Where Were You?

42 years ago today, November 22, 1963, Democrat President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in Dallas, Texas. I was at a Pep Rally in High School, for a basketball game that Friday evening that never happened, as basically, the entire country was shut down.


We were informed to report to our Home Rooms, where word came that he had been shot and later, after we were actually requested to say a prayer for the mortally wounded Kennedy that he had died.


Many believe it was a foreign inspired assassination, others that it was the lone kook gunman theory, Lee Harvey Oswald. Still others feel it was a coup d’état by rogue elements of the CIA using Mafia hit men.


Sadly, since much of the evidence disappeared, after being returned to the Kennedy family and all the key principals having died shortly after the assassination, we will never know exactly what happened by whom.


I personally don’t buy the lone gunman theory, but that’s just me.


Regardless, America changed after that and I can’t really say for the better. Like him or not, Kennedy was one of the last Conservative Democrats to gain the office of President. History says his administration was Camelot, but we all know that canard was brought about by his wife, Jackie, after he died.


Had he lived, who knows what we may looking like today? Would the left have come to such prominent power as they hold today? Would Liberals be so outspoken and hateful to the rest of us as they maneuver to turn our country Socialist? No one can say, but I’d like to think these aging long haired dope smoking hippies wouldn’t be where they are today, messing up our once great country.




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