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2005 Sad Moment – Terri Schiavo

December 30, 2005

I originally penned this on March 27, 2005, just three days before this young disabled woman succumbed to dehydration and starvation and died. With the close of the year 2005, what I wrote then is to me one of the saddest days in American History. March 31, 2005. The day Terri Schindler/Schiavo died in what I can only describe as America’s first known Court Sanctioned Murder.


The Night America Died


Sad to report, but with the final appeals denied in the efforts to save Terri Schiavo from suffering a horrendous and painful death by starvation and dehydration tonight, America dies right along side of her.


She started off as the grandest experiment in the history of the world but freedom apparently was just too much for people to bear. That, or they just didn’t appreciate it enough to cherish it.


For any who don’t know, Terri Schiavo is a brain damaged woman of 41 years old who has been in this condition for the past 15 years, under very suspicious circumstances. Her husband was awarded about 1.2 million dollars in a malpractice suit in 1993, 3 years after her alleged collapse.


Within a few months of receiving the money he stopped all treatment and therapy for her, and she was responding well to it, according to several medical sources. Since then he has been on a campaign to kill his wife and the courts of our land have supported him all the way, even after it became known that he has been with another woman for the past 10 years and has 2 children with her. The courts see no conflict of interest there and appointed him as her guardian.


She has been called brain dead and in a coma by our mainstream media, but in reality, she is merely disabled mentally and is capable of responding. For some reason her husband had a feeding tube installed in her stomach years ago and now, in his final effort to end her life, has won court approval to pull that tube, which was pulled last Friday evening, March 18, 2005.


In an act of what can be described as nothing more than pure cruelty, Judge George Greer, the presiding Judge through the last 7 years of court battles over this, also ordered she not even receive life sustaining nourishment by natural means, even down to refusing her the rights of receiving Holy Communion administered by her Priest. Maybe because it would show the world they are liars and she can indeed swallow?


Her case has been through several courts, all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which denied them any hearing, as did several lesser courts. This makes these judges complicit in her needless death, but all they see is a "rule of law," even if an innocent woman must die.


The husband and his attorney, George Felos, have described her current condition, 8 days without food or water, as "a beautiful thing" and described her as both beautiful and at peace. Visions of emaciated prisoners of German and Japanese Death Camps come to mind to remind me that death by starvation is neither beautiful nor peaceful.


After World War II, America tried 16 German Judges and 23 German Doctors for war crimes and crimes against humanity. One of the main crimes the convicted ones were convicted of was starvation.


It seems this death by starvation is not unique to Terri Schiavo and has been going on for some time now. Terri’s plight has brought it out to the Public eye and as of yet, no one can help save this innocent woman. Maybe they could have earlier, but a local Probate Judge, Greer, said no and the President, Governor and both the Senate and House of Representatives of both the US and the State of Florida cowered from him.


I fail to see or understand how our President, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, can stand up to several nations to invade 2 countries, sacrificing over a thousand American lives to free oppressed people, yet cower from a local Probate Judge.


The America I grew up in and have cherished for so long dies tonight with the Schindler families final appeal for their daughter to be saved and have modern tests to determine if she is indeed as brain damaged as pro-euthanasia doctors and attorney George Felos, also pro-euthanasia, are correct that she is in a persistent vegetative state. Several doctors say different and are ignored by Judge Greer.


A family fall out, due to the misuse of the money awarded for her husband to use for her care, has now brought what I consider to be the most heinous and vicious aspect of this case to the front. Not only are our courts forcing this family to sit idly by and watch as their beloved daughter slowly withers away in a painful and horrific death, the husband announced he is going to cremate her body, which is also against her religious beliefs, and place her ashes in the state of Pennsylvania, over a thousand miles away from her Father, Mother, Brother and Sister.


As if it isn’t cruel enough to force them to watch their daughter slowly die like this, they are even going to be prevented to have their daughter’s body to bury. All this legal, by order of Judge Greer, again.


For the first time in my life I am ashamed I ever fought for this country. I didn’t fight for our country to do citizens like this. I didn’t vote Republicans into office to let radical out of control judges and lawyers to mistreat an entire family this way.


The America I knew and loved died tonight and is being replaced with what I can only call the New Nazi Reich, one where life is cheap and if you become a "useless eater," you life will also be snuffed out, for the glory of the state.


