More On Smoking Bans

It seems to be in vogue now to create more and more bans to a private citizen using a legal product, tobacco. Washington State has gotten their strictest ban yet instituted and smoking is nearly forbidden throughout the state, where others may be present. It’s even gotten to the point that you may not smoke within your own private residence if you run a child or adult daycare there, even if they are not present.


Along with that, Scott’s Miracle-Gro has joined the company Weyco in telling employees they must quit smoking altogether, off the job as well, or find another job.


This is just too damned far! I can agree with a company choosing to prohibit smoking at their place of business during the hours a person is there, but to mandate what a person may do in their off hours?


Several who claim to be Conservative are arguing that it is a companies right to do this, as they don’t want any government intrusion into businesses being told what they can and cannot do. Yet, these same people claiming to be Conservative support Washington States ban which IS government telling businesses what they can and cannot do. Nothing like wanting it both ways.


Now, we have our fraudulent “governess,” Christine Gregoire contacting our Tribal Entities here, which are not subject to the States Socialistic ban on smoking, and asking them voluntarily curtail customers smoking within their establishments, which are on federal land and not subject to Washington State law.


All this and long time studies have all agreed there is absolutely no provable link to health issues being caused by “environmental smoke.” Second hand smoke to all you smoke gnatzies. Still, tobacco is legal and both the state and federal governments are reaping large amounts of money off either excessive and discriminatory taxes or from the tobacco lawsuits a few years ago.


If they really feel it’s all that dangerous, why in the hell is it permitted to be grown and sold? Of course, history shows what prohibition does as it fails. So, what better way to control the masses than to tax the crap out of what you don’t like.


As for companies firing employees because they smoke at any time, what next? If it is to lower their health insurance costs, as claimed, why aren’t they going after and banning employees that practice other dangerous things? Like Gays. They run a high risk of contracting AIDs and that costs a lot more than smoking related diseases do.


What about motorcycle riders? Mountain bikers? Mountain climbers? What about Combat Veterans who may have been wounded or might one day suffer PTSD from their wartime experiences? Maybe even women in child bearing years should be denied jobs because they could become pregnant and have a child with severe health related issues?


The list is endless of what else can and may one be used to deny a person employment and discriminate against people.


Yet, it is the businesses right to set forth whatever rules they wish, this I do agree with. But, it is also the right of every freedom loving person in the country to boycott businesses that start this crap and speak out against this latest effort at controlling people and stealing even more freedoms away from us.


Today, it is against the evil and demonic smoker. Tomorrow, who really knows? Protect freedoms now, people, before we end up losing even more than we already have.



3 Responses to “More On Smoking Bans”

  1. Liz Says:

    This is a total one sided attack by the left extreme to inflict upon the rest of society their views. They are involving politicians, our courts, and the msm to further their wacko causes.Here is another one to add to your list. In Illinois the Public School system is now endeavoring to pass legistlation to ban "whole milk" from all their public schools. They claim that whole milk is too high in fat and that it is endangering the lives of our children. The example they site prove this point goes as follows according to Fox News, "that whole milk is so high in fat that even Doritos are healthier because Doritos are lower in fat content." According to Dr. Manny who is a Fox News Medical Contributor he said, "this is true of whole milk and that it would be good to ban whole milk and introduce only 2% milk as a better alternative. [paraphrased]That having been said, I personally think this is as ridiculous as our television commercials are. In one breathe they can show Victoria Secret attire in such a provactive manner that it borders on pornography, yet, you cannot use the word "condom" to promote safe sex in the fight against the spread of AIDS.It astounds me how one sided this all is. What is more astounding is where is thinking America? Why are not more people speaking up about the hypocricies and fighting back? These same people complain about it, but do nothing to help to rid this lopsided dichodomy.What will be next is an excellent question. One of the things I perceive is that if this lunacy is not stopped and we continue in this vein we will no longer have rights in our own homes. It will not be long before we cannot smoke in the privacy of our own home or around our home such as on the front porch or back yard. We will be told what type of music to listen to, what sort of cloths we must wear. Sound crazy? It sure is if this continues. God knows what will happen as a result of this insanity! Our states will become police states and the commie libs will have won. Actually that is where the roots of liberalism began, with communism back in the 1950\’s.It is a sad day when supposedly intelligent, reasoning people have not learned basic common sense. Learn what battles are important to fight and let the rest go.This is an important fight and I sure do hope more people will educate themselves, read, and learn for our future generations the cost of freedom. I would hate to believe that in the future people will not truly be able to live here in the US under true responsible freedom, the freedom to choose, or not to choose. I do not want to be told what I can and cannot do by wackos that do not even practice or live what they preach.

  2. LEW Says:

    As I wrote back to Scott Company this evening, imposing this 24 hour a day, 7 day a week ban on smokers only reduces their associates to the level of slaves, with Scotts owning them body and soul. I no longer will purchase anything manufactured by Scotts, even though their products are amngst the best.I prefer doing business with companies that understand and support individual freedom and liberty.

  3. Liz Says:

    If enough people do as you and boycott Scott Company I would imagine it will produce an effect. Companies thrive on profit. Take the profit away and they will turn coat.

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