The Death Penalty

Both sides of this criminal punishment have once again geared up for a very notorious execution soon. Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the founder of the infamous Crips gang and convicted murderer of 4 innocent people in 1979, faces death by lethal injection soon, if Governor Schwarzeneggar doesn’t commute his sentence in the coming days.


“Tookie” claims he has repented of his criminal ways while in prison. Of course he has, what else could he do? He’s locked away awaiting execution and not able to get out and commit another crime.


He’s also written some children’s books expressing to them the futility of joining the very gangs he helped start create. He has even been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for this effort. Imagine, a cold-blooded murderer receiving a Peace Prize. There has even been a sympathetic movie made about him.


Opponents tell us the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime. Obviously this has become true, considering that someone as cold blooded a murderer as “Tookie” has been is considered for commutation of his sentence. Why fear death at the hands of the state if you write some children’s books and not only get your death penalty commuted, you stand to become quite wealthy too?


Although I believe the death penalty is necessary at times, I feel it should be used sparingly. If the conviction is beyond any shadow of doubt, such as ironclad witnesses or DNA proof of the criminal committing the crime, then it should be used, but sooner, not 26 years down the road.


I find it odd that this is happening in California, that recently convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his wife and sentencing him to death, based on evidence that he is a low life scumbag that was cheating on his wife. No other real evidence was shown that tied him directly to her death, but he is on death row awaiting execution too.


“Tookie” was convicted in 1981 with much stronger proof and his sentence is under consideration for commutation.


Can Scott write a couple children’s books against murdering your wife and receive a commutation also? I doubt it. I expect his appeals to go down in flames as the state was whipped into a frenzy over his philandering ways and his wife and unborn child turning up dead near where he claimed he was fishing the day they disappeared.


Seems to me all prisoners on death row get “religion” and somehow expect their sentences to be commuted. Very few have come to peace with God and yet walk willingly to their death, truly remorseful for their crime.


Whether or not the death penalty is a true deterrent to crime really isn’t the issue to me. As I already showed, the way the execution is stretched out and the possibility of getting sentences commuted for claims of religion, remorse or innocence, allows the convicted person to feel they can escape their fate. That is where the deterrence is lost. One thing for sure, an executed murderer sure won’t be walking free to commit another murder, will they?


If “Tookie” is really remorseful and regrets his gang activity and truly wants kids to avoid his gangs, what better message could he send to them than his own execution for those crimes? Commuting his sentence will only tell them they too can get away with it.




2 Responses to “The Death Penalty”

  1. Mike Says:

    I attempted to start a blog on the topic of Tookie, but I am new at this stuff, so I am not quite sure where it went. I was able to locate your space though. I agree with your position on the death penalty, especially the part about doing it in a timely manner. As horrible as the crimes may be, most people quickly forget about the grisly details soon after the initial television hype surrounding the case has ended. Then after so many years, the convicted monsters end up having a shot at evading justice because people haven\’t been thinking about them on a daily basis. That is, unless you are a relative or friend of one of the victims, then you have to live another day in hell and question what it is all about. Knowing that the person that still has a place in your heart was never offerred an extra chance at life, and if they had a chance, they would have certainly begged for one.

  2. LEW Says:

    How right you are. We aren\’t hearing of the violent things "Tookie" has done while on Death Row in our media. He is being glorified by Hollyweird now.The other night, I heard Alan Colmes on the Hannity & Colmes TV Show on Foxnews say something to the effect of, "there is no telling how much more good he could do if his life is spared." All I could think of is what good could the 4 people he savagely murdered 26 years ago have accomplished in their lives?

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