May God have mercy on us all. We allowed this to happen while we were worried about insignificant matters and self absorbed in what we could get for ourselves. This death is only the beginning, again.


Tonight, the America I knew and loved so much died.


"The underlying motive was the desire to help individuals who could not help themselves and were thus prolonging their lives in torment. … To quote Hippocrates today is to proclaim that invalids and persons in great pain should never be given poison. But any modern doctor who makes so rhetorical a declaration without qualification is either a liar or a hypocrite. … I never intended anything more than or believed I was doing anything but abbreviating the tortured existence of such unhappy creatures…… I am convinced that today they have overcome their distress and personally believe that the dead members of their families were given a happy release from their sufferings."


Testimony of Dr. Karl Brandt, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, also Adolf Hitler personal physician. Sentenced to death and executed June 2, 1948 at Landsberg prison in Bavaria.



by Alexander Kimel

It is a fallacy to think that following blindly the Law of the Land, is a guarantee for preserving justice and personal liberties. The German people, the most law abiding citizens in Europe, are responsible for the most hideous crimes in human history. German judges passed unconscionable death sentences. . . following the law, while Oscar Schindler saved a thousand people, breaking the law.


I believe that preservation of justice and liberty for all, cannot be achieved without a commitment to the basic principles of morality, ethical judgment and common sense on the part of its citizens and leaders.



While I have since returned to feeling pride in our country, I am still troubled that this needless death has just been forgotten and that we only hear small reports of this still going on within our borders. We seem to have turned a blind eye to this euthanasia of disabled people.


In Terri’s case, she left no living will or anything stating she wished to be put to death. The courts only had the words of her estranged husband and a couple members of his immediate family that she once said she would not like to live under the conditions she were in. No one ever made any actual attempts to communicate with her to even find out if she wished to die just forced her into starvation and dehydration until she passed away.


A subsequent autopsy showed her brain was indeed atrophied severely, but this also begs the question, was the degree of atrophy a result of the mysterious and alleged collapse, or was it due to the total lack of treatment over nearly 15 years while her husband fought hard to see her die, while he lived with another woman, fathering two children with that woman and even starting an Insurance Company? Since she was cremated, we will never really know. To add even more insult to her death and to her family, Michael, the estranged and philandering husband, placed a grave marker over her grave with the words, “I KEPT MY PROMISE.”


We can only imagine what that promise really was.


In related matters, in April of 2005, another case of this euthanasia came to light. Mae Magouirk, an 81-year-old woman who did leave a living will that stated food and water not be discontinued unless she enters a coma or a persistent vegetative state also had her feeding tube removed by order of her 36-year-old granddaughter, Beth Gaddy. Mae was expected to recover from surgery until the granddaughter intervened stating, "Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus, She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"


Marjorie Nighbert, a 76-year-old Florida woman, was hospitalized after a stroke. At her family’s request, the hospital denied Ms. Nighbert’s requests for food and water. A hurriedly convened hospital ethics committee ruled that she was "not medically competent to ask for such a treatment." Ms. Nighbert was then restrained in her bed to prevent her raids on other patients’ food trays.

While America itself has not completely died, we have lost a large portion of our collective soul when we choose to adopt the Nazi position of simply exterminating those who have become disabled or unable to care adequately for themselves.

We spend billions of dollars each year to pay benefits to many who could work in some capacity, yet we find those most in need amongst us do not merit our help, but instead need to just be eliminated.

How sad that the United States of America, the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty in the world’s history has allowed herself to degrade to this.





Reparations and Apologies

December 29, 2005

Recently Congress, both Democrat and Republican, have voted to issue an apology for past lynching against Blacks, from 1880 to 1960 and for not making lynching a Federal Crime. While this isn’t a bad thing and is very late coming, isn’t it still murder? Isn’t murder a State Issue?

Weren’t we repeatedly told while Terri Schiavo languished in a hospice until she succumbed to death, that State matters should still be with the state, not the Federal Government? But, some who feel that way think lynching should be a Federal Crime? Isn’t that also taking matters away from the states?

Also, at the end of the article, reparations were once again brought up. For some time now, the idea of reparations to Blacks living in America today, for past enslavement, has been a popular idea among the looney left.

Let me state, here and now, I make no excuses for slavery nor do I condone the practice, in any way, shape or form. But, revisionist historians have made slavery out to be much worse than it may have actually been.

