With gang related crime still rampant, have these books even mattered?


Protesters stood outside San Quentin Prison last night crying about his ‘innocence.’ Once convicted, if his ‘homies’ felt he were innocent, why didn’t they give up who the real killers were? They had 24 years of knowing he was going to be put to death to do so and even if the hate the Police, no Police force can function adequately or fairly without community involvement.


No, I don’t feel an innocent man was executed. From what I’ve been able to find, the evidence in his trial was compelling.


But, redemption? How does one redeem themselves from 4 brutal slayings? What could a person possible do the make up for slaughtering 4 innocent people for absolutely no real reason? Nothing I can think of could ever give the families of those people back the 24 years or the entire lives of those that have been killed and are gone now. There is no way to give them back their loved ones.


There are no guilty people on death row, did you realize that? Who really admits to their crime and accepts the Death Penalty? Even to the end, ‘Tookie’ declared his innocence, but like his ‘homies,’ he did nothing to help find those who would have been responsible for the 4 deaths or to even help the Police end the carnal reign of the Crips across the nation. Wouldn’t ‘redemption’ include that?


Death penalty opponents point to the Bible and the Ten Commandments, the same Ten Commandments they hate to be seen in public, where it is supposed to say, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” What they don’t do is dig deeper into Bible translations to see the proper translation of the Commandment is, “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” In fact, the Bible says, at Genesis 9:6, Whoever sheds the blood of a human, by a human shall that person’s blood be shed; for in his own image God made humankind.”


We also had an onslaught of the Hollyweird types running to the defense of ‘Tookie.” Does anyone really take these people serious? They live and work in a fantasyland and most have a lot more money than talent or common sense. What qualifies them to be experts on right and wrong? Most can’t even stay married to the same person more than a year or two. But, they have no problem using their celebrity to free or commute the sentence of a convicted murderer while not showing one iota of respect or caring for the families and loved ones of the 4 people so savaging executed by ‘Tookie’ back in 1979.


Opponents also claim that Capital Punishment is not an effective deterrent to murder. Does that even matter? One thing for certain, an executed murderer will never be able to escape or find some technicality to overturn their conviction and return to the streets and harm another person. No one can escape death.


Opponents also claim the Death Penalty is racist, stating that a disproportionate number of Blacks and other minorities are on Death Row today or executed in the past. Maybe these opponents need to actually seek facts before speaking out.


From the Bureau of Justice Statistics, we find; 


Of persons executed in 2004:
— 36 were white
— 19 were black
               — 3 were Hispanic (all white)

                                                     —  1 Asian


We also find that;


Of persons under sentence of death in 2004:
   — 1,851 were white
   — 1,390 were black
            — 28 were American Indian

                                          — 32 were Asian
                                           — 14 were of unknown race.





I will say that the Death Penalty should not be imposed unless there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt as to guilt. In ‘Tookies’ case, I feel there is no real shadow of doubt left, not after 24 years of trying every angle imaginable to find him either innocent or have his sentence commuted.


In ‘Tookie’s’ case, if he truly has changed sincerely wishes to help today’s youth’s see what a mistake gang membership is and how it can lead to your life being ruined, how better than an epitaph to his anti-gang books than his own execution?


Don’t shed any tears over ‘Tookie,” he deserved what he received. If you really feel the need to shed tears over lives lost, then cry for ones like Terri Schindler/Schiavo who was legally starved and dehydrated to death in a Florida hospice earlier this year. Her only crime was to be married to a man who was hell-bent on seeing her die instead of moving on with his life after she fell into a disabled status of diminished capacity, possibly from spousal abuse. Cry for the millions of aborted babies over the years. Who knows what good some of them may have accomplished but were never given the chance to even make a choice. Cry for the 4 people ‘Tookie’ decided to execute back in 1979, over a couple hundred dollars from robbery.


Cry for these people, not ‘Tookie.” They deserve tears, ‘Tookie’ does not!

2 Responses to “Farewell Tookie”

  1. Liz Says:

    Jesse Jackson needs to stop running around saying the death of "Tookie" was a racial issue. Can\’t people read? Or should one suppose the likes of Jackson and such would accuse the stats of being scewed. Either way, Tookie got what Tookie deserved. I do believe in the death penalty if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person is guilty. I do not realish in the death of any person, not even the guilty. But like the old saying goes, "do the crime, do the time". Or as in this case Death by Lethal Injection. He never once had any remorse. May God show mercy on him.

  2. Unknown Says:

    Hi Lew,I tend to agree with you. But I think the bigger problem is how long prisoners have to wait on death-row before even being executed. And I guess the "pat" answer is that one has to exhaust all their appeals, which can take years. I think the death penalty issues must be addressed so executions can take place a lot faster.

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