Since the idea of reparations to all Blacks in the country today has failed to pass, due to more than one reason, not the least of which is that not every Black in America is a descendant of a slave, the idea is being floated to pay reparations to descendants of those who were lynched between 1880 and 1960, most of which occurred in the 1930s.

I’m sorry, but why do any of these people merit reparations? Why would the government be obliged to spread my tax dollars out to someone who has lost nothing? If anyone should be responsible for reparations, shouldn’t it be those who actually did the lynching?

I think so and to the best of my knowledge, there is only one current member of Congress who is a former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan who, either directly or indirectly, may have had a hand in lynching. Robert (Sheets) Bryd, D WV.

That so many Blacks were lynched for little or no valid reason is a true black mark on our history, but it’s history. Money will not undo past crimes and today’s descendants of the victims of those crimes are out nothing to merit repayment.

More importantly to me, murderers, especially cold blooded killers that kill someone simply because their skin is a different color, deserve death, swiftly and heinously. But, the same people that wish to begin payment to descendants of lynching victims are the very same people that are opposed to the death penalty for their murderers.

Sorry, it isn’t a "Hate Crime," (I’ve never heard of a Love Crime, have you?) it’s a crime deserving of death. Do the looney left feel America is a bottomless pit of money for their every whim? Repay Blacks for slavery that was never enslaved? Repay Blacks for lynching that were never lynched? Why is there no call for reparations to Whites whose ancestors were also lynched?

You know, listening to the looney left always griping and moaning about money and how we shouldn’t have what little we have, it seems it is they who feel it’s a feather in their bonnets to take it and give it away, after they line their pockets first.

Why don’t they talk about reparations for descendants of those soldiers drafted and killed in Viet Nam, Korea and WW2? Why no reparations for those of us served in Viet Nam and became outcasts due to it, thanks to people like Hanoi Jane Fonda, John "F"in Kerry, Tom Hayden, Ramsey Clark and Robert McNamara? We all actually did lose something and have asked for nothing in return, just a little respect.

But, the call is to pay people who may have lost a distant relative and today, know little or nothing of them.

Sorry, I just can’t make sense of it all anymore.



Created or Evolved?

December 28, 2005

The ongoing question is just that. Did a superior force create man? Or, did he simply evolve from a lower life form that somehow miraculously appeared eons ago?


For some reason, the latter theory is now considered to be fact, although there is no real definitive proof of such an occurrence, just evidenceary theory. Is this even a logical approach to man’s origins? Isn’t science also supposed to be logical?


To believe this we must also believe that our universe and everything in it simply somehow came into being, as if by accident. Some force exploded, out of nothing apparently and our universe and the spaces we cannot even fathom just somehow grew. Creationism is considered to be by faith, but what type of faith must one have to believe so much that our human minds cannot even begin to fathom all just happened by chance?


Of course, creationism is indeed a faith-based belief. But, is it any less scientific than a theory of accidental beginnings? We cannot fathom what the God of the Bible is. We cannot even imagine what power it took to have the universe come into being. And yes, not everyone can hold faith in the God of the Bible. Even scholars cannot agree on translations to help us understand God if we do believe in Him. Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be, I don’t know.


But, as I look around the earth I have traveled, I see intelligent design everywhere I look. The ruins of Rome. The devastation left over from WW2. The canals of Venice as well as European castles and palaces all were designed and built by someone long ago. Would we be honest to just assume they accidentally came into being?


I am not a scientist nor is my own personal faith aligned with the majority of mainstream believers. But still, I cannot imagine everything we have on this earth simply happening long ago and growing into what we see today. The delicate balance of our environment speaks of intelligent design, not an accident. Trees thrive off of the carbon dioxide we exhale while we thrive off of the oxygen they give off. Does not that balance speak of a creator?


Yet, courts have recently ruled that only the “scientific” view of evolution may be taught in schools and not the faith based creation belief.


To be honest, neither belief can be absolutely proven as of yet. That classifies them both as “theories,” not factual. Yet, the theory of evolution is being taught as a “fact” in schools and not the theory that it is. Granted, there may be some small amount of theoretical evidence. We can see similarities between animals and humans. But, does that prove anything? Is a similarity considered fact now? If it is, why can’t scientist breed animals of different groups? Why can’t they mate a cat and a dog and create a new animal?


Oh wait; they wouldn’t do that since it would take a “creator,” not an accidental beginning to “evolve” into the new animal.


I see no reason that both thoughts cannot be taught side by side to our children. Even if a faith based idea of creation does originate in religion, human secularism is also a faith based belief in self and let’s face it, it does take a huge leap of faith to just believe that life just somehow miraculously appeared from nothing to evolve into the most complex being on the planet, the human brain.


To me, before I can totally accept the thought of evolution from lower life forms, someone will need to explain to me how we still have all those lower life forms today. They somehow didn’t evolve when whatever accident it was happened that caused their ancestors to evolve.



Santa Meets A Soldier

December 24, 2005
Santa meets Soldier











































































































Lt Col. Bruce Lovely, USAF

Dec. 1993


A very spedcial Merry Christmas to all of our brave Military, wherever you are this year, to all of you. I pray that your efforts will not be in vain and that you have a very special Christmas with your own families next year and every year after.


Thank you for your service and fighting to keep America free.


Lew, just an aging Veteran

I Miss Christmas

December 19, 2005

I was remembering recently about how Christmas was when I was a child. The town I grew up in, Hollywood, Florida, put up Christmas decorations across the main boulevard through downtown right after Thanksgiving and you could always hear Christmas Carole’s at nearly every store, just walking by. We didn’t have snow, but we pretended as if we did. Even those who didn’t celebrate Christmas had no problem with the rest of us celebrating it and often would smile at the enjoyment they say in a child’s face that was fascinated by all the decorations.

Back in the 50’s, people down there seemed to be more at ease, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and smiling a lot. Do that today and you might find yourself in court defending your "attitude" from the ACLU.

Today, Santa Claus, who seems to have replaced Jesus, is being replaced by secular humanism, atheism and downright commercialism, just never say Merry Christmas! Towns that try to put up festive decorations are also sued and forced to remove them, sometimes in favor of another religions symbols, but no Christian Nativity and again, never ever utter Merry Christmas.

In Vietnam, we took a 3-day stand-down for Christmas, but still had to pull guard duty, of course. My first Christmas, I was sitting on a bunker on the perimeter watching out for Charlie. Second Christmas, Sergeant of the Guard, still watching for Charlie, but we all still said Merry Christmas to each other and smiled at each other. If possible, we might erect a small tree with whatever decorations we could muster on it. Nothing much, just a small reminder of home.

How did we ever let a minority take Christmas away from us? What’s wrong with having our children and grand children enjoy the festive and magical time we did as children? More importantly, how do we get it back? Can we get it back?

Like I said, I miss Christmas.



Fair Tax Not So Fair Afterall

December 17, 2005

For some time now, Americans have been begging and pleading for some sort of tax relief, some taming of the ever burgeoning Internal Revenue Service. Several have tried to come up with new ideas over the years and now, we have what is referred to as the “Fair Tax” recommended and being pushed by a Republican, Linder and a Radio host, Neal Boortz. Have they hit on a good idea or are we just heading for deeper troubles from being over taxed?


Like I have repeatedly said, no tax reform is going to work until we get control on the outrageous spending by D.C. The Fairtax initiative has some good points and probably would work, provided the spending by Congress is brought back in control.


Washington has a long history of unnecessary taxation that was intended to be temporary. They also pass these taxes off on us by claiming it’s the wealthy that will be paying the largest bulk of them, or all of them. Doesn’t work that way.


Currently, there is another effort by some to repeal the telephone tax that was passed in 1898 to finance the Spanish American War. It was billed as a tax on the wealthy, since only the wealthy had telephones back then. We won that war in 4 months and today; everyone in America with a telephone is still paying that tax. The last effort to repeal it was vetoed by Clinton in 2000. For 107 years, we have been paying a tax to finance the Spanish American War.


Use this as just one example of how we can trust government to stop taxes they love to collect and spend.


Another problem I have with the proposal is all the hype about it repeals the 16th Amendment, the Amendment that gave us the Income Tax. Sorry, but it takes a little more than just passing this bill to repeal the 16th Amendment. It requires another Constitutional Amendment to repeal a current Constitutional Amendment. That means a two thirds vote in both the House and Senate and then ratification by a majority of the states over 7 years. In the meantime, even if Income Tax isn’t collected, it’s still on the books and if Congress decides we have a "National Emergency," we could end up paying both.


Fairtax is billed as a 23% ‘inclusive’ tax. Please note the use of the word "inclusive." Most of us see a 23% sales tax and automatically think it’s 23 cents on the dollar, like sales taxes are today. According to FAQ on, number 47, this isn’t the case. It’s actually 30 cents on the dollar.


Supporters do not mention this little known fact prevalently and I would imagine most don’t even realize it. At, it’s placed near the end of a long list of FAQ. To me, that is being deceptive.


This National Sales Tax, as per the 133-page bill being proposed, is only on NEW products. Used and existing things aren’t charged the tax. That being the case, existing homes and cars will become more attractive than ever and greatly preferable because, why buy a new $38,000 car and have $11,000 in sales tax tacked on, when last years model is available for $35,000 and no tax? Provided, of course, that dealers haven’t seen this as a way to gouge extra profits out of you and have the used car priced beyond it’s actual worth but less than the $49,000 you would actually pay for the new car. Same thing with housing. Potentially, this huge tax, even with our paychecks being larger as no withholding will be taken out, could expand the existing home market even more than it is today and actually dry up the new home market due to their being an extra 30 cents per dollar tax added to the new home price that isn’t on the existing home. This, of course, could end up putting a lot of construction workers and autoworkers in the unemployment line.


To spur regrowth in those areas, Congress could be inclined to start "exempting" certain purchases from the tax which opens the door to lobbyists and eventually sends us right back to where we are today.


Supporters say this will end the IRS. Looking deeper into the bill, it requires an Administrative Authority be set up for collection and overseeing of the program, including seeking out fraud, collections, administering the registering of every "qualified" family for prebates and monitoring each and every seller in America, which also will be required to register with the state authority as sellers and collect and pay the sales tax. Sounds to me like the paperwork and beauracracy we wish to end will just be renamed and given more authority.


Back to sellers registering. Each and every seller must be registered as those who sell new items and provide services must charge and collect the tax. It isn’t only on goods, mind you, but on services as well. Will this possibly end up requiring the kid down the street that mows our lawns and the babysitter watching little Johnny when we and Mrs. go out, to register and charge us an extra 30 cents on every dollar we pay them now? I don’t find any exemptions within the bill to exclude them.


Bartering is mentioned within the bill as a taxable service as well. This means, we trade labors with a friend and according to the new law, must collect taxes equal to the service we provide our friend.


It is also claimed that those engaged in illegal activities will now end up paying tax on their illegal income through purchases they make. Again, they don’t pay income tax now and the bill exclude used and existing items from the tax. Those people already operate under the radar and do you honestly believe they will openly start operating within the radar now? I don’t. They will either purchase from the Black Market that will inevitably be set up or purchase used or existing items, still not paying taxes.


It’s also said; again, this tax will be more on the wealthy than the poor. Balderdash. Thirty cents on the dollar for a person making $15,000 a year is a lot harder than on a person making $1,500,000 a year. And again, the wealthy have the ability to simply purchase large ticket items, such as a Yacht, overseas and register it out of the country or by purchasing an existing item, again. The poorer among us are still stuck paying 30 cents on the dollar for small ticket items and sending in their required reports to hopefully regain their tax dollars back every month in the proposed prebate. Oh, and the wealthy also qualify for this prebate, but won’t be nearly as dependent on receiving it.


The problems I’ve outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid. As much as I despise the IRS and Income Tax and want to see them eliminated, jumping off the deep end before looking long and hard at the evident downsides and pitfalls, which are claimed to be non-existent, is suicidal, to me. Like I said above, this tax does nothing to state taxes, which are still to be collected, on top of this tax. I’m fearful we could end up paying double the tax we do today, especially since this bill does nothing to lower spending at the federal level. In fact, the group of economists supporting this bill makes this known in their open letter of support. In it, they say;


We are not calling for elimination of federal taxation, which would be irresponsible and undesirable. Nor does our endorsement call for reduced federal spending. The tax reform plan we endorse is revenue neutral, collecting as much federal tax revenue as the current income tax code, including payroll withholding taxes. (emphasis added)


To me, we first have to tame the beast of out of control spending for any tax reform to work. As I said on Free Republic, we can’t tame a monster by simply changing how we feed that monster. Blindly passing this Fairtax into law now could, in my estimation, bankrupt the citizens even more than we are today.


I’m calling for a major tax revolt from "we the people," voter and citizens of this country to force D.C. into less outrageous spending. Then, we can push for elimination of the 16th Amendment while calling for a more reasonable tax rate on us, through sales, if need be.




Smoke Nazis Want Ban in Private Homes Next

December 17, 2005
Will the "I’m smarter than you" crowd ever stop? Obviously not!

Where is a Conservative to Go?

December 17, 2005

Born and raised a staunch Southern Democrat, it took Jimmy Carter’s first official act in office to open my eyes to Liberalism that was gradually creeping into the Democrat Party. If you don’t know, his first official act was to declare total amnesty to all Viet Nam era Draft Dodgers, welcoming them home with open arms while Viet Nam Veterans were being systematically scorned and demonized.


Ronald Reagan, another recovering Democrat turned Republican and staunch Conservative, easily won the 1980 election and he too endured 8 years of demonization and scorn, even after his death. But, Conservatism had found it’s niche in America and it took off, people trying to return to common and sane values long held by America. It successfully brought about the collapse of our old enemy, the Soviet Union, although it did not fail until shortly after Reagan left office.


The Conservative movement continued in the Republican Party, drawing more and more Americans in. The First President Bush made the mistake of coddling to these Socialist Democrats and it cost him the Presidency, losing to the slick smooth talking Bill Clinton and “co-President” Hillary, now the junior Senator from New York.


For 8 years, we Conservatives spoke out to no avail, the slick smooth talkers demonizing Conservatives at every turn while they systematically caused grief to any and all who opposed them, spying on FBI files, possibly initiating IRS audits (unbelievably, nearly every person who spoke out publicly against the Clintons was audited by the IRS shortly after). Scandal after scandal was swept under the rug with untold information currently being hushed up by the left in the Barrett Report, an investigation initially into former Clinton aide, Henry Cisneros, which reports have said included a lot of investigation into alleged misuse of power by using the IRS to try to silence critics. Whether or not we’ll ever see the full report seems doubtful given the effort by Democrats to squelch much of the report.


2000 rolls around and we see another Conservative barely squeak into the White House, despite efforts by the Democrats to fix the vote and steal the election. 2004 comes along and we see much the same, with President Bush getting an even larger percentage of votes, but the same cries from Democrats about voter fraud.


Seems Conservatism found it’s way back to America. Then along comes Senator John McCain who has undermined the Party leadership and the President every chance he gets. McCain Feingold bill, an attempt at lowering and controlling the costs of campaigns ended up giving the Democrats the ability to accept secondary money from the likes of George Soros and Michael Moore, neither known for their great love of America or its traditional values.


Now, McCain has coerced support for his anti-torture legislation, effectively giving civil rights to suspected terrorists in captivity and hand cuffing our people trying to extract information from them to prevent another 9-11.


We also have strong support from too many whom call themselves Republicans or Conservatives, for what is known as a “Fair Tax” reform. Reading the proposed reform, this new taxation would effectively bankrupt our economy, but I’ll go into detail on that in another entry later.


Today, a news article says that Bush authorized eavesdropping on certain Americans after 9-11, which many from both sides of the aisle called disgraceful and demand investigations. A bold step on Bush’s part yes, but how else will we prevent another 9-11?


Where is the outrage from the Republican Party over these leaks of sensitive material while we are at war? Where is the standing up to the Democrats, the current minority, on issues such as Supreme Court nominations? Where is the support of our Military and President as we are engaged in what may prove to be the most important war we have ever had to fight? Where are the Conservative values as even the Republicans now have caved and seem to be adopting Liberalism or Moderate attitudes? Where is our Party Leadership in censuring these RINOs (Republicans in name only) as they undermine our President and War Effort?


As the Republican Party turns it back further and further away from Conservatives, where do we turn for representation of what has made America great? Will the Republican leadership wake up in time before Conservative leave the party en masse and form a new Conservative party to take back America before she is the shadow of the former Soviet Union we defeated with Reagan?


Indeed, where is a Conservative to go?



Al Qaeda 2 Freedom Lovers 0

December 16, 2005

Not a very nice looking score, but that’s about what the score is now with this latest “revelation” by the New York Slimes and the success of Senator John McPain’s anti-torture measure passing.


Any wonder that the New York Slimes chose today, 16 December 2005 to run an article about President Bush authorizing eavesdropping on a few people inside America? The Iraqi people had a very successful election just yesterday. That’s not news because it would shine a positive light on President Bush.


We also saw the renewal of the Patriot Act go down today as a result of this article. Heaven forbid we might discover a pending terrorist attack in the planning and prevent another 9-11. No, we must protect the ‘rights’ of terrorists over the rights of American’s to live in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


Never mind that this eavesdropping had stopped a year ago. Never mind that members of both parties were briefed on this “secret” authorization as it began, either. Never mind that the numbers of those targeted were found in the phone number books of known Al Qaeda operatives. Never mind that there has been no terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11. None of that matters, just another chance to hide a successful election and defeat an important piece of legislation that has been protecting us for over 4 years now.


Will we see the wall built by Jamie Gorelick resurrected? I think so. We can bury our collective heads back in the sand, or elsewhere and smile happily that Bush was given another black eye.


Of course, when the next attack occurs Bush gets blamed for that because he didn’t take adequate measures to discover terrorist activity.




We also see Senator John McPain’s anti-torture measure receive broad support. Too bad that our people don’t really torture anyway and that torture has become so broadly defined that our people will have an extremely hard time eliciting information from suspects to prevent another 9-11. No, we must “look nice.”


The people we are accused of ‘torturing’ have had no problem publicly and slowing beheading live people, blowing up bombs near Iraqis and Afghani’s wishing to be free and install a government that will lead them into freedom. They have no problem cutting off hands or cutting out tongues of any who dare report their activities. They will wantonly rape young girls to force their parents in subjection. Any who dare join the Iraqi Military to fight them and become free run the risk of being killed by suicide bombers.


To terrorists, suicide bombers are glorious and heading off to heaven. They say how wonderful and grand it is. Of course, those recruiting the suicide bombers never do it themselves, ever notice that? It’s up to others to give their lives so the Al Qaeda leaders can enjoy life and hopefully take over the world under their extreme Radical view of Islam. 


Where was McPain’s bill against that? Why is he only concerned with tying the hands of Americas as we are embroiled in this necessary struggle? More importantly, how can he call himself a Conservative and keep a straight face? Why is he even in the Republican Party?




So, we now hear both sides of the aisle calling for investigations in this ‘secret’ authorizing that it seems many knew of. Some have called it unthinkable. Others describe it as horrible and a disgrace. Why no calls in investigating these “anonymous sources” and “senior government officials” that have decided to ‘leak’ Top Secret matters to the press? Why does their treason get a pass while we have troops on the ground fighting to stop terror?


Do these people think we will be safer by appeasing terrorists? Will it be beneficial to the Iraqis to allow them to become enslaved again after all we have strived for to help them? I think not.




Yes, that’s what I fear we are seeing happening. Rogue elements of the public employees within our security agencies are conducting a coup de tat, another Bolshevik Revolution, if you will. These are hard core Socialists that embedded themselves in top positions within these agencies and their goal is to transform America in a shadow of the defeated and failed Soviet Union. I can think of no other reason they would work so hard to undermine the decent efforts in freeing Iraq and Afghanistan.


This Communist takeover has been in the works most of last century and with the takeover of the Democratic Party, it has reached a point of fruition that may doom this great country, if they succeed.


There have been so many leaks at such opportune times before. According to the alphabet leftstream media, Bush cannot do anything right. No matter what, they find a way to denigrate everything this man has done in office.


In 2000 they removed their gloves and have been going for the jugular ever since in their bid to destroy our country. It’s high time we removed the gloves also and fought them on their terms to destroy this rogue element that has taken over the once great Democratic Party, especially seeing a few slipping into the Republican Party as well.

In the meantime, I salute President Bush for taking the necessary measures to secure our country, save his failure at securing our borders.


To President Bush I say, “Mr. Bush, you cannot include these traitors and should stop reaching out to them. They are not interested in enjoining you to better the country. They are only interested in regaining political power to bring down this great country.”


Readers, we have several freedoms in our constitution and bill of rights. They are slowly being stripped away by the left and no one is batting an eye. Wake up and use these freedoms our Founding Fathers gave us before we end up losing them!




Farewell Tookie

December 13, 2005

As everyone knows, Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams was executed by lethal injection early this morning, 13 December 2005. He was executed for the murder of 4 people he was accused of murdering execution style in 1979.


It has been said he ‘redeemed’ himself of these murders by writing some books designed to teach children to avoid gangs. Is this redemption? I don’t think so.


From what I hear, his first 8 years in prison, he still ran the Crips gangs, that he claimed to co-found, which is responsible for untold numbers of murders. With gang related crime still rampant, have these books even mattered?


Protesters stood outside San Quentin Prison last night crying about his ‘innocence.’ Once convicted, if his ‘homies’ felt he were innocent, why didn’t they give up who the real killers were? They had 24 years of knowing he was going to be put to death to do so and even if the hate the Police, no Police force can function adequately or fairly without community involvement.


No, I don’t feel an innocent man was executed. From what I’ve been able to find, the evidence in his trial was compelling.


But, redemption? How does one redeem themselves from 4 brutal slayings? What could a person possible do the make up for slaughtering 4 innocent people for absolutely no real reason? Nothing I can think of could ever give the families of those people back the 24 years or the entire lives of those that have been killed and are gone now. There is no way to give them back their loved ones.


There are no guilty people on death row, did you realize that? Who really admits to their crime and accepts the Death Penalty? Even to the end, ‘Tookie’ declared his innocence, but like his ‘homies,’ he did nothing to help find those who would have been responsible for the 4 deaths or to even help the Police end the carnal reign of the Crips across the nation. Wouldn’t ‘redemption’ include that?


Death penalty opponents point to the Bible and the Ten Commandments, the same Ten Commandments they hate to be seen in public, where it is supposed to say, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” What they don’t do is dig deeper into Bible translations to see the proper translation of the Commandment is, “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” In fact, the Bible says, at Genesis 9:6, Whoever sheds the blood of a human, by a human shall that person’s blood be shed; for in his own image God made humankind.”


We also had an onslaught of the Hollyweird types running to the defense of ‘Tookie.” Does anyone really take these people serious? They live and work in a fantasyland and most have a lot more money than talent or common sense. What qualifies them to be experts on right and wrong? Most can’t even stay married to the same person more than a year or two. But, they have no problem using their celebrity to free or commute the sentence of a convicted murderer while not showing one iota of respect or caring for the families and loved ones of the 4 people so savaging executed by ‘Tookie’ back in 1979.


Opponents also claim that Capital Punishment is not an effective deterrent to murder. Does that even matter? One thing for certain, an executed murderer will never be able to escape or find some technicality to overturn their conviction and return to the streets and harm another person. No one can escape death.


Opponents also claim the Death Penalty is racist, stating that a disproportionate number of Blacks and other minorities are on Death Row today or executed in the past. Maybe these opponents need to actually seek facts before speaking out.


From the Bureau of Justice Statistics, we find; 


Of persons executed in 2004:
— 36 were white
— 19 were black
               — 3 were Hispanic (all white)

                                                     —  1 Asian


We also find that;


Of persons under sentence of death in 2004:
   — 1,851 were white
   — 1,390 were black
            — 28 were American Indian

                                          — 32 were Asian
                                           — 14 were of unknown race.



I will say that the Death Penalty should not be imposed unless there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt as to guilt. In ‘Tookies’ case, I feel there is no real shadow of doubt left, not after 24 years of trying every angle imaginable to find him either innocent or have his sentence commuted.


In ‘Tookie’s’ case, if he truly has changed sincerely wishes to help today’s youth’s see what a mistake gang membership is and how it can lead to your life being ruined, how better than an epitaph to his anti-gang books than his own execution?


Don’t shed any tears over ‘Tookie,” he deserved what he received. If you really feel the need to shed tears over lives lost, then cry for ones like Terri Schindler/Schiavo who was legally starved and dehydrated to death in a Florida hospice earlier this year. Her only crime was to be married to a man who was hell-bent on seeing her die instead of moving on with his life after she fell into a disabled status of diminished capacity, possibly from spousal abuse. Cry for the millions of aborted babies over the years. Who knows what good some of them may have accomplished but were never given the chance to even make a choice. Cry for the 4 people ‘Tookie’ decided to execute back in 1979, over a couple hundred dollars from robbery.


Cry for these people, not ‘Tookie.” They deserve tears, ‘Tookie’ does not!